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Night with Reena

Here is on of my experience I would like to tell a story which happened to me when I was studying. I was staying in my aunts house as my parents are abroad . The heroine of this story is not my aunt . I would like to introduce some other people in the house . There is my uncle about 35 years , two servants Reena and Rekha . They are sisters. The heroine of this story is Reena

About Reena – she is about 30 .Fair colour , great structure big boobs .

The incident happened on a day when there was no one at home other than me and Reena . I had just returned from school and was hungry .I checked at the dining table and there was nothing so I decided to go and call the servants .When I entered the room Reena was standing there in her blouse and pavada . Seeing his there was an erection in my manhood . I told her that I wanted something to eat so she replied Go on I’ll come now .Butttttttt there was a naughty smile in her face which I think was due to the fact that she had noticed the bulge in my pants . Anyway she served me food and sat just beside me . I enquired about others and she said that all had gone to different places and would return only tomorrow as it was a Friday . Soon the pallu of her sarrie fell down . I gazed at it . I saw that she had not worn a bra . I finished my tea and called my aunt on her mobile .I asked her permission to go for a second show . She told me to carry on and reminded that she would come only the next morning . I did not have any intention to go but I wanted to confirm where she was . I went to my room and changed my dress and I was in my Lungie . Meanwhile Reena came to my room and stood there . Suddenly she asked me do I have a girl friend . I was shocked to hear the question .I moved towards her and said why do I require one when she was there . Now she was in my arms . We were licking each other . I asked her to lay on the bed and I started to lick her from the forehead . I came down to the cheeks . Again now I was on her breasts . I removed her pallu and gave a bite on her left nipple .She mourned .aaaaahhhhhhhhhh ameeeeeeee. ayooooooooooo mathiiiiiiiiiiii . I removed the hook of the blouse and started to squeeze those water melons . I came down and gave a hot kiss on her stomach .

I asked her to remove the pavada . God sake she was not wearing the panty . I saw a women’s pussy for the first time . That was not shaved for a long time . I licked those pink lips . I was inside it . She was mouringgggggg “ eda ninte kambi katedaaaaa katedaaa kate . aaa kunna enqottu jettadaaaaaaaa . I removed my underwear and inserted my hard rock rod into it . It was really tight . I went on up and down . She came I lickd those juices and continued my effort while I was going to cum I started to take it out she told its ok she was in her safe period . I loaded into it and collapsed on her
Now it was her turn she knelt down on the floor and took my rod into her mouth . She gave me a great blow job . Now she wanted to ride over me . I laid down on my back and she came over me . She was crying and her boobs were jumping . I had some pain toooooooo but I was enjoying . We came for the second time . Now we were tired .We slept for an hour nude in each others arm .

We woke up and decided to have a bath . I wanted to see a kully scene. So she wore the towel around and started to bath . I looked at it and enjoyed . Then she started to apply soap in her thighs . I could not tolerate it . I went took my dick and fucked her in the standing position I was biting her . Her nails were riding over me . At late night I even fucked her ass hole . . We enjoyed the whole night all round the big house . I later fucked her sis and my aunt too who was baby sitting . Stories about it later on .But all depends on your comments especially from malayali girls.