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Richa – My Submissive Wife

This happened a day prior to new year. We were not having any grand celebrations plan as I had too much of work to cover over that week. We were just planning to go to a resort nearby where they had dinner and DJ planned. Richa wasn’t too happy but she was aware of my work pressure and uncertainty on whether we would be really able to go or not, so she agreed. So I had gone to office that day quite early and Richa too left around 9am. It was a routine day as we had couple of calls and exchange of messages where she was specifically interested in knowing if I would get free tomorrow or not. And I wasn’t any nice to her until late afternoon. She received a call from Imran at around 4pm. Now, his calls really makes her nervous! She almost instantly stepped out of her work area and rushed to break out so she could speak to him. She knew he doesn’t like waiting a lot so she answered the call as she walked over.

Imran: What time are you leaving home today? Need 2-3 hours this evening.

Richa: Hello..umm…nothing planned…maybe will leave around 6pm. Why?

Imran: Good! Tell your hubby you will reach home around 9 and leave the office at 5pm. I will pick you up.

Before Richa could say a word, the phone was disconnected. She felt very annoyed for a second, but only for a second, the next moment her mind was in a trance. She knew there was no option of calling back and negotiate with Imran, he could convince her for almost everything. Part of her was already thrilled as she wanted something interesting in the last two days of the year and I wasn’t any supportive in that. Without spending a moment, she rushed to her desk and started wrapping up her work. She didn’t bother to call me but just sent a message that she would be reaching home late as she is going out with a friend. I was quite occupied to call back or inquire either. So I just responded her to be safe. The hour went past quite quickly for her as she finished her work and rushed to toilet to get ready to leave with the devil. She was in a simple kurta and leggins with inner inside. She wasn’t too sure about how Imran would respond to it but hardly had any option. She didn’t have to think a lot as Imran had reached her office and sent her a text to come down. Richa responded positive and started rushing down. She wasn’t told where they were heading; she had a few nervous moments as the elevator reached the last floor and she stepped out. Imran was in the driver seat in his car. She opened the door and loaded herself in the front seat besides him.

“Hey..thanks for coming! Mr. Patil has asked for you (Patil saab ne bulaya hai tuze)!”, he declared almost instantly as he groped her breasts right in front of her own office. She didn’t react but just tried to cover the view. After all she didn’t want to be seen treated that way in front of her office staff. But Imran was least bothered as he moved closer to her trying to kiss and press her boobs harder. Richa was in really awkward position but could hardly do anything to stop him as he rolled her dress over and loosened her bra. He pinched her nipples hard, really hard until she screamed and then regained his position instantly. Richa hurriedly covered herself and assumed her position. Imran started the ignition and the car gained momentum quickly. It was close to rush traffic hours but the roads were comparatively less crowded with vehicles. Imran didn’t say a word or touched her but just kept driving.

“So where are we going?”, Richa asked to break the frightening silence.

“Mr. Patil’s house (Patil saab ke ghar)”, was the only reply from Imran. Richa was irritated, she wanted to know the details but he didn’t provide any. She so much wanted to ask as to who were coming and was he going to stay or will he just drop her there. What did Patil saab really want? But there was no way to get those answers. She knew Imran didn’t like being questions a lot.

“Is Mr. Patil home today? (Patil saab aaj ghar pe hain kaam pe nahi?)”, she tried to ask something to break the silence.

“Yes, (haan)”, was the only reply from Imran. It frustrated her further but she remained quiet. She spent some time watching the traffic and how Imran was smartly maneuvering his vehicle through it. As they were reaching his house, she was becoming somewhat nervous.

“Would you be aorund? (Aap rukne wale hai kya?)”, she asked Imran. He didn’t answer instantly. When they stopped at a signal, he pulled her closer violently and spitted on her face.

“Don’t ask too many questions. I will pick you up around 8 and drop you home. Do you understand? (Bahot sawal mat puchho. Mein tumhe 8 baje yaahse ghar tak chhod dunga)”, Imran spoke dominantly. My poor wife, she licked the saliva off her face and nodded in agreement. So she was going to be alone with Mr Patil for more than 2 hours. She knew it would be some sex along with kinky things like he did last time around. She was preparing herself mentally. They were few kilimeters away from his home when Imran stopped at another signal. This time he simply pushed his hand inside and kneaded her breasts hard. Richa instantly contracted her body in pain but remained relatively quiet. She could see the guy on the bike next to their car watching with wide eyes the action. He sure seemed excited and kept staring at her even when the car started. They soon reached the complex and the apartment where Mr Patil lived. Imran unlocked the car and indicated Richa to step out.

“I don’t want to hear any complaints! Make sure he is happy! (Muze koi shikayat nahi ani chahiye! Patil saab ko khush rakhna hai, samazi na?)”, Imran spoke as Richa was stepping out. She nodded in agreement and walked towards the apartment lobby. The watchman didn’t recognize her and called up the intercom to confirm letting her go. She had butterflies in her stomach as she reached the floor and was about to ring the bell. For a moment, she felt like running away but then she told herself that Imran wanted this and proceeded with the plan.

