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Neighbourhood Aunties 10 – Sabita

The next beautiful Aunty in this series was Sabita Aunty.She was 40years old and she had a son who studied in USA.Her husband was a rough man to be precise as I have heard abour frequent quarrels happening between him and Aunty.He was also not a very social man and avoided most employees except a few with whom he used to hang out with.Aunty never liked those persons and that’s why she had a difference with Uncle.

One day I got an inside story,that Uncle and his friends regularly watch the porn movies at one of his friends house and also bring callgirls for fucking.This news interested me and I thought that Uncle might not be interested in Aunty any more because of her age and that’s why he is having young girls for his satisfaction.So,may be Aunty doesn’t know about this fact or she does,but keeping it in her mind for the sake of their reputation and family.I decided to cash on this golden opportunity as soon as possible.

One evening,I was returning from market while I saw Savita Aunty standing near roadside.I stopped my bike and said-Aunty, why are you standing near the roadside?She said-Ooh Arun,actually,I was returning home and waiting for a bus or auto.I said-Aunty,if you don’t mind,I can give you a lift.She said-Thankx Arun and she sat on the back seat.When we reached her home,she invited me for a cup of tea at her house.I said-How can I refuse you Aunty and went in.During the conversation,I inqured about Uncle and she said-He remains always out.May be he doesn’t like to remain with me anymore.I said-How unfair of Uncle to behave like this to someone who is so devoted to him?He is having one beautiful Aunty sitting at home while he is going out with young girls.Aunty looked at me surprised and said-What are you talking about?I said-I am so sorry Aunty.I should have never told you about this.But seeing you plight,I couldn’t control myself and my tongue slipped.She said-Tell me more about that and I told her everything about the porn films to the callgirls.Aunty said-Aurn,I did hear rumours about this but if you are telling me this then it must be true.

She started sobbing and I moved towards her and tried to comfort her.Aunty said-Your Uncle says,I don’t have that charm which I used to have.I am not active that much.I said-Uncle doesn’t know that A woman becomes more and more active and expert in the every field she plays as the age goes on.She said-Do you think so Arun?I said-Of course I do Aunty.I think you are still so much attractive and so sexy.If I had a wife like you Aunty,I would have never gone to someone else.She said-Are you telling the truth or just trying to please your Aunty?I said-Its true Aunty.Why don’t we prove to each other that I am so much interested in you and you are also sexually active?She said-How?I said-See,Aunty,Uncle cheats on you and goes to the young girls.Why don’t you do the same to him?She said-I don’t understand you Arun.I said-You will have sex with me.She said-What are you talking about?How can I do this?Its not fair.I said-Do you think whats uncles is doing is fair?Tit for tat.

She said-I want sometime to think about this.I said-You can take all the time you need but just remember,the more you take time,the lesser are the chances that Uncle gets back to you.She said-I will let you know soon.
After 3-4 days,she came to my house once and was talking with my mother.I arrived at the scene and my mother said-Arun,Savita Aunty is here to talk to you.I said-Hello Aunty.She smiled and said-Hello Arun.I thought hard about your proposal and decided that I want to invest in that.My mother said-What proposal?I said-Aunty wants to invest in the share markets and I proposed some companies name in which she should invest.Mother said-Yes yes Savita,you should go as Arun says because he has a good knowledge of share market and you gain even if the risk is sometimes very high.Aunty looked at me and said-Arun,I am prepared to take the risk.After all my family’s future depends on it.I said-Ok Aunty,I will be ready for you.

As one day my mother and father went out of town to see one of our relatives,I immediately went to Savita Aunty’s house.She opened the door and welcomed me in.As always,Uncle was not present and I thought he might be watching some porn film or may be banging a cheap whore somewhere.Little did he know that his beautiful wife is going to be someones whore too tonight.Aunty welcomed me to her bedroom and when I was in I immediately took her in my arms and pushed my tongue in her mouth.She was taken aback by my sudden assault but soon responded well.We French kissed for while and then separated.I then asked Aunty to show me her beautiful body to which she obliged and was standing naked infront of me.She had very good boobs although a little saggy and did have a nice pussy covered with black hair.I asked her to turn around and soon her shaped ass was infront of me.My cock was rock hard and I freed it and also was naked while Aunty had her back turned on me.

I said-Aunty,now turn around and she did and her eyes widened when she saw my cock.She said-Arun,my boy you have real big cock.I said-Yes Aunty,and its going to give you pleasure tonight well.She said-Ok,lets get started.I said-Come near Aunty.I want you to take hold of my cock and pleasure me.She got down on her knees and started caressing my cock and my balls.I said-Take me in your mouth and suck me hard.She said-No,its dirty.I said-I bet you never did this to Uncle.Thats why he doesn’t like to have sex with you because he wants you to do what he sees in the films and he get that from those girls.You must do it.She hesitantly took me inside her mouth and began to suck it.Soon she got the momentum going and I started fucking her mouth with my cock.After few minutes,I unloaded myself into her mouth and she drank it.I said-Ooh Aunty,you gulped it without any complain.She said-You said a little while ago,that I have to do every thing as they do in the films.So,I did.I said-Way to go Aunty.

We went on the bed and I began playing with her body.While sucking her boobs,I started fingering her pussy.She was wet and moaning hard and was pressing my head on her boobs.Then I moved downwards and started eating her.She bucked to every lapping and soon filled my mouth with her pussy juice.I got up and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy and pushed inside.She cried and my cock was half in.Then gradually I was full inside her and started fucking her hard.She responded and we moved began to move rapidly.She came on my cock twice but I was still going strong.She said-Arun,my god,you really have a stamina.Baby you are making your Aunty cum again.I said-Me too Aunty.She said-Fuck fuck your Aunty hard baby.She is going to cum on your cock.I said- I am cumming to Aunty.Here I go………….Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh and I came hard inside her.She too came in the same time and I panted while sucking her boobs.

We rested for sometime.Then I told her to be on her fours and began rubbing my cock on her pussy.She was wet and all set to go again.But I started licking her while pushed a finger inside her and then inside her asshole.She said-Umph Arun,now don’t tell me you want your cock inside my tiny asshole.I said-That’s what I was thinking exactly.Aunty said-You had began to supprise me with your tricks honey.If its my ass you desire,then be it.But please take care.I said-I will Aunty.I lubricated her ass with my saliva and pussy juice and my cock was ready to invade it.Soon my cockhead was edging inside her ass and she was moaning.She moaned and sobbed but never asked me to stop.I was in full flow and it took me 10mins before I filled her ass with my juice and collapsed.She was also rubbing her pussy and came too.

That night we again had sex for 2 more times and we tried everything and every trick in the book-from 69 position to boob fucking and from sideways to rididng.We did it all.In the morning,I returned home,really worn out.After few days,I also got the news that the quarrel between Savita Aunty and her husband had declined to a larger extent and they both go for shopping,movies and park too,chatting and laughing like a newly married couple.When oneday,Aunty was having tea with my mother at out house,my mother called for me.I was there in a flash and greeted Aunty.She smiled at me.My mother asked Aunty-By the Savita,what happened to the investment you were talking about that day?Aunty said-Thankx to Arun,I invested safely and also got some profit.Now my family’s future is secured.But I need Arun to give me tips on a regular basis so that I can continue my profits.I really need his expert guidance. I said-I am always at your service Aunty.