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My Wife’s Dominant Master

Hello friends, back after a while with another adventure of my beautiful wife! After the episode at Mr. Patil’s house, Richa had to take a break of couple of weeks to recover. Yes, it was quite hard for her physically. Although she resumed office next day and we had our own encounters few times during the week, I had to keep it mild. I teased her a few times as to how would she react if Imran demands another tough session while she was still recovering. She would be nervous just thinking that it could piss Imran off if she would have to refuse him. Fortunately for her, nothing happened until next 2-3 weeks. She had recovered well by then and I could feel at times she was wondering why Imran hadn’t called all along. But she never really expressed her thoughts and continued with life as usual.

It was a lazy Monday morning and I was off to office an hour late. It was about 8am and I was almost tying my shoes to step out when Richa’s cell phone rang. Her expressions were enough to tell me it was Imran on the other side. She actually stood up from the chair and answered it on 2nd ring.

“Are you alone?” came Imran’s stern voice as soon as Richa answered.

“Yes, I mean…. Yes, he just left… only just…” Richa stumbled with words as usual when she speaks with him.

“Good! I will be there in 15 minutes!”, announced Imran and disconnected the phone. There was no negotiation; he didn’t care to ask if it was an appropriate arrangement. My wife had probably done enough to prove her submission to him and she didn’t look like she wanted to disappoint him this time either. I could notice the tension and excitement on her face. It was an indication that I had to leave. I can’t deny that I didn’t feel jealous at all; but I was okay as she was equally submissive to me and never really refused anything I asked. I stared her body through the black camisole and three fourth slack pants. Her curves were distinctly visible along with her fair arms and ample of her cleavage with shoulders; the loose and untidy hairs were simply adding to her appeal. I was hard in an instant and grabbed her from behind and pressed her tits hard and massaged them. She was little surprised with that and turned to face me instantly.

“Aren’t you leaving?”, I read her question before she spoke.

I didn’t answer her but started kissing her lips instead. She didn’t protest as I dragged her to the sofa and mounted her while smooching hard. I raised her camisole and pinched her nipples before sucking on them one by one. My fingers kept her mouth busy as I sucked her breasts. She didn’t really want to stop me but was worried about the 15 minute notice given by Imran. I could sense her dilemma when I stopped after about 5 minutes of constant sucking and licking of her breasts and lips. I didn’t touch her bottom at all. I left her and picked my bag to leave.

“Alright darling! I am off; have fun with him!”

“Are you sure?”, my wife was up in an instant to check on me.

“Absolutely honey! Have fun!!!”, I winked at her with the regular smile and the gentle tap on her cheeks. She was convinced and smiled back as I left the home. I noticed Imran was quite punctual with time as I saw him entering our premises while I was leaving. He didn’t notice me but I could see him walking with another man towards our building. Oh gosh! My wife was going to be doubled again! I wondered and drove away from the premises.


Richa was quick in answering the bell. She hadn’t changed or put on anything additional. And was shocked to see Imran accompanied by another man. She tried to smile as they entered the house. Imran was calm as always but Prakash (the other man) was totally unsettled by the first view of my wife’s beauty. He was mesmerized by her heavy bosom and shapely bottom as he whispered something in Imran’s eyes. Imran smiled back at him and went to fetch a bottle of water from the table leaving Richa alone with Prakash who was now shamelessly ogling at her body. It was quite an uncomfortable moment for Richa especially when their eyes met. Richa quickly looked away towards Imran as he came back to the sofa.

“Take her to bedroom; I will wait here!”, Imran helped his starving friend. Richa wasn’t even introduced about who Prakash was and was neither asked if she was ready. Prakash got up instantly and looked at my wife with full lust. Richa didn’t get up at once and looked at Imran to show her displeasure. But she was up the next moment when she noticed Imran’s stern eyes commanding her. Prakash closed the door as they stepped into our bedroom. This was quite new for Richa as Imran would never really bothered about such things; in fact he used to enjoy treating her in open places or in front of other people. She wasn’t sure as she sat down on the edge of the bed while Prakash was still having her with his eyes.

After some seconds delay Prakash approached her and kissed her lips while adjusting himself beside her on the bed. Richa remained passive as he kissed her lips first and then planted numerous kisses all over her face including her forehead, cheeks, nose and moved down to her neck and shoulders. He then came back to her lips and this time started licking them with his tongue. He had by then pushed his hands in her camisole and was massaging her back. He continued alternating between lickings and kissing her face, her ears, shoulders and neck before going a bit lower on her bosom. He placed her hands behind her back and grabbed her both breasts over the fabric. The lad was super excited to just press them from outside as his licking intensified at that moment. Richa was still passive but was starting to let it loose. He went behind her and started licking her bare arms from fingers till her shoulders; he was also pressing her tits in between. As he continued kissing her shoulders and neck from behind, he grabbed both her melons and pressed them hard this time. Richa had closed her eyes by then and jerked a bit as her chest was pressed hard. He then turned her face and tried to kiss her lips again. He was glad it didn’t take him longer than 5 minutes to seduce my wife. Richa opened her lips this time and allowed his tongue go deeper and taste her saliva. He didn’t taste bad either as they kept smooching each other while their hands were busy cuddling each other’s bodies.

After a while Prakash got up and rolled her camisole through her arms over her head. He made her lie on the bed and adjusted himself over her waist. He was still fully clothed whereas Richa’s torso was up for grab. He didn’t waste any second this time and pushed himself into sucking those beautiful and huge melons. It was probably the most beautiful thing for him as he continued sucking one while massaging the other one. He was burying his face in her cleavage and trying to feel the soft flesh with his entire face. He probably covered every millimeter of her breasts while licking them. Richa was already moaning a bit and was holding onto a pillow tightly. As Prakash continued licking sucking and lightly biting her breasts and nipples, Richa would often jerk her body in excitement, sometimes even hold his head or pull him closer. His tongue and his fingers were running magic through her bosom and keeping her on the edge. He kept playing with it for few more minutes before he broke to kiss her lips again.

As soon as he reached her lips, Richa literally jumped on and tried to grab him and kiss him deep. She was biting his lips and trying to lick his tongue off. Prakash wasn’t a naïve guy and he realized she was up for the show. He quickly broke the kissing and pulled her pants down. He kept both her top and pants on the chair and jumped on the bed to catch my naked wife. Richa wasn’t protesting either as she tried to pull him closer to resume the lovemaking. Prakash turned her around to expose her back this time and started licking her bare back from her waist till her shoulders. He was then lying on her body pushing her down and holding her hands outstretched as he continued kissing and licking every millimeter of her back. He then focused again on her shoulders and went down kissing her arms one by one. As he continued licking her arms, he lifted them a bit and started licking her armpits as well. It shuddered Richa and she tried to instantly close her arms. But Prakash it seemed was enjoying as he licked both her armpits nice and clean. Richa was immensely turned on by his steady lovemaking; she tried to sit up and remove his shirt by pulling him closer.

