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Neighbourhood Aunties 7 – Sweta

The next beautiful Aunty in this series is Sweta Aunty.She is 42 yrs old and had a buxom figure.Well,as anyone may not find her that much attractive because she was dark but one thing made me attaracted towards her was her big ass.She had a son who used to play cricket in our college team.I have been very close to him because he used to get tips from me as I am a very good player and also the team captain.Also I wanted to fuck his moms big ass too.

Her husband was a driver and was killed in an accident 2 years ago.She got a job on compensatory grounds.I was a frequent visitor to her house and her son and I played chess and carom and discussed other things in general.She also sometimes used to take part in this discussions.But one day,her son came to me and said-Can you ask you something Arun bhaiya?I said-Sure.He said-Is it ok for a boy like my age get attracted to some woman older than me?I said-Girl or woman?He said-Woman.I said-See,it depends how to see them.Some think that they don’t have the same thing which they used to have when they are young,but I see it completely differently.I believe that you gain somethingm,you have to lose something.They have lost their youth but have gained a lot of experience about how to keep a man satisfied,sexually to be precise.Because he asked me something which I didn’t expect,my suspicion was there and I wanted to let him know my views.He said-You also think that mature woman are good?I said-Good?They are damn good.By the way,tell me,how do you get these kind of feelings?

He said-I was just asking.Nothing more.I said-Don’t lie to me.Tell me the thruth.He said-I was watching a porn movie which my friend gave me and it contained scenes of mature woman getting satisfied by boys much younger to them.Is it also true that they get very much pleasure from young guys?I think that it sonly happens in the film.I said-No,in real life too.Woman who has reached 40 yrs or above sometimes doesn’t loose their sexual appetite but their husbands sometimes are not up to the task.So,they seek love from younger guys because a young boy is much interested in exploring the sexual fantasies and the woman needs someone who have the stamina and interest to have sex.Especially women love to dominate men in these kind of relationships which they cant do with their husbands.So,you have someone on your mind,right?He said-No No.I said-Don’t lie to me.If you tell me the thruth,may be I can help you get her and help you have what you desire from her.

He remained silent for somethime and said-Please promise me will tell no one about it.I said-I promise.He said-Its my mom.I said-What?Are you put of your mind?Its incest.He said-I know.That movie was also called-Incest pleasures,which I watched.I was watching it on my own computer and was masturbating and when it was finished,I went to the bathroom to complete the masturbation and while passing through my mothers room,I saw the door was open and I peeked to see what mom was doing?To my supprise,I saw that my mom was naked and was admiring her body while standing in front of the mirror.I watched her while she started fondling her boobs and then slowly running her pussy.Then she began to rub her pussy harder and also fingering her pussy hard too.My cock was hard and I took it out and started jacking it.Soon,I was near my climax when she screamed in low voice and sat on the bed.I knew she had orgasmed and might come to the bathroom to use it.So,I began to jack hard and then ran to the bathriomm and cummed hard.I never had cummed that much in my life.I know its worng to watch and jack watching one’s own mother but I simply couldn’t control it.

When I was hearing all this,it became clear in my mind that how I can have sweat Aunty’s beautiful ass.I told him-Look Manoj,I know its wrong but if you cant get this thought out of your mind,it will began to hamper your studies and everything etc.He said-Then tell me how to get rid of this thought?I said-Simple,just get what you desire for and then there will be no worry for it.He said-You mean,I shall fuck my mom?I said-Yes.See your mother is not getting any sexual pleasure since your dad died and now she needs it badly.If you don’t fulfill her wish,someone else will do.Do you want your mom to be fucked by someone else?He said-No,of course not.But how will I fuck her?She wont let me.I said-I have a plan.But you know you have to exactly as I tell you.He said-OK.

I told him my plan and one night according to the plan,he gave me the key to his house.At 11pm,I went to his house and slowly entered and want to Aunty’s bedroom.As per the plan,Manoj was already there and was talking with Aunty.I heared the talk.Manoj was saying-See mom,I know you faced hard time after dad’s death but as a son,its my duty to help you in every possible way.Aunty said-I know son and thankx for your concern.But you are only 15 and you should concentrate on your studies only.Manoj said-I know and I am doing that.But I want to help you in another way.Aunty said-Which way you are talking about?Manoj said-I want to help you satisfy your sexual desire.Aunty suddenly got up from the bed and said-What?What the hell are you talking about?How dare you talk to your own mother like that?Manoj said-Mom,I know you really desired for sexual pleasure and you are not getting it.That night I saw you were fingering yourself and satisfying your desires.You have kept yourself under control for long time and one day you might not be able to do so anymore.What will happen then?To be more frank,I am obsessed with your naked body that day and I couldn’t concentrate on my studies anymore because of that.Its really creating a problem for me.Please try to understand.Aunty remained silent for sometime and said-But its wrong and incest.We cant do that.Manoj now stood up and put his hands on Aunty’s shoulders and said-Please mom,for oncem,please.Otherwise I will die.Aunty said-Son,I love you so much and I can do everything for you.But what you are asking for is worng.Manoj said-Ok,then you don’t love me.I am going to commit suicide.Aunty said-No No,please Manoj,try to understand.Manoj said- You are willing or not?Aunty was silent again and then said-Ok,honey,if that’s what you want,we will do it.But remember,only once.Manoj said-Thankx mom.

