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reema_punjabi: white tee and beige capri
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…….nice
heart_virus_here: as lzz
heart_virus_here: asl
reema_punjabi: 26/f/noida
reema_punjabi: u?

heart_virus_here: 24,m,del
heart_virus_here: wana b frnds n chat miss
heart_virus_here: hope u wont mind chtng wth yunger guy
reema_punjabi: let see
heart_virus_here: k
heart_virus_here: so u married?
reema_punjabi: no
heart_virus_here: r stil single
heart_virus_here: k
heart_virus_here: reema
reema_punjabi: ya
heart_virus_here: u still virgin like me or did it?
reema_punjabi: tll u later
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: so tell me in detail frst wat all u wearing now
heart_virus_here: evthng wth color
heart_virus_here: n shape
heart_virus_here: reemaaaaaaaa?
reema_punjabi: white tee and beige capri i told u
heart_virus_here: ya bt i asked evthng
heart_virus_here: wat else u wearing wth colr n shae sizes
heart_virus_here: samjho na
reema_punjabi: white large size patny and mathing 34 bra
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm……..alrge size means…hw large
heart_virus_here: wat al it covers
heart_virus_here: lain white or rinted?
heart_virus_here: wat shae is it
heart_virus_here: y u slow yar?
reema_punjabi: its large size only
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: plain or printed white
reema_punjabi: plain
heart_virus_here: ok
heart_virus_here: how many panties u have reema
heart_virus_here: wats ur fav clor
heart_virus_here: u hv al large or small ones too
reema_punjabi: comon my size is large then how come i can wear smallone
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: no nt size,bt large also mean they cover wholte butts
heart_virus_here: small means they r dee cut
heart_virus_here: deep
reema_punjabi: oh
reema_punjabi: have 4 thongs meroon and black
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmm……………so u hv smallest panties
heart_virus_here: thongs r grttttttt
heart_virus_here: so ur larger part f butts must b left bare
reema_punjabi: ya its dont show the pantyline when u wear the tight pants
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: ya thats d advantage of thngs
reema_punjabi: do u know how can u avoid the people mesg u
heart_virus_here: ya
heart_virus_here: in bx u cn see ignore on top rght side
heart_virus_here: clcik tht
heart_virus_here: just nxt t add
reema_punjabi: i know it but on my screen more then 30 screens are opened even chating with u is very difficult
heart_virus_here: ignre all
heart_virus_here: thn they cnt reply u back
reema_punjabi: ok
heart_virus_here: u al hv only thnghs
heart_virus_here: no v shae normal panties
reema_punjabi: more then 20
heart_virus_here: ohhhhhhhhhhhhh
heart_virus_here: so manyyyyyyyyyy
heart_virus_here: wish i cud smell thm
heart_virus_here: ok so tell me hoow dense ur pubic hairs r
heart_virus_here: dense jungle
heart_virus_here: trimmed or fully shaved
reema_punjabi: i keep them in natural way
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: so u mean jungle
reema_punjabi: but cleaned
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: u mean properly arranged jungle
heart_virus_here: neat jungleeeeeeeee
reema_punjabi: ya
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm………..i reay like dense hairs
heart_virus_here: i mean i feel i like dense ones
heart_virus_here: they show u natural
heart_virus_here: they must b lil curly
reema_punjabi: ofcourse
heart_virus_here: yaaaaaaa
heart_virus_here: accha reema yeh bataiye aap
heart_virus_here: ki nahati kaise hain
heart_virus_here: thong mein ya pori tarah se nangi ho ke
reema_punjabi: fully nude
heart_virus_here: say in hindi lzz
reema_punjabi: why shuld i bath in thong
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: plzz say in hindi
heart_virus_here: mre sexy
reema_punjabi: wat i say in hindi
heart_virus_here: ki u bath full nude
reema_punjabi: main puri nangi hoke nahati hoon
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmmm……….
heart_virus_here: accha tl me ur most embarrassing moment in life ever
reema_punjabi: sexually embrassed or in any way
heart_virus_here: both
reema_punjabi: once i was travelling in bus a boy was rubbing his dick with my bum and co passengers was enjoying this show
heart_virus_here: kkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: watvwre u wearing.