But Prakash seemed a steady customer; he spread Richa’s arms and didn’t let her strip him as he resumed kissing her breasts. After some more pressing of breasts and kissing and licking of nipples, he started to go down. Richa was somewhat irritated; he wasn’t as rough and aggressive as Imran or others and he wasn’t letting her drive it either. As Prakash reached down he started kissing her thighs and licking them slowly. He was alternating between her legs and was licking just above her knees and slowly moving up. He was very gentle in biting and mostly kissing as he moved towards her inner thighs. Richa voluntarily spread her legs and made room for him to go deeper. He liked it and stretched his arms to play with her boobs as his mouth explored her inners. He again turned her around and started planting kisses on her butts. Richa wasn’t used to it but she didn’t stop him as he started with kissing that quickly turned into gentle biting. It was a lot of teasing for Richa as he raised her legs high by her waist and spread them out to expose her inner thighs, butts and most importantly her love triangle. He was now madly kissing her all over except for directly touching her clit and opening. It seems he was more interested in biting soft flesh on her butts and pinching them lightly; he literally covered whole of her buttocks and even went as close to her rear hole as possible. Richa shuddered equally hard when his fingers roamed through her butt creek when he licked her armpits. The guy was nasty and was silently fulfilling his desires with my wife.

Richa was wet and waiting to burst when his fingers went on to touch her clit again. She moaned quite clearly and tried pulling him closer but he kept her arms away swiftly. He bent and planted a very gently kiss on her clit before parting her pussy lips apart. She wasn’t used to being licked by me or Imran as such so it was somewhat new for her. She was pressing the pillow violently to keep herself under control while Prakash proceeded to kiss her clit and lick her pussy lips. He would scratch over and around her clit lightly and then shove a finger gently in followed by his tongue. He continued tongue ramming her lips before moving up again to kiss her. Richa was too turned on that she didn’t mind tasting herself when he kissed. She was quite aggressive in kissing and their saliva mixed once again.

“Oh gosh! Please do it quick!”, my wife finally exclaimed trying to be honest about why they were together in our bedroom.

Prakash smiled at her remarks but continued kissing at his own pace. After a minute or so, he moved down once again. But this time he went straight for her pussy lips. He separated them using his tongue and started pulling them one by one in his mouth. Richa was absolutely leaking juices and he was enjoying the taste of my wife. He didn’t allow her hands to come in between and continued exploring her tunnel using his tongue. At one point, he was trying to stretch her lips as apart as he could using hands and protruding his tongue out to lick inside the hole. Richa confessed later that he touched some of the most sensitive parts inside her. She was desperately trying to get him up and start ramming her hole but the guy seemed intent on licking and sucking. There was a lot of tussle as Richa tried getting up and kiss him in the excitement and Prakash continuing on kissing her vagina. He had to push her down multiple times but he wasn’t really rough like Imran or others had been. Richa was shivering with the effort Prakash was putting in and gave up the battle to regain control. As she lied there on the bed, Prakash upped the tempo. His fingers were pinching and circling her clit while his tongue continued exploring the internals of my wife’s reproductive organ. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!”, exclaimed Richa as Prakash brought her to a thundering climax and reach her orgasm. Richa closed her eyes and tried to wrap her legs around Prakash. As she did so, he moved quickly up and resumed kissing her. Richa could taste and smell herself as Prakash aggressively kissed her this time.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and Prakash almost instantly got up and answered it. He was still fully clothed with a few wet spots on his pants whereas Richa was lying naked on the bed. But she knew it was Imran and didn’t bother to cover up. Prakash opened the door slightly and they whispered a few quick sentences which Richa couldn’t hear. But she seemed little annoyed when he bolted the door again leaving Imran outside. She was definitely addicted to Imran’s style of lovemaking; but she also wanted to please everyone that Imran asked her to.

This time Prakash didn’t spend any time in foreplay; probably there was already enough wetness. He pulled Richa towards the edge such that her back until her waist was on the bed and her legs were free. He spread her legs and then quickly dropped his pants. Richa tried to lift her neck and have a look at her member; but he stretched himself and kissed hard to flatten her again. He didn’t remove his pants completely and only rolled down his boxers to pull his member out. Although Richa didn’t really get to see it, she felt it when its tip touched her tunnel. It was long and thick she thought. Prakash wasn’t a newbie as he rubbed his cock around her opening before thrusting it hard. Richa liked the friction it caused as she moaned in pleasure. He quickly gained the momentum and started riding her hard. Richa’s body was gyrating with the rhythmic strokes he continued giving her over the next 5-10 minutes. He wasn’t doing anything out of the world; in fact he kissed her few times and also sucked her nipples in between but Richa was totally consumed in the lovemaking. He was applying right pressure and alternating his speed like a skilled worker and kept Richa on the edge throughout. He probably knew all the strings and kept ramming her hole at difference pace and altitudes bringing in another few orgasms for her. Finally, it seemed he was content and reaching his own climax as his facial expressions changed a bit. The man rarely spoke anything and didn’t do so even during his climax as he slowed a bit and lay flat on my wife while discharging his load inside my wife. He cummed in a huge and Richa’s tunnel was literally flooded as the juices started flowing towards her thighs and knees. Prakash continued lying on Richa’s naked body for another few minutes and even kissed and licked her few times before finally getting up.

He stared at Richa’s content face and closed eyes and moved away. He quickly stepped inside the bathroom and adjusted his clothes properly. Richa was still lying naked on the bed when he came out and opened the door. Richa was little uncertain and didn’t get up at once. She was probably expecting Imran to storm in but it didn’t happen. After waiting for a couple of more minutes, she decided to get up and check the situation herself. Since both the men in the house had seen her naked, she didn’t bother to put on anything before walking outside. Imran and Prakash were both ready to leave when she stepped into the living room.

“Are you leaving?”, Richa asked instantly when she saw them picking their bags.

“Yes, any problems?”, came back Imran’s response. My dear wife had no courage to ask him why he was leaving without trying anything with her. Before she could nod, Imran opened the main door exposing her to the world standing naked in her own house and screwed minutes ago. Richa was taken aback when he held the door open and asked her again.

“No nothing….Sorry!” my wife apologized for none of her mistake and rushed behind the door. As the door shut closed, she wondered why she was disturbed. She clearly wanted Imran to treat her regular ways but the man simply refused it after arousing her early morning. She couldn’t express it to anyone, forget Imran, and consoled herself into the routine. She quickly cleaned herself and changed into office dress and left the house.

“Oh good morning! Didn’t you leave with your office colleague?” Richa was interrupted by Mr. Nagarkar as he almost blocked her way out of our society’s exit. She could locate no other way to avoid the conversation but gave him a confused and irritated look.

“I saw that man who had come with you few days back… he just left with another man some time back. I thought he is your colleague. Is he not?” Mr. Nagarkar provided the additional clarification. Richa realized instantly he was referring to Imran as he had seen her with Imran on couple of occasions. She was already frustrated a bit with Imran’s behavior and was going to ask him to mind his business but somehow continued, “Oh, he was here to just pick up few documents!”

“I see! He seem to be regular and he was there for over half an hour”, came Mr. Nagarkar’s quick response accompanied with a wink. She knew what he was referring to but decided to act normal. She had to try hard to politely provide him justifications for Imran’s visits (lies off course) and then his offer for a quickie. But Mr. Nagarkar was not that easy man!


“Can I accompany you till the railway station?” the fellow continued in an attempt to spend more time with my wife and try to make her confess. The intended use was to blackmail Richa into more actions with him. Richa wondered why he was so persistent when she hadn’t really refused his advances completely; was he probably looking for more frequent ones? Or was he possessive about her? “Let’s take an auto” Mr. Nagarkar took the initiative and guided my wife towards the road when she didn’t answer him. Richa followed him obediently and settled in an auto along with him. “He seems to be visiting while Bharat is away; so I was curious!” Mr. Nagarkar was now straight to the point. Richa didn’t know how to react to it and tried to bring on a false smile on her face pretending to laugh on his sarcasm. “And you don’t seem to have problem with other men; that makes it more interesting!” he dropped another bomb. Richa was taken aback by this sudden attack; she was totally unprepared for such post mortem of her character by another man in a moving auto rikshaw. But being the submissive that Richa is, she didn’t react strongly. In fact she pleaded him to be soft and thanked him that he didn’t speak all that in local language so the driver couldn’t understand. That definitely encouraged the old fellow.

