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My wife walked in Part 2

The head of his cock squeezed against the puckered hole of my wife’s ass and then it popped inside and when my wife screamed I thought she was going to bit the cock she had in her mouth but she just screamed, OH fuck Yes go on fuck my ass you fucker, I had never heard my wife use such language like this before as inch after inch went into her virgin ass when it was fully inside her she had his balls touching her cunt and he was indeed fully home and he just held it there for a moment or two and then slowly withdrew it until just the head was still inside her and he pushed in again slowly and as it went in Alice gave out a long loud MMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and that was the signal for him to start fucking her ass fully hard and fast placing his hands around her hips he started to pull her back on to his forward thrusting cock slamming every single inch inside with every thrust on and on he rammed and Alice was having orgasm after orgasm and finally he came this time filling her ass with warm cum Alice said Oh My Gog that was fucking wonderful I never knew having a cock in your ass would feel so fucking good and when the cum hit my insides I could feel the warmth of it , Wow I want that feeling again that’s for fucking sure.

Now came Number 7 he told my wife to lay on her back on the floor which she did and this man number 7 took hold of her legs and bent them up so her knees were resting on her big tits this brought her pussy full into view and her light blond pubic hair saw matted with cum, he got on his knees and lent over her holding her legs up and by moving his body a bit got his cock just over her wet wet cunt, now I should say at this point this man had the biggest cock out of the lot of us it was a good ten inches if not a foot long and as thick as the four finger she had in her ass a while ago, now as I say this man’s cock was big but don’t forget that my wife is 4’10 inches, so this fucking great cock going into her it was going to go a long way inside her. He held himself up over my wife’s waiting cunt but lower his head and he was the first one out of the seven that had shagged my wife so far to kiss her on the lips and I could see he had his tongue pushed into my wife’s mouth and her into his, as they kissed he just stopped holding himself up over my wife’s wide waiting cunt and his whole body game down with a crash and his cock buried it’s self fully home my could not make a sound as she still had his tongue in her mouth,

He raise his ass up and just kept the tip inside her and just rammed down again and he kept on doing this slowly and steady rising himself out then fast back in, when he finished kissing my wife and pulled his head up Alice took a deep breath of air and let out a OH MY FUCKING GOD what a fucking cock Oh yes ram that mother fucker into me and as I said the way my wife’s pussy was sticking up he was getting every last bit of that monster cock inside her, I thing that it is called deep stick and by god she was sure getting deep sticking from this guy, He started to move faster still coming out until the head of his cock was just touching her cunt lips and then forcing himself back into her so she was getting the full length each thrust, my wife’s head was rolling back and forwards and with each thrust she was saying YES yes fuck me you bastard fuck me YES YES come on harder harder, now this guy’s ass was going like a piston each time he pushed in the sound of flesh on flesh the sound of her wet wet cunt squelching with ever thrust, Alice was now saying come on fill me with your cum come on fuck me fill me I want that cum deep in my cunt,

on and on this guys ass pounded up and down Alice place her hand up on his back and dug her nails into his back and this brought him over the edge and he slammed down into her and stayed there his ass twitching as his cock filled her with more cum, Oh OH GOD said Alice I can feel it so far up my cunt your warm cum OH yes yes, this man sated to fuck her again and he took it slower still given her the full length each time and it was five minute or so before he went limp and slid out of her. Now came number 8 he wanted her back on the table like Graham had and my wife was getting worn out by now and after taking such a big cock I helped her up and helped her onto the table, this man’s cock was only about five inches long and not that thick after having the last one in there I wondered if she was going to feel this cock but her cunt was getting so sensitive that as this man’s cock touched her pussy lips she climaxed, I had lost count at how many times she had come so far and I did not know a woman could cum so much her thighs were covered in cum and her own juices but she was not getting fucked by number 8 had and fast all the others like me were standing around the table watching as this man shoved his cock in and out of her once again her legs were up in front of his chest and he had one arm wrapped across her legs at the knees holding them against him and he placed the other hand round her legs but much lower down and started to play with her clit and he fucked her,

