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Partiall gay

Me and my brother were assassins creed fan. So, usually we would play
together . Not go in parties or outside justt to play ac3. So, once it
was a time that we were alone. the computer and bathroom were opposite
sides. so that one playing comp. cant see what is going in bathroom or
outside bathrrom. So, I liked being naked. i am not gay but, i just
thought of getting naked as my brother will not be able to see me as
he would be busy seeing computer. So, I slowly started taking out my
clothes. I was only left in underwear and my penis was standing
upright behind him. After some courage I even took out the underwear.
But then I started looking at the game and then all feelings got over.
the penis retuurned to its original size. I almost forgot that I am
naked. Suddenly my brother turned to tell me that he has killed the
4th ambassodor. And there i was naked. I just in a second ran into the
bathroom. Bathed again so show that I was going to bath and later on
told him to not to tell anyone.
I almost forgot about it.

3days later I was there playing and he had been scolded to go and
bath. He came with towel in the computer room and locked the door
feeling angered. I told him to go to bath. He started taking out his
clothes except his underwear. I could see his penis upright. Before he
entered bathrroom, I called him if he could defeat the ambassodor. He
said yes and stared to play partially naked sitting onn the bed
beside. He told me to get up from chair as he cant play properly. I
said No. Then he came sat upon me. and me penis and his penis meeting
inside clothes. and started playing. then he moved his left hand down
and accdienly caught my penis and started feeling it. I asked him what
are you doing. He said that uske vahan pe khujli ho rhi thi galti se
pakad liya mera. maine kaha ruko mai khujla deta hun. and then I
removed his underwear totally and the started rubbing his penis. i
could hear him moan. he was showing that he is playing assassins creed
but he was enjoying it. I hen told him to go bath as he coldnt win.He
told me that he cannot sit properly thats why he is not able to play..
Then i got up and sat beside me. i told him” agar tumhe abhi nahi
nahana to main naha leta hun.” he said ok. I got up and started
removing my clothes. He was seeing me secretly. Suddenly when i was
only in underwear he told me to defeat this soldier as he cannot do
it. i got to know what he wanted to do as it was a very normal
soldier. So i said ok and asked him to get up from the chair.he
refused so i sat upon him. Now his naked penis and my penis which was
almost coming out of underwear was meeting. he touched it twice or
thrice by saying “oh galti se . mujhe laga mera tha.” I smiled. Then i
told him ki vo mere me khujli kar de. “par uske liye to underwear
utarni padegi”
“utar do . ladke hi to hain.”

then he started rubbing mine. his penis was partially toching my
ass.but it was okay . Then I said let us play a game. Suppose we are
army men kidnapped by enemy. And they have situated a bomb on our
penises which can only be taken out bby mouth. he said ok . First I
took his in my mouth. He maoned realy loudly. I kept it doing for some
time and at last said “Oh I think its out”
Then he did . he took my whole penis in his mouth and started sucking
it really nicely. I really ennjoyed it. but then i came close to cum.
after i had cumed, he says “maja aa gaya”
“theni told him thatw e should noot do thiis. this is done by gays” He
agreed then 1 year has passed we have touched each other penis
sometimes while playing wwe but never had orals sex again. So it was
only partially gay coz of gaming oral sex. Other wise penis touching
and seeing each other naked doesnotmakes you gay until you started
fanatizing about it. Hope you enjoyed it. The story is whole true
except we didnt started touching each other penis simultaneously nut
waited quite long to get courage.