As the rikshaw was stuck in the traffic, Mr. Nagarkar moved closer to my wife and put a hand around her. The driver didn’t seem interested and sensing the opportunity he quickly kissed on Richa’s cheek. She tried to stop him but he seem excited and moved even closer to hug her tight. His hand was also moving towards her breasts from over her kameez. It was all adding to Richa’s nervousness as a few bike riders tried taking a closer look at them. She pleaded him to stop and he agreed and curbed his advances. “What time are you coming home today?”, he asked her. But he was disappointed when Richa informed him she wasn’t sure about it and might be as late as 9pm. She was bluffing to avoid his advances but it actually worked against her. “I will be coming tomorrow 7:30 am right after Bharat leaves. Make sure you keep that time free.”, Richa was commanded by another master in the form of Mr. Nagarkar. Richa nodded as the auto reached the station. She paid the fare and disappeared in the crowd while Mr. Nagarkar went in another direction.

The day went normal in terms of work although Richa was on edge whenever her cell phone rang. She was slightly surprised when Mr. Nagarkar called her around 5pm. “Any chance of leaving early?” the guy was straight to the point. Richa refused his offer instantly. He didn’t mind it but reminded her of next day morning agreement. Richa called me afterward to check on my timings but I informed her I wouldn’t be starting before 10. She wondered if she should work it out with Mr. Nagarkar same evening as she was planning to leave office around 6 since she had wrapped most of the work. But she couldn’t convince herself to call Mr. Nagarkar and invite him to screw her at our home. It was probably too much for her to act out. But she didn’t have to be in the dilemma for long as she received Imran’s call shortly. She was sort of tensed as well as relieved when she answered it.

“Have an hour or so right now?”, Imran was straight to point as well. There was no question of Richa refusing it especially since she knew I was going to be late. She agreed almost immediately but was somewhat disturbed when Imran disclosed the plan. He asked her to note down one address and report there in about 30 minutes. The address wasn’t very far from Richa’s office but it was of an office building which scared her. He didn’t even inform her the name of the person she had to meet. “Is he turning me into a call girl?” my wife thought for a moment. It sort of worried her more and she called Imran to turn down the offer without giving a second thought. Now, Imran wasn’t too entertained with her calling again and answered her call in an irritated tone. Hearing that tone Richa was back into her submissive mode. “May I know the name who I need to meet?” my wife made up a question last moment to calm his down.

“Why haven’t you left yet? Just get there and call me if required!”, shouted Imran and disconnected the phone.

Richa packed her bag and left from the office to get to the bus stop. This was opposite to where she would typically catch bus from; so she tried to be discrete. But no one really noticed her as she got into the bus and reached the address where she was required to report. It was a large multi-story building with multiple smaller offices in it and Richa had to make a notebook entry while entering the premises. The address took her to 8th floor where there were multiple offices in a row and most of them were like open shop like structure which were mostly closing down as it was short past 6pm. Finally Richa reached the number mentioned by Imran. It looked like another small office but had glass door and blank tinted glasses from which nothing was visible about the inside. Richa looked around and then knocked the door which wasn’t locked. She pushed it slightly and entered halfway inside.

Sandesh was sitting inside on the opposite side of the main table with his back towards the door. He turned around quickly to check who it was. He looked like a typical working class Maharashtrian man with dark complexion, mustache and hairy body. He stood about 6 and was strong built but didn’t look like Imran’s friend. Richa and his eyes met and he instantly had a wry smile which made her nervous. Was he her next man? Richa wasn’t too comfortable with his appearance but was worried if Imran has informed him about her.

“Richa?” he spoke as if asking her if she was Richa and he was expecting her. When my wife nodded in, he asked her to enter and grab a chair beside. Richa wasn’t too comfortable and stood around the door. He didn’t utter a word and just checked her out from top to bottom which made it even more difficult for her.

“Aap Imran Sir ke friend ho kya?”, she tried to get some response and make sense of the situation. But the guy simply smiled and didn’t bother to answer. Richa felt like rushing out of the door when he stood up and moved towards her. She was scared but stood her ground to avoid Imran’s fury. Sandesh grabbed her hand and pulled her closer towards him and straight away pressed her breasts hard. Richa’s nervousness was turning into panic as she tried to push him away but he was too strong for her. He kept her under control and raised her face to kiss her at the same time pressing her butts from down. Richa stumbled but was safe in his hug as he tried rubbing his face against her smooth and enticing cheeks. His mustache and beard acted as a scrubber as Richa jerked when he pressed it against her cheeks, neck and shoulders. The man wasn’t even smelling good and Richa had troubles staying so close to him. But Sandesh seemed in somewhat hurry as he didn’t bother about Richa’s mild protest.

After a minute of kissing, Sandesh managed to open Richa’s lips and was smooching her hard. His hands were freely roaming around her body and pressing it at his will. Richa had dropped the purse on the chair and was feeling the power of her new man. He was quite rough in kissing and licking her face and pressing her tits and bums and soon started unbuttoning her shirt. Richa indicated him the open door but he didn’t care and continued with his task. Unable to calm him down, Richa proceeded passively and soon saw her shirt pulled open on both sides exposing the black bra to this new man. He quickly placed Richa in an armed chair and sat in front of her on his knees and continued kissing her and playing with her breasts. Sandesh seemed in so much hurry that he didn’t bother to unhook her bra, instead just rolled it over forcefully to expose her melons. Richa was losing her resistance very quickly as she was being kissed and sucked by the 2nd stranger of the day in an office where the door wasn’t even shut off. Her hands were trying to steady Sandesh’s face as he was sucking and biting her nipples hard and fast. Her legs involuntarily circled him and tried to pull him closer to the chair.

Sandesh didn’t miss the chance and quickly unbuttoned her jeans to roll them down along with panties while she was still seated in the chair. Richa was somewhat thrilled at the pace he was going at and didn’t protest as such. He didn’t bother to drop his trousers instead just unzipped them and lowered his boxers inside to pull his member out. Before Richa could glance at it, he penetrated her moist hole. Richa jerked as his large dick opened her passage and ramped inside but provided his enough room to start stroking at once. The guy was pleased with the treatment he was receiving from my wife and soon gained momentum and started doing her at varying pace. He continued playing with her chest and kissing her in between as his mighty cock continued penetrating her. Richa was holding him tightly and moaning in between with the strokes as she was nearing her climax. Sandesh was engrossed too in screwing this beautiful married lady in the office. He was smooching her hard, pulling her hairs and pinching her nipples in between and also giving some light slaps on her exposed thighs and that was more than sufficient to Richa who wasn’t so used to smooth lovemaking that Prakash tried in the morning.

“Sandesh… bhadvya….. tuzi himmat kashi zaaali? (Sandesh! You asshole! How did you dare to screw her?), the harsh voice suddenly brought them to senses. Richa was terrified to hear another male voice in that small office holding the door open. Sandesh was even more worried knowing his boss was back but didn’t realize removing his cock out and thus blocking Richa’s view to the man.


