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Neighbourhood Aunties 21 : Shanti

In this experience,I got the first taste of a threesome.The Aunty featured in this series is the mother of one of my friend and the other woman is her daughter-in-law,the wife of my friend’s elder brother who works in Kuwait and comes home in every six months.My friends family was poor and he had to work outside to support his family.Aunty was a widow and she does some part time job like stitching to make some extra money.My friend used to send money through my ATM and I went to his house to handover the money.Thats how I got a lot close to them.

Now let me describe those two women.Aunty was around 58yrs old and her daughter-in-law was around 30.They both had good figure,Aunty was some kind of BBW and her daughter-in-law was silm but got good pair of boobs.They both had a pleasant nature and I was so much attracted to both of them.Thats why I thought why not open a scoring here but I was in bit of confusion because who I want to fuck first.They both are sexy and I like both of them.I was in a delima.Aunty’s name was Shanti and her daughter-in-law was Gouri.

One day after my college,I went to their house to handover the money.At that time Aunty was in the house and when I knocked at the door,She asked my name and after hearing it,she said that I can come in as the door was open.I went in and found that Aunty was busy standing near the door.She smiled at me and asked me to come in and sit down.When I looked at her,my cock began to twitch in my pants as she was not wearing any blouse or petticoat and was only had a saree which was also so thin that one can make out her body.She said that She was about to go for a bath as she was feeling hot and asked me to sit for sometime if I am not busy.I said to myself-You should feel hot as you are so hot Aunty and I have all the time in the world for you as I think you soon shall join my club of women with whom I scored.I said-Aunty,I am here to deliver the money,Rakesh had sent.She said-Arun,my boy,you should also come sometime when you are free as my daughter-in-law goes out to work in a co-operative society and I feel so alone here.She had started working for a week now to get some extra money.Its not that you should come only when you have to give money.Please come after your college for sometime to give company to your Aunty as our house falls on the way to your college.You should sometime have for your Aunty.You know I was so alone through out my life.My in-laws family was big and I had hardly anytime to talk with my husband.He used to work in a factory and used to come at around mid night and most of the time drunk.I was also tired from the household chores and hardly could remain awake but we still managed to figure out something.Our two sons were born and we moved here but at that time all the charms had gone from our lives.He had a conjugal life but never enjoyed it so much.After my husband died,I worked hard to keep the family running and now almost have everything in order.But I never had time for myself.

I said-Aunty,that’s the story of every Indian woman.They sacrifice everything for their loved ones and hardly regrets of they had got something in return or not.Thats the Uniqueness and Greatness of Indian woman .She smiled and said-Yes.I said-You still are so much beautiful.She said-Ooh yeah,now you started flattering me.I said-No Aunty.Even at this age,you have got a stunning figure.She said-Come on Arun,don’t tease me now.I said-You are beautiful Aunty and will be more beautiful when naked.She looked at my face and probably got the idea.She said-Close the door and follow me to the bathroom.May be we both can have some better time there together.Gouri wont return till 6 and we have almost 2 hours.Lets see how you standby the words you just uttered for me.

She handed me a towel and I began to undress myself.I saw that she was watching me with eager eyes.As we both went into the bathroom and she closed the door,I took her by surprise from the behind and gave her a big hug and began to rub my cock on her big ass.The I turned her around and began to push my tongue into her mouth and she welcomed it with her tongue and our tongues began to play with each other.She was pressing every part of my body and was eager to get hold of my cock but I denied her that and asked her to remove her saree completely which she did at once.I was just amazed to see how tight was her body and beautiful grayish patch between her thighs.She then asked me to undress and I threw down my towel and my big cock cam out.She said-You are so big Aurn,its double the size of my husband.My god,why didn’t we did this a lot earlier?I said-Now do it Aunty.I want your beautiful mouth around it.She immediately got on her knees and took it in her mouth.She was sucking my cock hard and eagerly and the way she was doing it I knew she was an amateur and was first time giving a blowjob.