“Tringggggggggg”, Richa ranged the doorbell.

The door opened within a minute but what she saw inside literally stunned her. Mr. Patil didn’t open the door, instead there was another man who did and she couldn’t locate Mr. Patil inside the room when she glanced. She was least prepared for this and didn’t know how to react. Her nervousness was visible on her face and her body gesture, she was about to turn back and run away.

“Bola, kon pahije? (Yes? who do you want to meet?)”, the man at the door asked her.

“Patil saab (Mr. Patil)”, my wife barely managed to speak.

“Kya kaam hai? (What do you want?)”, the man asked with relatively calm face.

There was no way Richa could answer that question honestly. She was made to visit a man who she hardly knew anything about. The meeting was set up by another stranger man who didn’t tell her anything than indicating she was going to be screwed there. But she had found herself in front of another man who was asking her the purpose of her visit. Richa knew she was in difficult position but she took a deep breath and then spoke.

“Patil saab ne muze ghar bulaya tha! Unka kuch kaam tha. Imran sir ne muze aisa message diya (Mr. Patil wanted me to visit his home. Mr. Imran Sir told me to visit his place), she spoke calmly.

“Agar wo ghar pe nahi hai to mein baad mein ati hoon (If he is not home, I will come later)”, Richa continued and pulled out her phone to call Imran and tell him about this.

“Ek minute! Aap baitho idhar, mein call karta hoon unko! (Please wait here, I will call Mr. Patil to check)”, the man said while pointing to a chair near his door. Richa waited there just stepping inside but the door was still open. The man already called Mr. Patil from his cell phone and spoke something in a softer tone. Richa could see the devilish smile appearing on his face and she got worried for a moment.

The man proved her fear to be true as he quickly disconnected the phone and moved towards Richa. He put his hand around her and dragged her inside to close the door. Her nervousness only increased when she saw another man stepping out from inside into the living room but Mr. Patil was still not to be seen. Richa was almost shivering when the man (Mr. Tawde as he was introduced later) came forward and grabbed her. He didn’t bother for even a “high or hello” and got into kissing Richa’s face straight away. Although this was more convenient for Richa instead of having that uncomfortable conversation, she was relatively worried of what Imran was turning her into. She was asked by Imran to entertain his friend and instead she was being taken up by that person’s unknown friends. Before Richa could conclude her thinking though, her mouth was spread open by Tawde ji and he started sucking her tongue while Rathod ji (the other man) got busy into pressing her assets downwards. As with most of the other men, Tawde and Rathod were excited to have someone as beautiful and well-endowed liked Richa to have under them. It was quite visible in the first 5 minutes when they were very untidy with her. She was pulled and stretched, mauled and groped, kissed and licked, basically manhandled. She didn’t react but was definitely uncomfortable especially with the way her dressed was pulled off. She had nothing spare with her and she couldn’t offer to undress herself, so she could only pray that they don’t tear her clothes off. And it seems it was heard; as the doorbell rang. She quickly adjusted her clothes before Tawde ji opened the door.

“Ajun chalu nahi zalat tumhi? Kapde pan nahi kadhlet? (How come you haven’t yet started enjoying her body? She is still not naked)”, Patil saab enquired as he entered the house staring at Richa. It didn’t amaze her as she knew what was in store for her. She just wanted it to get over in time and without much damage. The trio burst into laughter as Mr. Patil settled in while Rathod ji moved back close to Richa. He stretched her arms up and started removing her kurta. Richa didn’t protest and was semi naked in front of 3 strangers one more time as he quickly unhooked her bra and pulled her closer. He quickly engrossed in sucking her big melons that were totally exposed. It must have driven him wild as he quickly got into sucking and biting her nipples and kneading her other breast with his hand while his other palm was stretching her mouth open. There was so much force that she couldn’t stand and fell down on sofa. Rathod ji followed her all over destroying her breasts completely. Richa was definitely in pain but couldn’t even moan with his palm stuffing her mouth. Her eyes were pleading but no one bothered to look at her. Mr. Patil quickly changed into a short pant and joined his friends outside while Tawde ji was waiting for him to join.