Mr. Patil entered the room next minute forcing Sandesh to remove his wet cock from my wife’s leaking pussy. Richa was stunned to see Mr. Patil there and tried to adjust her clothes quickly. Sandesh too quickly zipped himself and apologized to his boss.

“Nalayak me tula tila basavun thevayla sangitale hote…… zavayla nahi… (Rascal! I had asked you to sit her down and not screw her!)”, Mr Patil continued venting out his frustration. Sandesh remained apologetic still staring my just screwed wife closely.

“Can’t you not resist a cock for 15 minutes?”, this time Richa received his fury along with a tight slap across her face. But then he paused to receive Imran’s call. Richa moaned a little at the slap and remain seated uncomfortably. She could still see the hardness of Sandesh inside his pants and he trying to suppress it.

“Imran bhai… aisi kamini hai na…. mere aane tak bhi nahi wait kar payi… apne office boy Sandesh se chudna chalu kar diya saali ne! (Imran, this lady is such a slut… she couldn’t even wait till I return… started screwing our office boy Sandesh… such a bitch she is!)”, Mr. Patil’s open praise about my wife made her lower her head but it certainly tingled her too. She closed her legs and seated with proper posture in the chair until Mr. Patil finished his conversation.

“Did he force you?” Mr. Patil asked her but she didn’t answer immediately. Another tight slap and words started spitting out of my wife. “No Sir, Imran Sir didn’t tell me whom I was supposed to meet! He just gave me the address of the office. When I came over, I thought he (Sandesh) is the person I was supposed to meet”, my wife’s explanation brought a wry smile on his face. “Lucky bastard”, he exclaimed to Sandesh who was little relieved to see his boss’s mood changing. “Me nighto Sir, tumhi maja kaara! (I am leaving Sir, you’ve the fun!)” the rascal spoke to his boss with a short smile. Richa saw him picking his sack and leaving the office at once while Mr. Patil looked excited to have her under him.

Mr. Patil locked the door once Sandesh stepped out and asked Richa to strip. There was no reason for her to oppose and she quickly removed all her clothes. Mr. Patil picked her bra and panty and kept it aside while leaving the buttoned shirt and jeans on the main chair in the room. He pulled out a blindfold and placed it on Richa’s face to suppress her view. Richa was slightly disturbed but continued with the flow. He dragged her roughly near the chair and gave her a strong byte on her left breast. Richa shuddered in pain but he didn’t stop and continued biting her flesh around breasts and tummy. He then twisted her nipples hard and slapped both the breasts with power. Richa stumbled across a lot as she continued receiving strong slaps from Mr. Patil. At one point, he threw her to the ground and spread her legs. He dragged her closer to chair where he was sitting and inserted the toe of his feet in her pussy and placed his other feet in her mouth. My dear wife obediently licked Mr. Patil’s feet as he screwed her with his toe. Richa tried her best to remain calm and tried to make up for the mistake of allowing Sandesh to ride her.

But that lack of resistance encouraged Mr. Patil further. He undid her blindfold and started spitting on her, dragging her around by pulling her hairs and pinching and slapping her at will. He was definitely challenging the submissiveness of my dear wife and she was reaching new accolades. At one point, he actually emptied the small dustbin on the floor and asked Richa to bend and pick everything using her mouth and place back in the dustbin and all this while her butts were receiving strong blows of a metallic stationary ruler. Thankfully, the dustbin only contained stray papers and some used tea bags. Mr. Patil was behaving as a true sadist and my wife didn’t try opposing him even once. But he was soon back to normal. He pulled out a towel and made it wet using the water and asked Richa to clean her body.

He then placed my wife on his center table and spread her legs to screw. He made her look into his eyes and waited to penetrate until she begged him to do so. There were two reasons off course – she was getting late and she was slightly excited with the rough treatment she’d received. Nevertheless, it was a sight to have Richa been screwed on a table inside an office. He had enough erection and she had adequate moistness to enable the action which lasted for over 7-8 minutes and during which Mr. Patil made adequate use of her ample breasts and nipples. Finally he ejaculated heavily insider her and then picked himself up to push his member in her mouth. Richa didn’t protest and tasted his semen mixed with her own juices. As she laid there she heard Mr. Patil booking an AC cab to leave from office.

“Come on… let us leave…. I’ve booked cab. I want to continue teasing you on the road in presence of the driver. Let us see how far you can go!”, Mr. Patil challenged my wife who was still recovering from the attack. That sounded indeed scary to be doing something on road or while having the driver driving the taxi. But Mr. Patil looked totally convinced and Richa didn’t see a point in trying to argue. She picked herself up and dried her holes using tissues before reaching for clothes.

“Just the pant and shirt!”, commanded Mr. Patil as he placed her bra and panty in his office drawer. My wife acknowledged and put on the jeans and the shirt and kept the top 3 buttons open again on her Master’s instructions. She looked like a slut as she walked down with him to the taxi. The small evening breeze was sufficient to open her shirt and expose her mountains to the whole world and there was no shortage of horny men there who did her with their eyes. Richa survived all of that and got into the taxi with Mr. Patil.

“Shirt aur pant ke buttons khol ke baith (Keep the buttons of shirt and pant open as you sit!)”, Mr. Patil instructed Richa quite loudly as they got inside the taxi. There was no way the driver couldn’t have heard her but the fellow (who was a middle aged man) ignored it. Richa was embarrassed to death as she adjusted herself right behind driver seat while Mr. Patil moved closed on the middle seat. The glasses weren’t tinted black and adjacent vehicle could see what was happening but Mr. Patil seemed least bothered. He asked Richa to turn towards him such that her back was towards the taxi door and then opened all the buttons of her shirt. He even made her lift her bums and pull her pants down until her thighs.

My poor wife was seating uncomfortably in the taxi in a completely vulnerable position. Mr. Patil seemed to be determined to embarrass her to death as the taxi started making way through traffic. He fingered her clit and pussy for a couple of minutes and also twisted and pressed her breasts to get her excited. He even placed his fingers in her mouth and made her lick her juices. Richa continued to follow him without making much noise although she was completely aware that the driver knew something amiss. But as the taxi slowed down in the traffic Mr. Patil took it further.

“Mere hathon se apni chuchi dabaa (Press your breasts using my hands!)”, he instructed my wife loudly in Hindi which the taxi driver also heard. Richa lost her colours completely at this open humiliation and almost froze. But Mr. Patil pinched her clit to get her senses back and provided the same instructions again. Richa pleaded him with eyes that the driver could be hearing too but he simply laughed it off.

“Meri ungli daal apne chut mein…. Bahot khujli hoti hai na usme… (Comon, put my finger in your cunt…. Doesn’t it itch a lot?)” He continued embarrassing my wife in front of the taxi driver. The guy was deriving some unknown excitement by humiliating my beautiful wife in front of some unknown stranger. It was probably his way of showing superiority on beautiful woman like her.

My submissive wife, she didn’t oppose any further and started following his instructions. He was too pleased to be fingering Richa’s cunt in a moving taxi and pressing her tits in between. Richa closed her eyes and surrendered and accepted her fate. It was soon getting dark outside and Richa’s ordeal reduced a bit as no one from outside could at least see inside the taxi. She had already given up on the taxi driver as he probably had already known what a slut she was. Finally, they were reaching the destination after about 45 minutes-1 hour of constant abuse that she received from Mr. Patil. They left the taxi at a traffic junction to avoid being followed. Richa had no courage to look at the taxi driver when they left it and crossed the roads.