as soon as his fingers touch her now swollen clit she screamed out and her whole body shook and I thought she was going to pass out as the biggest orgasm ripped though her that I had ever seen, but that did not stop this man on and on he fucked her on and on he rubbed his fingers over her swollen sensitive clit he started to speed up pumping in and out of her and his fingers matched as they speed up to, my wife was starting to shake again and screamed OH FUCK as yet another climax ripped though her, this man might not have had a big cock but he sure knew how to please a woman that’s for sure on and on he went until he exploded up inside her and as he came so did Alice once more. Now Number 9 took his place cock size was about the same as Graham and myself he told Alice to get of the table turn round and move away from the table and just bend over and to place her hands on her knees Alice done this with out question and number 9 got behind her and placed his hard throbbing cock up against her cunt and ran it up and down and then in it went so fast that it was full inside her before you could blink, this guy was not going to hang around as he took hold of Alice’s well rounded hips and started to ram into like sex was going to end tomorrow how my wife was still standing and taking this battering I do not know but she was and by the noise she was making she was fucking loving every ram of his cock. Then without warning he pulled from her cunt and rammed it into her ass this sent her over the top once more and she climaxed once more,

number 9 then changed back to the pussy and as he did shoved two fingers into her ass Alice was screaming at this point YES YES Fuck me you bastard fuck me on and on she screamed this as he rammed his cock into her then like all the others he made one big lunge into my wife held it there and filled her to over flowing with his seed. Now came number ten now he was a big boy and not just his cock he must do a lot of working out at the gym as he had mussel on mussels, his cock was at least 11″ long and thick and had big veins running down the length making it nobberly and he just picked up Alice carried her to a dinning table chair and as he carried her over to he chair cum was dripping from her over filled cunt, he sat on the chair and then with my wife facing him he lowered her down onto his hard cock, my wife threw her head back and moaned Oh Fuck yes as she hit the bottom of his cock, he let go of her and took hold of a big tit in each hand and started to lick her big nipples he was squeezing them so the nipples stuck out even more, my wife was now bouncing up and down on his pole while he licked, sucked, and bit her nipples, he sucked them into his mouth and as he sucked he pulled away pulling her nipple with him stretching it as he did so, My wife closed her eyes lent back and she exploded once again this time as she came her body went ridged then after her orgasm ended her whole body went limp, but she just bent forward and let the man fucking her do the work and on and on he thrust upwards into her,

Alice recovered and sat back upright and started to moan again and man number 10 was getting ready to blow by the sounds of his moaning and groaning and he let go of her tits and placed his hands on each of Alice’s shoulders and as he thrust up he pushed her down so he forced himself even harder into her, he was still ramming it in hard and fast when he arched his back pushing my wife down hard and held her there and even more cum joined the 8 loads already in her over filled cunt they both sat there panting and getting they breath back when number. 11 walked over and pulled my wife of number 10’s lap, come on bitch he said I have been standing there watching all these guy’s have you now it’s my fucking turn and he told Alice to kneel on the floor and to start sucking his cock and he place his hands on the back of her head and thrust hard and forced his cock into her mouth and down her throat this made her gag but it did not stop him as he held her head and moved it back and forth fucking her wide open mouth,

after a while he stopped removed his cock and told my wife to stay where she was nad he walked over to the sofa and took hold of three cushions and brought them back and placed them one on top of the other and then he told my wife to kneel on them and she obeyed him this now made her much higher and instead of her mouth being the high of his cock she now had her tits level with his hard man hood, he took hold of my wife’s big tits and wrapped them around his cock and started to tit fuck her and with each thrust upwards the tip of his dick was hitting her lips and she stuck out her tongue and licked it each time, then finally he remover his cock from her tits and told her to lay on the cushions so her bum was on them this made her cunt push up and it was still leaking cum we could see where it had been running down the inside of her legs and he got down on his knees and lent over her now arched body lined up his cock and pushed, as it slipped into her my wife shouted Oh FUCKING HELL OH MY GOD as he started to pound into her and being as she was ached like this her cunt was now taking full length and receiving full force of his thrusting cock, on and on he pounded my wife came again twice and was still shouting YES YES OH my fucking god YES YES fuck me come on you can fuck me harder than that OH Fuck Yes,