reema_punjabi: jeans & tshirt
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: did u feel hius dick
heart_virus_here: n how u felt
reema_punjabi: something hard rubbing me
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: did neone saw ju in less clothes
heart_virus_here: r did u see ne guy or gal in less clothes r nude by chance
reema_punjabi: hv seen my cousin naked and three of my friends
heart_virus_here: full nangi
heart_virus_here: kya dekha cousin n frnds mein
reema_punjabi: ya
reema_punjabi: bro was changing i seen him fully
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…..
heart_virus_here: ok bt did he know u saw hm
heart_virus_here: how old was he n how old were u tht time
reema_punjabi: recently he is 30
heart_virus_here: ok
reema_punjabi: we go 4 swimming and i see girls naked overthere
heart_virus_here: tht time
heart_virus_here: how old was he tht time whn u saw hm
reema_punjabi: just two month back i seen him
reema_punjabi: his is 30
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: how was his enis
heart_virus_here: p
heart_virus_here: usse pata chala ki aap ne usse dekh ,liya hai
heart_virus_here: aapne kahan se dekha usse
heart_virus_here: bolo?
reema_punjabi: thick and hard
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: n frnds mein kya kya dekha
reema_punjabi: everything
heart_virus_here: 3no ka
heart_virus_here: teeno ka sab kucch
reema_punjabi: ya
heart_virus_here: k
heart_virus_here: unke hairs haise hain pussy ke
reema_punjabi: two keep clean and ahve small
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: unhone bhi aapko nangi dekha hga oori
reema_punjabi: it normal yaar when we change after swimging anyone can see to anyone
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: ya coz u dont wear enthng under costume
heart_virus_here: rght?
heart_virus_here: ya costyume ke andar bhi panty hoti hai
reema_punjabi: right
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: accha yeh bataiye aake mole kahan kahan e hain
heart_virus_here: honestly
reema_punjabi: two on face one is on right hand i have really check i have not noticed
heart_virus_here: kkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: wats ur figure
heart_virus_here: boobs ke pass koi mole nahi hai
reema_punjabi: 34 28 38
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: biss assets
heart_virus_here: accha reema aa ye bataiye ki aaki wildest fantasy kya hai,dirtiest one
reema_punjabi: my jiju fucked me in front of my di
reema_punjabi: my jiju fuck me in front of my di
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: u really wana this
heart_virus_here: y so?
heart_virus_here: dont u like ur sis?
reema_punjabi: i like but its my fantasy
heart_virus_here: ya i know
heart_virus_here: so u like ur jijui
heart_virus_here: ever tried to seduce hm
reema_punjabi: ya………
heart_virus_here: in real life
reema_punjabi: too many times
heart_virus_here: kucch skin shw karna etc types
heart_virus_here: hw
heart_virus_here: wat most u hv shown hm
reema_punjabi: i hips
reema_punjabi: my hips
heart_virus_here: hw
heart_virus_here: mmmmm…..
heart_virus_here: as i know hips r nt butts
heart_virus_here: rght
heart_virus_here: hips means ur waist area
heart_virus_here: n around area
heart_virus_here: or u mean butts
reema_punjabi: correct i mean butts
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm..reallyyyyyyyy
heart_virus_here: honestly
heart_virus_here: kaise yar
heart_virus_here: i mean kaise dikhaya
heart_virus_here: its dangerous n risky
heart_virus_here: batao
reema_punjabi: i was changing and door was opened and he was watching me from other room
heart_virus_here: so thong tha ya poori nangi ass
reema_punjabi: i slipped the thong also and changed into night gown
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
heart_virus_here: wahhhhhhhh
heart_virus_here: achha ab im sure u nt virgin
heart_virus_here: ab aap batayngi kiske sath kiya n whn?
reema_punjabi: ya am not virgin
heart_virus_here: wat age n wth whom
heart_virus_here: i guess nt jijju
reema_punjabi: with my bf when i was 21
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: tried anal?
reema_punjabi: tried but its painful
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: accha wat u say ppenis,vagina,ass,panty,boobs in hindi
reema_punjabi: lund, chut, gund, panty n boobs
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmmm……..
heart_virus_here: reema u hv rea player in system
reema_punjabi: wat?