“Shall I leave for home?”, my wife asked her Master when she realized they were nearby his house. Mr. Patil squeezed her breasts openly and spoke, “Get lost”. Richa instantly walked away from there and got to a nearby bus stand. She thought about calling Imran to check if she should return home. But since it was already over 8, she decided to head home and got into an auto. With the buttoned shirt and properly adjusted jeans, she looked like a demure working lady returning from office. But her ordeal was far from over for the day.


“Reached home honey?” I called up just to check if she had reached home. She’d messaged earlier that she was going to be late. So I thought of asking her if the adventures were over.

“Yes! Have you started?” my worked up wife asked impatiently.

“No! Sorry dear! I will come full.” I told her that I would come home post dinner and it would be another 2-3 hours.

“Hold on for a sec!”, my wife put my call on hold to answer a call from unknown number. She feared it could be Imran who didn’t bother to call and check on her and still didn’t want to miss his call. I stayed on hold while she spoke on the other line.

“Hi Richa, have you reached home?”, the person from other side spoke.

“Yes, who is this though?” my wife asked immediately as she couldn’t recognize the voice and it didn’t sound like Imran or Mr. Nagarkar or Mr. Patil either.

“Good! And is your husband going to be home soon or do we have some time?”, the guy continued.

“Hold on! Who is this?” my wife asked little infuriated now.

“Sandesh!”, the guy responded calmly. “Mr. Patil called me and gave your address. He said that since I stay in a nearby area; I could come over and complete where he stopped us in the office”. Richa at once stopped as she was walking towards our apartment. She looked around to check if someone was following her but noticed it was her regular surrounding. She checked her watch; it was just about 8:45 still couple of hours before I was going to be home.

“Hello! Richa maam… you still there?” Sandesh was speaking impatiently. He obviously didn’t want to miss the chance. But Richa wasn’t probably too entertained with the idea. The part of her was annoyed as Imran didn’t call her and she was somewhat annoyed with Mr. Patil giving her address away to Sandesh. “I am getting another call”, she informed Sandesh and disconnected his call to resume talking to me.

“Was that Imran?”, I asked her straight away.

“No”, she responded.

“Then?”, was my immediate follow up question.

“Nothing important! Listen, I’ve reached home. I am little tired and may sleep before you start. Please ring our base phone when you’re about to reach. Okay?”, my wife told me.

“Sure darling. I won’t bother for another 2-3 hours least. Take care!”, I replied to her and disconnected the phone to resume work. As soon as I disconnected Richa received call from Sandesh.

Sandesh: “Richa maam, you didn’t tell me if I can come over right now?” Richa was somewhat irritated; she couldn’t digest the fact that some office boy from Mr. Patil’s office was looking forward to bed her. The fatigue and stress probably took over and she blasted, “No. don’t you dare calling me again!”. Sandesh was somewhat stunned at her tone but he calmly responded, “Okay! I would let Patil Sir know!”. Richa disconnected the phone and opened the door and got inside. She relaxed on the sofa for a few minutes before heading to kitchen to drink some water and juice. She wondered whether she should cook something or order from outside but eventually decided eating some fresh fruits along with juice. She proceeded to the bedroom and dropped her clothes and moved into bathroom to take a quick shower. She finished it soon trying hard not to recollect the taxi incident and put on a short three fourth pant and a camisole. She checked her cell phone just in case someone had called and then moved to living room to turn on the television. It was about 9:30 in the clock. She brought herself an apple and orange and some juice and relaxed in front of the sofa. Just as she was flipping through channels and finished the apple, her cell phone rang again. It read “Imran calling”.

“Hello!”, my wife answered in a meek voice.

“I don’t like Mr. Patil complaining”, Imran spoke from the other side.

“I am sorry but I was really not comfortable…….” My wife tried to provide explanation and apologized for her no mistake.

“When is your hubby going to be home?”, Imran cut her short.

“He will be late; not before midnight”, my wife provided the information obediently.

“Good! Open the door!”, Imran disconnected the call and our doorbell rang.

Richa was stunned beyond imagination. She couldn’t think anything else as she found herself walking towards the door. In no time, Imran entered our house with Sandesh and another man. Richa was totally disturbed and nervous as she noticed Sandesh smiling with sarcasm and the other fellow was mesmerized to notice her beauty accentuated by the exposed arms and cleavage and shapely ass. Imran was calm as always as he observed Richa still standing by the door with her phone in hand. He indicated the two men to sit on the sofa and dragged Richa towards the adjacent chair. She was totally lost and didn’t protest as he pulled her in front of the two men. He sat down on the chair and took her in his laps and instantly pushed his hands inside her clothes. Richa moaned and closed her eyes in pain as he pinched her nipples and cunt lips one after other. This was followed by couple of strong slaps on her bums. The men were visibly excited and uncomfortable in their pants as Richa’s nice round bums bounced with Imran’s spanking. He was awakening the slave inside her and it wasn’t very difficult task for him. His presence or words were enough for it but this time it look little longer with the two men’s presence. But it wasn’t long before Richa was back to being Imran’s submissive lady.

“I am sorry!”, she tried to speak when Imran brought her face in front of him. Before she could speak any further, she noticed a globe of saliva coming out of Imran’s mouth directed towards her face. She closed her eyes as it hit her. Imran enjoyed spreading it on his face and pushed his fist to stretch her mouth open. This was followed by couple of slaps on her cheeks before he pushed her towards Sandesh and his friend. She definitely wanted more time with Imran but was instead kicked on her butts and thrown towards Sandesh. Sandesh passed her along to Rakesh who was staring at her impatiently ever since entering our house.

“Use her”, Imran said in his regular stern voice.

Rakesh looked at Sandesh who indicated her to get started. He needed no further second as he pulled her closer and kissed her lips. Rakesh was not very tall but healthy guy mostly towards dark complexion. His body smelled sweaty and his mouth wasn’t much pleasant. Richa had a tough time focusing as he kissed her lips hard and started licking her face while his hands were exploring her body all over. He squeezed her bums and caressed her exposed arms while continuing to kiss and lick my wife’s face. Richa tried placing her arms around him but he held her at waist and started licking her arms as well. He was literally biting on my wife’s smooth flesh. Sandesh meanwhile pulled his phone out and dialed Mr. Patil’s number.

“Zavayla tayar zali Sir….amhi chalu kartoy ata! (She is ready to get screwed Sir, we are starting now)”, Sandesh informed Mr. Patil indicating that Richa had agreed to bed him. Boasted by his victory, Mr. Patil probably asked Sandesh to keep his cell phone on loudspeaker mode. He acknowledged quickly.

“Saali la ashi thokun kadha…. Lakshat rahile pahije (Bang the bitch so hard… she should remember it)”, Mr. Patil spoke from the other side indicating how hard he wanted Richa to be banged.

“Ani ajun ek goshta… ti fakta zavayla dete ase nahi…. Tumhi tichya sobat kahi hi karu Shakta….samajla ka? Kahi hi mhanje….tiche kulle fodun kadhne… ticya tondat dene….sagle kahi… ti kashala nahi mhanat nahi…..ani mhanalich tar Imran la sanga (And one more things….she doesn’t just screw men…. You can literally do anything with her… Anything ranging from spanking her butts…. Cumming in her mouth or everything….. she doesn’t deny anything….. and if at all she does…..let Imran know)”, Mr. Patil praised my wife further. It simply fueled Rakesh who bited on her upper arm and shoulder. Richa shuddered in that pain. Instead of being furious, Mr. Patil’s talk awakened the submissive in her and she pulled Rakesh closer. Sandesh acknowledged to his boss and was about to disconnect his call.

