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Neighbourhood Aunties 6 – Lalita

The next beautiful Aunty in this series was Lalita Aunty.She was 44 yrs old and had a lovely daughter who was 18 and was studying engineering. She lived in the house above ours and most of the time She and my mother used to sit in her balcony while having tea in the afternoon and have chit chat. Since I was alone and also her only daughther at home,sometimes we also joined the chat.I had developed a weakness for her beause sometimes she looks at me like she wants to fuck me too.She also praises me a lot infront of my mother.Her daughter had become also close to me.

It is true that I had an instant liking for Lalita Aunty but her daughter seems to be much more interested in me.She would often come to my room and try to have a conversation with me.Sometimes she would sit very near to me and try to touch my body with hers.She even continue to do this in her room too when I am in her house to explain some mathematics to her.I could have grabbed the opportunity,but my aim was Lalita Aunty.So,I decided to stay calm.But one day while in her room,she was sitting next to me and we are busy in doing mathematics,she suddenly put her foot on mine and started to rub me.I first thought that she is doing it not on purpose and will stop but she kept going on and even kept a hand on my thigh.I looked into her eyes and she was looking at me like she wanted me now.I immediately grabbed her into my arms and put my lips to hers.She responded immediately by locking her lips with mine and soon we are in deep embrace.Suddenly I thought that Lalita Aunty may come and separated her and said-Aunty may come to this room.She said-No,she has gone to the nearby market to buy some vegetables.She wont be back until 1 hour.I laid her down and climbed on to her and we started to hug and kiss each other.

My cock was hard now and I want her to feel it even if we are not going to have sex then as it is risky and I wanted to have her young body to my full satisfaction later.She suddenly said-What is pressing against my belly Arun?I said-It’s the most important thing a woman wants in her life.If she doesn’t get it improper quantity and quality,she gets frustrated.Its the stress reliever for women.She said-I want to see it now.I said-Very well my love.I came off her and unzipped my pants.As normally I don’t wear nay underwears,my cock was soon out and stood tall.She gasped and said-My god Arun,its huge.Its just like the cocks they have in the porn movies.I sid-Do you watch porn movies?She said-Yes.Sometimes I visit porn sites on the net while other times I watch them on my laptop.I said-Where do you get those DVDs?She said-One of her friends,a girl bring them and I copy them into my laptop.I said-Wow,you two must be pretty close.Do you also have sex with her,I mean lesbian?She said-Well,we sometimes hug and kiss each other and also rub each others and own pussies together but I don’t think we are much into the lesbian thing.She cant give me that big thing of yours either.I said-Yes,now do you want to take it in your hand and try to feel it?She said-I sure do.She then took it in her hand and ran her hand all over it and said-My god,I didn’t know you might have something like this.My dad doesn’t have this either.

I was amazed to hear this and asked her-Have you seen your father’s cock?She said-Yes.One day I was awake in the night because my health was not good and I wanted some water.When I was going into the kitchen,I heard some mumblings coming out of the bedroom.I tried to listen but they were faints and I understood what they might be.Dad and mom are having sex.Then I wanted to peek inside as the door was open a little bit and I saw mom holding dad’s cock and dad said-Suck it mylove.Suck it hard.Mom took dad in her mouth and started to suck her.I was thrilled and wanted to see more but I was feeling weak and couldn’t stand there for more time.Then I came back to my room and slept.I said-Wow,that’s nice.So Aunty was giving Uncle a blowjob.She said-Yes.First I thought how could my mom do this and then I said to myself that its Ok because as an wife,you need to satisfy your husband by all means and after all it’s also a part of love making.I said-Would you like to do so too?She looked at me and said-Sure.

When she was about to put me in her mouth,suddenly the door of the studyroom was open and Lalita Aunty came in and said-Rita,I forgot my purse……What the hell are you doing?Rita immediately left my cock and stood away from me and I was there with my hard cock standing in its full glory.She gave me a hard look and said-Arun,what the hell are you doing with her?She is younger than you and you were fucking I mean having sex with her?How could you do this?I said-Aunty,we did nothing.She said-Oh yea,You must have if I wouldn’t be here.Rita said-Mommy,we did nothing.She said-Get out of my sight,you little whore and Arun,I want to talk to you but not now.Get out .I came back home and couldn’t sleep the whole night.Tomorrow,I went to Lalita Aunty’s house in the morning and saw Rita was going out with a baggage.I asked her-Where are you going?She said-Yesterday mommy scolded me and today a study tour of my college was going to Bangalore and she has arranged for me to go there.I fear she might tell your mother about this.

I said-Don’t worry honey,I think I can handle this.When you come back,you will see everything fine and then I want your beautiful mouth on my cock.She looked at me and said smiling-Sure thing my love.I am also looking forward to finish the chapter we had started.At that time Lalita Aunty came and said-Rita,Go now.After Rita had left,Lalita Aunty looked at me and said-Arun,I am busy right now,You can come in the evening or at night.As you know,your mother and myself are going out for our ladies club’s work.She will stay there overnight and I will return.I had told your mother that you will have dinner with me.I said-Ok Aunty.