on and on harder and harder he was forcing his cock into my dear wife I had never heard her like this or ever though she would do anything like this but I was fucking glad she was, then he gave one almighty forced push forward which pushed her off the cushions and he came Moaning OH YES your a fucking good fuck, God that was good, he removed his slimy dick from my worn out wife and she turned her head and looked my right in the eyes and said Ok fucker it’s your turn at last. She replaced herself on the cushions and said get down the and lick my wet worn out cunt, who was I to say no I lent forward and all the guy’s that had just filled my wife’s cunt and one in the ass all got close and I pushed my fingers into her pussy lips and pulled them apart and as I did the cum that had been held up inside her started to just run out there was a mixture of 10 lots of cum in there. Said don’t just fucking look at it fucking lick it and I did I pushed my mouth over her swollen cunt lips and I could feel the cum running from her and into my mouth, I stuck my tongue out and ran it up her wet wet slit and I must say all that cum mixed together tasted great and I started to suck it out of her and as I was doing this I felt a pair of hand on my head and she was making sure I could not pull away not that I wanted to,

this cum was to good to let it just run from her I wanted every last bit I could get. On and on I sucked and liked each time my tongue touched her swollen sensitive clit she acted like I had just given her a shock and her whole body shook, I then grabbed her leg that were spread wide and pushed then up so her pussy lifted higher and I could not move down and like her ass as I knew there was cum to be had from there as well, when my tongue touched her puckered hole she climaxed and looking upwards from her ass I could see her cunt lips quiver as her orgasm ran thou her and then her juices came streaming out of her and down over my face but I just kept on licking her ass once I knew that was dry of cum I moved back up to her clit and started to lick up the juice she had just made with her orgasm, when I could not taste anymore cum or her juice I started to kiss up her body. Slowly moving up thou her cum soaked pubic hair licking the cum from it as I went, moving up to he belly button and then up over her stomach kissing each inch of flesh as I went, this would be the first time I had made love to my wife with someone else there let alone 11 other guy’s but at this point I put that from my mind I still moved up her body and reached her waiting big long nipples,

sucking one into my mouth and gently bit it, my wife moaned and placed her legs up around my back pulling me to her, and as I was pulled nearer my cock just slipped into her wide open pussy, pushing it’s way though the matted pubic hair and finding her love tunnel and slipping inside her where 1o cocks had been in the last few hours, it felt warm and still very wet inside her even thou I had sucked at much cum from her over filled cunt, I started to pump into her gentle and slowly and I placed my lips onto hers and we kissed ever so softly and tenderly as she pulled me closer with her legs pushing my cock as far into her as she could get me, with her body still ached over the cushions her pussy was thrust up into the air and I was completely inside her and even thou we were still kissing she was still moaning in the back of her throat Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm as I pumped into her I started to move a little faster and she pulled me in harder with her legs, I looked up and all the man were sat around the room stroking there cock while watching me fuck my wife, this made me even harder if that was possible, on and on I thrust into her the feeling growing in my cock that I was going to cum and add my load to the other loads of cum that were deep inside her, Alice was moaning loud again now as another orgasm was getting close to shooting thou her body, and I tried to hold back as long as I could and I did just long enough so we both climaxed together,

her body shook as her orgasm went thou her and felling her grip my cock with her cunt mussels as she orgasmed tipped me over the edge and I shot my cum deep inside her still pumping in and out of her until my cock went limp and slipped from her, she took her legs off my back and lay them wide beside me and I started by kissing her again and then down her neck stopping off at her tits and sucked her nipples then on I continued over her stomach and down thou her pubic hair and then touched my lips on her swollen clit, Alice arched her back again as I touched her clit, and I started to lick up my cum that was seeping from her, once I had all the cum I could get from her I knelt up and took the cushions from under her and helped her sit up and she pulled me close and we kissed once more, it was her way of saying thank you for letting her get fucked by all these men, When she pulled away from our kiss she looked around at the men some still sitting there rubbing their cocks other were getting there clothes ready to get dressed and go home. Alice said out loud Where do you think your going to the men that had their clothes in their hands, well said one we have all fuck you and you made your husband lick all our come from your cunt and ass so we thought it would be time to go, Oh no said my wife I have only paid this ass-hole half back for leaving me out of these Friday afternoons you lot have been having with out me.