“Chalega na Imran ji… mere ladke log iske saath maze karenge toh! (Imran, I hope you’re okay with my men having fun with her(Richa)!), Mr. Patil asked Imran. “Bilkul Patil saab! Koi problem nahi! (Absolutely Mr. Patil, I have no problems!)” Imran responded on my wife’s behalf. She was already consumed my Rakesh but now Sandesh was raring to start. He also extended his hand and pressed her other breast as Rakesh continued in and around her bosom.

“Kya randi…maze karne degi na ladke log ko? (Bitch! Won’t you let my men enjoy?)”, Mr. Patil finally moved to my wife. Richa nodded but didn’t speak at once. “Sandesh…mar ek thobadit tichya….bolat nahi saali! (Sandesh….slap the bitch…she needs to speak up!)”, Mr. Patil commanded from the other side and Sandesh agreed at once slapping her face really hard.

“Haan Sir! (Yes Sir!)”, my wife spoke loud enough so that Mr. Patil could hear her.

“Good…next time….tere ko nanga hi karoonga taxi mein…..ho jayegi na? (Good…next time…. I will make you strip in the taxi. Won’t you do it?)”, Mr. Patil reminded her of the evening incidence to tease her further.

“Haan Sir (Yes Sir)”, my wife answered again as Rakesh by then rolled her camisole up with Imran’s approval and started sucking her nipples. Richa was excited both by the physical activities and Mr. Patil subjecting her to degradation.

“Haan haan kya bolti hai…..baithegi na mere saath taxi mein ….ekdum nangi? (Don’t keep saying just ‘Yes’. Tell me …won’t you strip naked in the taxi with me?)”, Mr. Patil continued taking pleasure out of her degradation.

“Jee Sir…aapke saath kapde utar ke baithungi mein taxi mein! (Yes Sir, I will sit with you in the taxi and remove my clothes!)”, my wife answered which made everyone laugh and embarrassed her further. They all enjoyed her discomfort at saying naked and she earned a handful of slaps and bites for that. Sandesh couldn’t hold back any further and pulled her violently towards him and removed her camisole to press her tits hard. Rakesh quickly moved behind and resumed licking her beautiful back. Richa was holding Sandesh’s phone in her hand while her bare torso was licked and bitten all around by two horny men. But Mr. Patil seemed far from done.

“Accha saali….aab bata muze ….waha kya ho raha hai? (Now you bitch, tell me what is exactly happening there!)” Mr. Patil roared on the phone. Richa was completely taken aback; she was absolutely not prepared for this type of embarrassment. But she saw no respite when Imran indicated that she should continue following Mr. Patil. Richa later confessed it was driving her super crazy. She didn’t answer at once but her body was jerking with excitement as Sandesh removed her top. Both the friends grabbed a side of my wife and were engrossed in licking her all over. Sandesh moved to her back while Rakesh took one of her melons in his mouth and was kneading the other. He would go down licking all the way till her naval, waist and come up again to lick her breasts and suck her nipples. He was frequently pressing her breasts together while burying his face in the cleavage. Sandesh on the other hand was happy licking her entire back and her arms, he was softly scratching her armpits and licking them too. Richa had closed her eyes and was trying to cope up with their aggression by holding to their necks.

“Saali raand, aab bolegi ki raaste pe nanga ghumna hai mere saath? (Bitch whore, are you going to speak now or shall I parade you naked on the road?)”, roared Mr. Patil again. “Sandesh! De tila 3-4 thobadit! (Sandesh! Slap the bitch!)”, he continued. Sandesh instantly acknowledged and slapped her across face. Rakesh also pinched her nipples hard and asked her to answer Mr. Patil.

“Jee Sir. Aap ke ladkone mera top utar diya hai aur muze chum rahe hai! (Yes Sir, your men have removed my top and they are kissing me!)”, my wife finally managed to murmur. There was a laughter again and she was pinched and slapped all over. But Mr. Patil seemed to have done enough to her. He finally disconnected the call after suggesting his men, “Sandesh! Havi tashi majaa karun ghya… ek numberi raand ahe hee…ani kashaala pan naahi mhanat naahi (Sandesh! Enjoy every bit with her… she is a total slut…and doesn’t say no to anything!)”. Sandesh acknowledged and my wife’s verbal humiliation was over for the time being. Sandesh took his cell phone and placed it on the center table before pulling Richa’s pants down. Her panties were soon rolled down too. Richa was stripped naked to the fifth man in the day.


Rakesh was totally mesmerized to witness Richa’s beauty. He caressed her fair and shapely thighs and tender waist and grabbed a handful of each of her bums. In no time, he was kissing and passionately licking her thighs and legs including her bums. The fact that Richa had taken a bath moments ago, she smelled even better and the aroma of her body was driving Rakesh crazy. He was totally engrossed in smelling her, kissing her and licking her body. Sandesh was no exception, he was having the most beautiful bosom at his disposal and he was treating it with great intent. He was licking and kissing every centimeter of Richa’s torso and sucking her nipples while playing with her breasts using his hands too. My wife was trying to keep her composure; she was pushed to edge with the abuse Mr. Patil subjected her to. The fact that she was treated like a trash by some stranger men as directed on phone and that too inside her own house and in presence of Master Imran had made her absolutely vulnerable. She was probably ready for anything and these men were treating her with great care and pleasing and appreciating her beauty. She closed her eyes and kept enjoying the treatment.

Sandesh and Rakesh were soon upping their game but didn’t lose the coordination and became messy. With Imran’s permission they took Richa to our bedroom and placed her on the bed all naked while they occupied either side. Imran too moved along with them and occupied Richa’s makeup chair to keep a close check. Sandesh was the first to kiss my wife on the lips; while Rakesh focused on her shoulder and neck. Sandesh placed his rough lips on Richa’s delicate ones and started rubbing slowly. My wife closed her eyes and slowly opened her mouth pushing her tongue out. Sandesh was too pleased and excited to taste her and didn’t waste a second in sucking her tongue and passing as much saliva as he could. They were kissing quite deep and making a lot of noise and Richa seemed quite comfortable letting Sandesh explore more every second. Rakesh wasn’t left behind either; he continued his licking and kissing Richa’s amazing flesh. He licked her whole back and moved forward licking her arms, neck, shoulders and armpits. Richa’s body continued jerking as Rakesh kept exploring new areas with his tongue but Sandesh held her firmly into kissing. Richa was soon resting her hands on Sandesh’s shoulders while Rakesh was holding her from behind and kissing all over. Sandesh was kind enough to leave enough space for his friend so he could suck my wife’s beautiful breasts. There was too much of kissing and licking between 2 horny men and a beautiful woman that any man could hardly resist. But Imran was ice cool just keeping a check on the happenings.