Lalita Aunty returned at 9pm and asked me to come and have my dinner.Then she told me to study as she would do some work and after that we can talk.I obeyed her and was studying while she called me from her bedroom.I went there and she was on the bed,covered with a bedsheet.I stood there with my head lowred.She said-Look at me Arun.I looked at her and then she said-You know what you were doing with Rita yesterday was wrong.She is still young and has a career ahead and so do you.If you put your mind in these kind of things,it will divert you.Rita is not as intelligent as you and besides there is a lot of time left for her.But the same thing cant be said about me.I looked at her confused.She said-If you don’t want me to tell your mommy about all this incident,you better obey me and do as I say.Promise me that you wont have sex with Rita.I said-I promise.She said-Good,now undress and show me your big horse cock as you were showing to Rita that day.

I was supprised at her words but soon I understood that what I was desiring for a long time,is quite near to me now than I expected.I undressed quickjly and stood before Aunty.Her gaze is now fixed between my legs and she said-Arun,you have a fine cock,not to mention big.I said-Thank you Aunty.She said-But I want to see it erect.I said-Well,it gets erected easily when sees something sexy and inviting.She stood from the bed and let go of the bedsheet and said-Is this enough?She was completely naked with her big boobs hanging and the hairy bush between her legs.Her bush wasn’t quite dense but looked great.The she said-Or you like the backyard view and turned around to show me her ass and giggled it a little.My cock got hard immediately and she came to me and took my cock in her hand and said-Now its great.I immediately took her into my arms and locked my lips around her.She also took me into her embrance and out tongues bagan to overlap eachother.Her hand was jacking my cock and I was clutching her ass.Then she let go of me and said-Do you think Rita could service something like this better?

I said-No Aunty.I want you to service it.She licked it over and over and also sucked my balls.Then she took it in her mouth and sucked it slowly.I said-Ooh Aunty you are great.I knew you are a good sucker.Rita told me how you used to suck uncle.She let go of my cock and said-That bitch.Ok now Arun I want to pleasure me too.I said sure Aunty,lie down and open you legs for me to service you.She said-We will try the 69 position.I said-Wow Aunty,that’s great.I never had this kind of position before.

We immediately got into 69 position and started pleasuring each other.Soon the room was filled with sounds like Umph Umph .I was licking her pussy vigorously and also was being milked my Aunty’s mouth and I was about o unload myself in her mouth when she shuddred and lost her juice into my mouth.I drank it without any problem and felt my balls are being cupuued hard while my cockhead was being flicked and swirled by Aunty’s tongue.I lost my control and unloaded myself into her mouth and she took my hot juice into her mouth and let go my cock when it was limp.

We both rested by side and I immediately took her boob into my mouth and sucked it while pressed the other.Aunty creased my head and said-Yes baby,suck Aunty’s boobs hard and press them.Its feels like ages when I get fucked by man.I said-Uncle don’t fuck you regularly?She said-He does it only when he wants.He thinks Women losses her apetite after 40.I said-So sad,Uncle doesn’t realize that the best stage for getting pleasure comes from a woman when she is ripe,I mean mature.She said-Yeah.Then I said-Aunty,do you have some Vaseline in your house?She said-Why?I said-I wanna fuck your ass first.She said-What?My ass?Ooh god Arun,you are a sexual freak.I said-Aunty as you said about the oral pleasure,sure Rita cant give me the anal pleasure I want.She smiled and said-Sure thing baby.She went to the kitchen and came with some butter and said-I don’t have vaselin,will this do?I said-It will be tasty.

She got on her fours and I applied butter to her asshole.Before that I did some nice tongue work to her asshole which she liked very much by thrusting her ass to my face and moaning loudly.Soon she was set and I inserted two fingers into her asshole and pussy and started fucking her simultaneously.She was moaning hard and came on my hand again.Then I mounted her and positioned my cockhead to her asshole and inserted slowly.Unlike other women I assfucked her didn’t resist me and supported me by saying-Yes yes thrust it harder.Put all in Arun.I want your cock full.

Soon I was inside her and began thrusting my cock in and out her ass and picked up speed.She was howling-Ooh god Ooh god I feel so much stuffed.Fuck me baby,fuck me harder.You wanted to fuck my daughter,now fuck her mom.Lets see what you have got to satisfy me and then I will let you have her.I said-What about the promise I made?She said-Fuck the promise,fuck me now.I was pressuing her both boobs and She was also fingering her pussy hard and said-I will cum soon,You too try to cum in my ass.I want my ass to be filled by your hot jizz.I said-Me too Aunty.I clutched her shoulders and pumped hard.She shuddered hard and I knew she came.I was still pumping while she tried to crease my balls with her hands.Soon I grunted and filled her rectum with the hot sticky man goo.We both collapsed on the bed together.

That night we tried many positions and I obeyed her instructions like a behaved child.Her experience and my youth combination made that night another memorable night for me.I returned home in the morning exhausted and slept like a log.My mother waked me up and said-Didn’t you sleep in the night well?Its already 9Am and you are still sleeping. I said-I studied the whole night and learned a lot yesterday.She said-Ooh yeah,what did you learn?I said-A person with age and experience makes a deadly combination in any field.She said-Well,if that’s a comment for me,then thankx a lot baby.I said-You are welcome Mom.She said-Ok,you sleep and I will wake you up for breakfast at 10am.When she was leaving,she suddenly turned and said-By the way,how was the dinner with Lalita Aunty?I know she is a fine cook.I said-It was great, especially that BUTTER HOLE,I mean BUTTER ROLL