heart_virus_here: real player
reema_punjabi: i dont know how can i know this
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: accha i wana show u my penis
heart_virus_here: its virgin
heart_virus_here: i hv pics
reema_punjabi: send on my email
heart_virus_here: mail id pplzz
reema_punjabi: id [email]ree
heart_virus_here: 2 mins
heart_virus_here: till thn tell me hjow many real ppenis u hv seen
heart_virus_here: bolo na
reema_punjabi: 6
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmm…watttttttt
heart_virus_here: kiske yar
reema_punjabi: frnd
heart_virus_here: u hv done sex wth all f thm
heart_virus_here: check mails
heart_virus_here: i hv send u my enis pics
heart_virus_here: n plzz cee cafefullyyyyy
reema_punjabi: i happened during our rohtang tour
heart_virus_here: i wana hinestlt comments reema
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmm…….
heart_virus_here: honest comments reema
heart_virus_here: wana know hw is it
heart_virus_here: evthng abt it from u
heart_virus_here: how u saw their penis in tour to rohtang
reema_punjabi: we were in a group
reema_punjabi: first my bf fucked me
heart_virus_here: k
reema_punjabi: we became good frineds
heart_virus_here: kkkkkkk
reema_punjabi: i dated them in noda
reema_punjabi: mostly at elevates
reema_punjabi: after party we did it.
heart_virus_here: kkkkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: see my ics nowwwww
reema_punjabi: yr is also nice
heart_virus_here: plzzzzzzzzzz
heart_virus_here: seen?
reema_punjabi: ya tow sets
heart_virus_here: see all
reema_punjabi: but not very think and long
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkk
reema_punjabi: its medium size like my bf
heart_virus_here: see all sets plzzzz
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: bt is it enough for ur chot n gaand holes
reema_punjabi: am happy with this size but not in ass
heart_virus_here: y nt in ass
reema_punjabi: its really painfull i dont know how anyone can enjoy ass fucking
heart_virus_here: kkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: bt is mine enough to satisfy u
heart_virus_here: n enough for ur choot hole reema
reema_punjabi: only dick is not a matter for me
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: thnnnnnnn
reema_punjabi: personality, educatin, way of talking and pocket also
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: bt rght now if v talk just abt penis
heart_virus_here: thn
heart_virus_here: thn hw is mine
reema_punjabi: not bad
heart_virus_here: kkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: bt i really wana enter ur gaand once
reema_punjabi: depends
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: wats best thng in my lund
heart_virus_here: n wats wrost
reema_punjabi: its common nothing uncommon
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: bt cn satisfy u na
reema_punjabi: only stamina matters in satisfying a girl not lenght or thickness
heart_virus_here: okkkkkkkk
heart_virus_here: ok,i wana u to do smthng nowwwwwww
heart_virus_here: u alone in room
reema_punjabi: ya
heart_virus_here: lzzzzz oen ur cari
heart_virus_here: capriiiii
heart_virus_here: n darg a lilll
heart_virus_here: cn i see u reema?ne pic
reema_punjabi: not in first meeting but later u can see my image
heart_virus_here: okkkkk
heart_virus_here: thnks
heart_virus_here: wana see my ic
heart_virus_here: pic
reema_punjabi: ofcourse
heart_virus_here: will send to ur mail wth a sexy dirty mail
heart_virus_here: i wana u to b my mail frnd too
heart_virus_here: plzzzzz
reema_punjabi: ok
heart_virus_here: wana xchnage dirty mails abt our fantasises etc.
reema_punjabi: no problem
heart_virus_here: thnksssssss
heart_virus_here: will send u mail tomo mrng
reema_punjabi: ok
heart_virus_here: actually me in college hoste so no system at room,in cafe
heart_virus_here: thats y
heart_virus_here: i will send u my videos link
heart_virus_here: plzz download,see if u cn play thm
heart_virus_here: i made thm wth my cell
heart_virus_here: masturbating
reema_punjabi: oh…..will see
heart_virus_here: thnks
heart_virus_here: n i will ask smthng abt ur body wch im sure even u dont know
heart_virus_here: wait for mail
heart_virus_here: n plzz see my all pics again
heart_virus_here: accha reema sachhi batao,kucch hua pics dekh ke
heart_virus_here: wat changes in body
reema_punjabi: something between my thigs
reema_punjabi: cant explain
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmm…….
heart_virus_here: wetness ne?
reema_punjabi: little wet
heart_virus_here: mmmmmmmmmmm………..
heart_virus_here: accha ek bat kahunh
heart_virus_here: if u dont mind
reema_punjabi: okay
heart_virus_here: my fantasy is to c sme female issing
heart_virus_here: susus karte hue
heart_virus_here: so whnever u do susu aaj ke bad,just imagine me watching u doing susus full
reema_punjabi: means 5-6 times in a day