The two friends quickly got into a pattern as Rakesh joined his friend to kiss and smooch my wife. Sandesh didn’t stop him and they started alternating her kisses. Wow! Richa had been with multiple men but here she was being kissed one after other by two different men. And they weren’t just kisses, she was being smooched hard and deep and was tasting both men’s saliva alternately. They noticed the thrill she was receiving and kept making love in the symmetric manner. They started moving down gradually while kissing her each cheeks together, licking her shoulders, planting a lot of kisses on her neck and slightly biting her ear lobes. Richa couldn’t hold herself as they both started licking her fingers of both hands together and proceeded towards upper arms and eventually to her armpits. She was about to collapse but they both supported her and took pleasure out of licking her armpits too. It was a lot of excitement for my wife when they both attacked her breasts together. Two men sucking and licking each breast of my wife and also pinching and exciting her with their hands was too much to digest for me too. But Richa was receiving the treatment first hand; they continued their love making in that fashion until they reached her womanhood.

Things changed suddenly as Rakesh touched Richa’s clit and pinched it slightly. He placed his fingers along her inner thighs and explored her clean and enticing love triangle. Richa jerked pleasantly and opened her legs a bit. Both the friends looked at each other, it was the moment of the truth and Sandesh allowed his friend to proceed first. Rakesh thanked him and hurriedly dropped his pants and boxers. He was quite a dark fellow with untidy and hairy groin. Richa glanced over but was quickly engaged by Sandesh into kissing him. She sensed a medium size organ entering her moist tunnel. Rakesh seemed somewhat inexperienced in stretching, he stretched her legs 180 degrees apart and was pressing on her thigh joint while starting to thump her. It was indeed painful but Sandesh’s incessant kissing didn’t provide her any opportunity to protest. Rakesh was soon into rhythm and started thrusting her with his might. He was caressing her legs and bums as if a man finding water amongst a huge desert. He knew it was an opportunity and was enjoying every bit of it. He stretched his arms out and tried to catch up her beautiful breasts too. As he continued getting momentum, he became little more aggressive prompting Sandesh to step away.

Rakesh now was having my wife entirely for himself and my wife had her 4th man in the day! He made her a bit comfortable by loosening her outstretched legs and started banging her as hard as he could while bending forward to kiss her beautiful lips. Richa was already feeling the heat in her burning pussy and didn’t mind pushing her tongue out to meet Rakesh’s. they were copulating like perfect couple except for the fact that they were not. Rakesh was a complete contrast to Richa in all aspects, he seemed not much educated, untidy and dark fellow with a body that smelled sweat. He was definitely a worker class guy while my wife was a queen comparatively. She is beautiful, educated and sophisticated and knows how to stay and look well. But it all didn’t matter! The fact was he was having her under him in her own bedroom and there was absolutely no forced involved either. After pumping her for some time, Rakesh pulled out and lied beside Richa with a pillow under his head. He immediately asked her to get on top and continue riding.

This was interesting! As Richa got up, she noticed Sandesh standing by the edge of bed and Imran relaxing in the nearby chair. She glanced at Imran hesitantly before she was pulled over by Rakesh. He spread her both legs on either side of him and lifted her bums to adjust his member. Richa helped him and adjusted herself such that his member started invading her tunnel once again. His cock was literally choked in cum and Richa’s juices; it didn’t cause them any problem to resume the game. He made Richa jump on his member to derive pleasure and also started giving her some slaps on her thighs. My wife happily took them and started grinding his cock. She was obviously all naked and milking his cock using the pressure of her body; in the process giving a great view of her round bums moving seductively to Sandesh. Off course it attracted the spanking it deserved from him and then Rakesh pulled her on his body completely to avoid any disruptions. Richa surprised everyone when she started kissing Rakesh herself. She placed Rakesh’s hand beside him and started kissing his chest while she was still riding him. She quickly covered his chest, very gently bit his nipples and continued on his shoulders and neck. The man was in seventh heaven and pulled her up again to kiss her lips. Richa quickly responded and planted multiple kisses on his face before engaging herself into an open mouthed kiss. She was kissing him passionately, taking his rough lower lip into her mouth and then touching the tip of his tongue with her own. She was sucking his tongue and also giving hers for him to suck. His hands were now playing with her breasts and slowly arousing her with the tinkling and his cock was still buried in her tunnel. The man was enjoying her completely. Sandesh was stunned to see her making so passionate love to his friend, he was also worried about his turn but it was indeed a turn on for any man and even Imran was not an exception.

Richa and Rakesh continued kissing like true lovers of ages when Rakesh started to reach his climax. He became little harsh and started pinching and pulling her breasts roughly, he was also pushing his tongue deep into Richa’s and biting her lips very aggressively. Richa sensed it and started gyrating her hips on his cock in a circular fashion to give him maximum pleasure. She looked straight into his eyes as if challenging him to go harder with a short smile on her face. It fueled his masculine ego and he went further rough. Richa stretched her arms over her head giving him full access to her torso. Rakesh seized the opportunity and started slapping her breasts real hard and literally twisting her nipples. It caused immense pain but she kept arousing him with that cunning smile and some horny moaning. “Saaali raaaand (Bitch!)”, Rakesh used a lot of dirty words while pinching and slapping her breasts. Richa appeared like a true bitch that moment and Rakesh couldn’t hold himself anymore. He flipped Richa on the bed and went on top of her, riding her like a bull now. His last few thrusts were the mightiest ones as he eventually collapsed on her while emptying loads of semen inside her tunnel. Both of them were drenched in sweat and hugging each other tightly while Rakesh was still insider her and kissing her lips in between. Richa was crushed under his weight but was still reciprocating his kisses.

But Rakesh’s honeymoon period was over soon.


Sandesh was waiting impatiently and Rakesh was nothing but grateful to his friend and didn’t block him for long. As Rakesh moved into our bathroom to clean and adjust himself, Sandesh pulled Richa towards the edge of the bed. He noticed the watch which read 10:30; so he guessed he didn’t have lot of time. “15 minute hai na Imran bhai?(Do I have 15 minutes Imran Sir?)”, he asked as he dropped his pants and bent to kiss Richa. Imran affirmed him and moved outside to the living room watching the television. Sandesh too engaged himself in kissing Richa who looked somewhat tired. She wasn’t protesting but was not actively involved either. But Sandesh wasn’t giving up either, he started softly massaging her breasts and parted her lips with his tongue. Richa moaned softly and opened her mouth in succession for 2nd man and started smooching him. She was tired but still trying her best to keep up pace and pushed her tongue out to tickle Sandesh’s. He loved it and licked her face all over and dropped to the bosom. Her breasts were sucked and licked for long before Sandesh went further down kissing her smooth tummy and naval. His tongue explored her naval neatly as Rakesh returned from bathroom and sat right next to the action on our bed. Richa was somewhat uncomfortable but he was least bothered and Sandesh was too busy to notice. Sandesh didn’t put his face towards her messy love triangle but was enjoying kissing and biting her soft thighs and her beautiful legs.

“Ekdum kadak maal ahe yaar (She is such a hot babe man!)”, Rakesh exclaimed to his friend.

“Haan..ani tu ekdum kachkachit thokun kadhala ahes… mala vatla ata nahi mhante ki kay mala! (Yes, absolutely. And you screwed her too hard….i was scared if she would deny me!)”, Sandesh responded to him friend with a smile. Rakesh could hold back but stretched his arm out and started playing with her breasts again. Richa just closed her eyes and didn’t respond to their conversation. It was a candid conversation between two friends and didn’t require her to be attentive either.