After she had sucked me for 5mins,I said-Aunty,now its time for the real thing.She said-I am all yours Aurn.I said-But my condition is that I will fuck your Ass first and then will go for your pussy.She said-Your cock is so big Aurn and I think I might not handle it.Cant you just have my pussy?I said-But I would love to have your ass Aunty.She said-Ok,but be gentle.I said-I will,now be on your fours.She did that and I got hold of the shampoo bottle.Then I began to lick her pussy and fingerfucked her.She was moaning and began to push her ass towards me.She was soon wet and I dipped my finger in her pussyjuice and inserted them into her ass.She howled and moaned at the same time as my fingers invaded her asshole while my mouth and other two fingers went into her pussy.When my fingers began to slide smoothly in her asshole,I poured some shampoo on my cock and added some water to it.It was slippery and I also did the same thing to her ass.Soon my cock began invading her ass and filled it to capacity.Then I began to fuck her hard.She raised her voice a little and began to move with me.I also rubbed her pussy with one hand and then cupped her hanging boob with another.After fucking her ass for 5 mins she came on my fingers.I tuned her and asked her to lie on her back.She did that and I went in full inside her pussy.She began to hug and pull me towards her and I began to pump her hard.Soon we both are on the verge of cumming and she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me towards her.I locked my mouth with her’s and began pouring my juice into her.She too came in the same time.We both remained in the same position for sometime.

When we were about to get up,the bathroom door was flung open and Gouri came in.She saw both of us and was stuck at the sight and said-Mother-in-law,you are in this position with Arun?How could you do this with someone who is of your son’s age?You should be ashamed with yourself.Aunty got up and said-How come you are so early?She said-I had to go to market.Thats why I came early.But I never expected to see you like this.Aurn,you also should be ashamed to do something like this.I said-Gouri,if you want,you can also join.I will love to service your beautiful body.Gouri said-How dare you talk to me like that?Aunty then interfered and said-Look Gouri,I know someone at the age which you are now,needs full sexual satisfaction especially if you are a woman and also married which I think you are not getting at all.Arun is so good at fucking that he satisfied my agelong desire and just look how hung he is?I bet my son is not that long.

Even if Gouri remained unmoved but her expressions began to change alittle.She looked at me and then at my cock and said-But what if someone will know?Aunty said-No one will ever know as this will be secret between we three.Come on,get undressed and we can have all the fun.Gouri was first hesistant but began to remove her clothes slowly.Aunty helped her and soon her beautiful body came out.My cock began to get hard and Aunty asked Gouri to have a feel of it.She sat down and began to jack my cock by taking it in her hand and Aunty was licking my balls.Soon Gouri followed Aunty and had my cock in her mouth.Aunty began to kiss and lick her body to arouse her and also parted her thighs and began to rub her pussy.After some sucking ,I asked Gouri to lie down and began to lick her pussy.It was certainly first time for her as she shivered as my tongue began to touch and lick her pussy.Aunty also was in action and placed her pussy on Gouri’s mouth and slowly Gouri began to lick it too.Gouri began to buck hard and filled my mouth with her juice in a short time.Then I parted her legs and entered her.It was too big for her and she wanted to scream as my big cock tore her pussy but thanks to Aunty who had her mouth covered with her pussy.Soon I was in full flow and began to fuck her hard and also began to suck her boobs.Aunty was enjoying the licking and soon began to scream as she poured her juice into Gouri’s mouth and got off her.Then I pushed forward and locked my mouth with hers and began to taste Aunty’s juice from her mouth.Aunty asked her to warp her legs around my waist so that I could slamfuck her well.Aunty then moved to my back and began to kiss my neck and back and rubbed her body on my back.She also put a hand below and creased my balls.This was too much for me and I grunted while filling Gouri’s pussy with my babymaking greavy.I just got off Gouri and fell down exhausted with Gouri and Aunty both resting beside me.

We three continued our sex expedition secretly and whenever we had time and Gouri joined most of the time. She also had her virgin ass seal broken by me when she learned that her mother-in-law had this pleasure on the first day itself.Gouri soon became pregnant.While she was pregnant,she watched me banging her mother-in-law hard and also rubbed her pussy while sitting next to us.She also did blowjobs and swallowed my protein diet which she loved so much.After 9 months,Gouri gave birth to a healthy baby boy and Aunty and Gouri were so excited.When Gouri’s husband came again to see his son(so as he thinks)he was very much happy.My friend was also present there.Aunty told them-You see Arun helped us very much and took care of every thing.The joy we have right now would not have been possible without her.My friend and his elder brother thanked me very much and I said-It was just like my regular work.Nothing new.