Then Manoj took Sweta Aunty in his arms and tried to French kiss her.Aunty first resisted but then slowlry co-oprated.Soon both were kissing and hugging each other well.Manoj was being wild and pressing every part of Aunty’s body while Aunty was also doing the same.In a matter of seconds,we both got naked and Aunty took hold of Manoj’s hard cock and started jacking it.I was able to see Aunty’s boobs and soon she was on her knees holding and licking Manoj’s cock.His cock was around 6 inches and also average fat.I was able to see Aunty’s big ass when she was having her back to me.

My cock was hard and I started rubbing it.Aunty said-You are bigger than you dad, honey.I didn’t know you were having this thing at this age and she started sucking it.Manoj was in 7th heaven I think and was saying-Ooh mom,you suck so good.My own mom sucking my cock.I am so lucky.I have the whole night with you mommy.Aunty was busy in sucking his cock and said-Umph umph,slurp slurp.I thought,its time now to make my entry.I pushed the door and went inside and said-Well well,what do we have here?Mom-son incest.Aunty was taken aback hearing my voice and let go of Manoj’s cock.Manoj said-Arun Bhaiya?What are you doing here?I said-Well,remember,you asked me to give you some lessons about your batting,but here I see you are already being coached by someone else.

Aunty said-Arun,please please,don’t tell anyone about this.I said-Oh no Aunty,I never will provided that I get my share.She said-Share?What do you mean?I said-Like Manoj said,he has the whole night to enjoy you.I want the same treat.Aunty said-What?You too Arun?Please don’t do this to me.I said-Ok,I am leaving then.Tomorrow,everyone will know about it.Aunty said-Aurn,please,try to understand.I said-I am understanding that’s why I am asking you what I need to keep quite.Manoj suddenly said-Mom,please agree to him other wise not only our reputation, my cricketing career will be over.Then after some silence,Aunty said-OK Arun,but the condition is same.One night only.I said-That will be more than enough but you have to give me what I want.Aunty said-Ok.I thought-Aunty didn’t know what I have in store for her.

Soon I was naked and showed Aunty my monster.Aunty’s eyes opened wide and she said-My god Aurn,you have a huge cock.Its so big.I said-Its all for you Aunty.Now suck me.She took me immediately in her mouth and began to suck it while she was jacking Manoj’s cock.I looked at Manoj and winked.He smiled at me.Aunty was busy in sucking and handling Manoj’s cock at a time.I said-Aunty,now you suck Manoj.He didn’t get a good blowjob because I came in.Please lie down and spread your legs.Aunty was happy to obelige and I went for her boobs and played with them while she took Manoj in her mouth.I was sucking her boobs and fingering her pussy too.Then I moved between her legs and positioned my cock on her pussy’s entrance.I wanted to lick her pussy first but changed my mind and inserted my cock inside her pussy and started to hump her.She was already wet and started responding to my storkes.Manoj was also holding her mothers head and pushing his cock inside her mouth.Soon we both built up and humped Aunty hard.Aunty was saying-Umph umph umph.I knew I was near but Manoj came first and filled Aunty’s mouth with his juice which Aunty drank.Seeing this,I delivered few more hard storkes and fill her pussy with my juice too and we both rested on both sides of Aunty.

Afte sometime Aunty started fondling our cocks and they were hard.She then started sucking them one by one alternatively.I looked at Aunty’s big ass and I knew what I want.I ordered Manoj to bring some Vaseline and he did.Aunty said-Why Vaseline? I said-I want to fuck the door which your husband hasn’t touched.Your ass Aunty.She said-No No Aurn,you cock is huge and it will tear my ass.I said-Don’t worry Aunty,its not the first time for me.Aunty looked at me and said-You mean……OK,then if that’s what you wish.I said-That’s my nice Aunty.Manoj,now get between your mom’s legs and start licking her pussy.Manoj was ready to do that.I asked Aunty to be on her fours and straddle Manoj’s face and I took some Vaseline in my hand and applied it to Aunty’s asshole.Manoj was busy in licking his mom’s delicious pussy and my two fingers went into her asshole.Aunty said-Eew ew,its hurting Arun.I said-Relax Aunty.It will be ok soon.When I had my three fingers inside her asshole,I knew its time for my cock to feel the warmth.

I said-Aunty,now you ride Manoj’s cock and I will go for your ass.She did that and I waited for sometime till she get in the mood.After sometime she was ridding Manoj’s cock hard and Manoj was also pushing from below.They both were screaming and then I rubbed my cockhead at the asshole entrance and pushed it inside.Aunty suddenly felt it hard but ignored because of the fucking.Soon I was inside her ass and started pumping her.I grabbed one of her boob and pressed it hard while my other hand was holding her shoulder.Manoj was sucking her one boob too.We three enjoyed for sometime and Manoj screamed and I knew he lost his juice again.I continued my stokes and felt that Aunty was trembling too and knew she was loosing her juice too.I was eager to lose my juice and started humping hard and after sometime lost my juice inside her ass too and collapsed on the bed.When we three went to the bathroom to clean,I asked Aunty about the experience and she said-I never thought I would have two studs handling me together.It was simply great.I said-But so sorry,you will never have this kind of experience again.She said-I know I said its for one night but now I thinkto have this treatment regularly as it should keep me happy and satisfied too.

Next day,when I met Manoj at the practice and asked him about last night,he said-You are simply great Arun bahiya.Your plan are foolproof.I think have to coaches to coach me instead of one and I really have to work hard now.I said-You sure do buddy and Me too.