“Patil sahib mhanale hote….jaam stamina ahe zavaycha…. Pan mala itka vaatla navta….mahit nahi ani…ya nantar to pan zavnar ahe ka. (Patil Sir mentioned that she has a large apetite for this but wasn’t sure she would last this long. And I think he (Imran) is yet to screw her)”, the friends continued their conversation. Sandesh was quickly getting ready to penetrate my wife with his mighty cock while Rakesh was playing with her body to kill time. Sandesh had absolutely no problems with Richa’s absolutely wet pussy and he entered her with a jerk. He pushed Rakesh away in a friendly manner and took her all for himself. He too stretched himself and kissed her lips and played with her breasts while stroking her. Richa was trying her best to respond to his advances and he seemed satisfied with them. Once or twice when she seemed to drop the ball, she was slapped and reminded quickly. Sandesh kept thrusting her for few minutes while alternating her positions. He pulled her towards the edge once, turned her on her side, turned her completely on her stomach and raised her legs too. Richa offered no resistance and did everything he asked for. The surp surp voice of him hitting her thighs hard was driving him crazy. He added some more fun by slapping her butts hard and twisting her nipples. It wasn’t long before Sandesh was overwhelmed and ejaculated big in her overflown vagina. Richa knew the bedsheet was spoilt but didn’t object and continued kissing Sandesh as he collapsed on her like his friend. It was almost 11pm and Imran entered the room and knocked on the door. Both Sandesh and Rakesh quickly dressed themselves up and thanked Imran whole heartedly before leaving our house. Richa was now left at Imran’s mercy.

Richa was expecting Imran to jump on her as soon as Rakesh and Sandesh left. But he calmly walked outside leaving her alone in the room. It startled her a bit as she quickly checked the clock. It was still about half an hour before I was going to start from office and she was expecting Imran to make use of that time. But she heard our main door slamming closed assuming the duo had left and decided to walk outside to check on Imran. She wondered if she should wear something before that but eventually only wrapped a bedsheet around her.

“You seem dead tired, aren’t you?”, asked Imran as he saw her walking out.

“Yes, I mean… I don’t know…. I guess..”, Richa fumbled again not knowing what was on his mind. Imran smiled at her fumbling for words but didn’t make any move.

“Do you need something?”, my wife finally couldn’t hold back and asked him.

This time he smiled louder acknowledging her sluttiness. Richa sensed it and was embarrassed but she knew it was the truth as well. She smiled half heatedly and approached the sofa next to where he was sitting. Imran gave her a long and cold stare making her nervous as hell. She was still not able to read his mind but thought of something and got up from sofa and went down on her knees in front of him. That probably pleased Imran as he stood up and asked her to follow him towards our bathroom. As they walked towards, Imran removed his shirt and trouser and walked inside in his boxers. Richa could see the erection and was somewhat relieved.

My wife was asked to stand at the center as he picked up the shower tap (free moving) and sprayed warm water all over her body; quickly followed by liquid soap lying beside. Richa enjoyed the attention and quickly started rubbing her body seductively. Imran laughed at her attempt to seduce him but didn’t do anything; instead he helped her with the soap and water alternatively as she cleaned her face, torso, back, arms and gradually moved to her legs. He quietly asked her to spread them and aimed the water at her opening. Richa was expecting him to increase temperature of water or some other mean of torture but nothing really occurred. He helped her as she cleaned her love tunnel with her fingers and then her thighs and legs as well. Richa asked if she could use the shampoo for her hairs instead of liquid soap and Imran didn’t object. He even offered her a towel to wrap herself and walked her back to bedroom.

“Thank you!” my wife exclaimed as she couldn’t suppress her surprise at Imran not trying anything nasty with her. Imran too smiled back. “What is going on?”, Richa wondered to herself. She didn’t expect him to be so well mannered to her and neither did she want. There were no two thoughts; she had enjoyed his nasty and filthy ways of using her and she had admitted that to me. This change of guard was confusing her to core. However, here he was, allowing her to dry herself using the towel and waiting patiently beside. I dad started from my office and called Richa to inform about the same; Imran was aware about it. “Quick! We don’t have all the night!”, Imran suggested. Richa was glad to hear that as it indicated that he had something in his mind.

In no time, he made Richa lie on the bed and climbed on her. She was already naked and he was only in his boxers as he started kissing her lips. He planted multiple kisses on her face, shoulders and neck before starting to suck her nipples and gradually pressing her tits. Richa was gaining libidos very fast and moaning in pleasure. Imran continued making love to her body as a normal guy. He kept sucking her ample breasts, pressed them with perfect pressure and not to harm them, was licking her ear lobes, kissing her cheeks, snuffing her freshly bathed arms and enjoying her cleavage. Without even being touched, Richa felt she was leaking juices and Imran didn’t delay it too much. He soon went down and felt her moistness as he lowered his boxers. There was no problem for him to enter my wife’s love tunnel. It was her 5th prick of the day but most precious for her. She did her best to provide him adequate room as he started grinding his member inside. Imran is well endowed and he started giving her some hard strokes and Richa started gyrating her pelvis to support him. It was well past 10 minutes my call and I wasn’t going to take too long as it was late hours. Richa indicated Imran that I could be home very soon and pleaded if he can finish and leave soon. The fellow didn’t disagree even then. It was as if he was doing everything to please Richa. Imran has good stamina and he was just about reaching his climax but he pulled out and started to put on his clothes. “You should also wear whatever you’re going to”, he asked my wife who quickly wiped her groin and put on a panty. She then wore the same short pant and camisole top she was wearing when they entered our house. Richa quickly arranged bedsheet and towels and Imran was almost ready to leave.

“I want to cum in your mouth just before your hubby returns!”, commanded Imran.

Richa was stunned once again. It wasn’t a very tough ask by Imran’s standards but the timing was terrible. I could have reached any moment giving no time for Imran to escape. But she also knew that there is nothing like arguing with Imran; he ensures he get whatever he asks for. Besides Richa hardly had any time to think about options or provide alternatives.

“Can I please do it here?”, Richa requested if she could do it closer to the sliding windows of our living room. She adjusted the curtains such that she could keep an eye on the approach road from where I would bring my car into the parking. Imran agreed to it but insisted that the curtain will be completely undone. With the tinted glasses and dim light, it wasn’t going to be easy for someone to notice what was going on unless someone pays very detailed attention. Seeing no option Richa went down on the knees as Imran moved the curtains such that he was covered but she was exposed. Richa unzipped him in hurry and started sucking him straight away. The man was still on but was back to his regular ways. He was trying to delay his climax and at the same time giving light slaps to her and pulling her hairs. Richa was trying her best oral skills but the tension was really affecting her and then she thought it was all over as she saw my car entering the premises.

“We have to stop”, she declared and got up wiping her mouth.

“Shut up”, Imran shouted at her and dragged her towards the main door. He stood right behind the door and stuffed his member in her mouth by pushing her on the knees. Richa was too tensed to think about anything as Imran grinded his cock violently in her mouth and released a jet of semen inside. Richa was sweating in fear as he opened the door.

“Make sure you gulp this down!”, he commanded and quickly rushed towards the stairs. Richa could see the elevator display showing the up arrow indicating that I was coming up. She quickly slammed the door and tried her best to gulp down. Poor lady! She hardly had any time as I rang the door. Taking a deep breath, she opened the door and let me in. But instead of waiting for me to kiss her, she rushed to adjust the curtain and drink some water. I didn’t miss that and rushed to grab her as she gulped Imran’s semen along with some water.

She rushed to table and drank some water and tried to calm herself down. I was already at the door and she ran back to let me in. As I step in, she tried to take a look at Imran through the curtain and then adjusted it before fetching water for me.