“Kuthe shodhlis re? ekdum piklela maal ahe! (Where did you find her man? Classy ripped babe!)”, Tawde ji exclaimed to his friend. “Arey tya Imran chya olkhichi ahe, tyane ch anli mazya kade gelya veli. solid maal ahe zavayla! (Imran knows her. he brought her here. Believe me she is a treat to screw!)”, Mr. Patil responded to Tawde ji. They both laughed as Rathod ji nodded in agreement to his comments. Richa could understood their comments but was more worried about the byte marks Rathod ji was leaving in and around her breasts and cleavage. He was tormenting her breasts and Richa didn’t resist thinking it could be too early. It was encouraging him to go harder and she could only hope he melts down. “Ratra bhar ahe ka hee? (Is she going to stay whole night?)”, asked Tawde ji. “Thevun ghe re ek ratra tari! (Man, please make her stay atleast a night!)”, responded Rathod ji in between all the kissing and biting. Mr. Patil smiled knowing that his friends were quite pleased with Richa’s body. “Aan jara tila ikde, vicharu ya tila ch! (Bring her here; let us ask her if she can stay!)”, exclaimed Mr. Patil to his friends. Mr. Rathod quickly acknowledged and dragged Richa over to sofa where Mr. Patil and Mr. Tawde were sitting. She was first passed to Mr. Tawde who gave her a byte just around her waist before passing over to Mr. Patil. “Kadh …chaddi kadh tichi! (Pull her salwars down man!)”, Mr. Patil asked his friend and passed Richa back to him. Tawdeji didn’t waste a minute and untied her salwar first. Richa was now left in the panty only. As soon as her salwar was pulled out, both her butt cheaks were slapped hard. “Hee pan kadhu na? (Shall I take the panty off too?)”, Mr. Tawde asked and quickly pulled her panty down once Mr. Patil nodded. Mr. Tawde was quick to touch her cunt and laughed loudly announcing, “thodi oli ahe re saali…raand ahe pakki! (Damn, she is slight wet guys….no wonder she is a slut!)”. Richa couldn’t help as her body betrayed her.

Mr. Patil now proudly pulled her on his lap. He spread her legs around his legs and made her sit down. “Imran mhanala mala….ek number chi raand ahe ti….kahi hi karu shakta tumhi tuchya sobat! (Imran mentioned to me….she is a big time whore….you can do literally anything and she cooperates!)”, he announced.

“Aahes na raand? (Aren’t you a big time whore?)”, Mr. Patil this time asked my wife in an authoritive tone. Richa could understand his question but couldn’t answer, instead she just lowered her gaze. This time she got a tight slap across her face by Mr. Patil that made her fumble. Mr. Rathod supported her from falling and when she was stepping up again on Mr. Patil’s lap, she was slapped again on her butts by both Mr. Tawde and Mr. Rathod. She moaned a bit in pain when it was repeated equally hard.

“Prashna vicharla ki tyache uttar dyayche….samajla ka raand? (When you’re asked a question…you have to provide an answer. Do you understand that, you whore bitch?)”, Mr. Rathod spoke this time trying to establish his authority. When Richa continued looking down, she was slapped one more time by Mr. Rathod. “To kay bol la te kalale ka?(Did you understand what he said?)”, shouted Mr. Tawde. “Marathi kalta ka re bhadvi la? (Does she understand Marathis?)”, Mr. Rathod asked Mr. Patil. No response from her infuriated Mr. Patil further and he unleashed a second strong slap on the other side of her face and asked her, “Bolnar ki nahi?(Won’t you talk?)”.

“Haan! (Yes!)”, my wife responded fairly quick this time. They all smiled at this. Richa knew it was just the beginning of her degradation for the reminder of time. But she tried to stay calm and composed to ensure there weren’t any complaints to Imran.

“Ata bol….ratra bhar thambnar ka tu? (Tell us if you can stay overnight?)”, asked Mr. Patil.

“Nahi…ghar jana hai….Imran Sir ne bola tha ki wo 8:30 baje yahan se pick karenge. (No. I need to go home. Imran Sir said he will pick me up at 8:30)”, my wife answered instantly.

“kuthun aliye kuthun hee?(Where does she come from?)”, asked Mr. Rathod.

Before Richa could answer, Mr. Patil responded to him. “Imran la bus madhe bhetli ekda. To mhanala ki patkan zavayla tayaar zali. Ani fakta zavat nahi…sagla kahi gupchup karun dete… ek divashi mazya kade gheun ala hota… me zavun ghetla ani nantar gaand vagaire pan chatun ghetli… Aaj mala tiche boche and mummay fodun kadhayche ahet….baghu kiti sahan karte te…. Imran bol la ahe…bindhas foda mhanun. (Imran met her in a bus once while travelling. He said she was an easy prey, agreed to screw easily. He has tried her not just for screwing but a lot of other things too and she cooperates without resistance. When Imran brought her here last time, I first screwed her hard and then had her lick my body, even my asshole and she did well. Today I am going to taste her pain quotient. Imran said I could try anything. I am going to try spanking her bums and breasts.)”. Richa could see both Mr. Tawde and Mr. Rathod was awestruck hearing what Mr. Patil said. But she was more worried knowing his intentions.

Mr. Patil continued, “Rahayla….XXXX madhe ahe…ani changli nokri pan ahe…XXXX madhe….mahit nahi kasha kay randi giri karayla tayar zali….Imran la manle pahije! (She stays in XXXX and has a good job too. She work in XXXX company. I wonder how this sluttiness was discovered. Kudos to Imran!),” Richa could understand it but the laughter that followed Mr. Patil’s words humiliated her even further. The conversation and information about my wife’s background probably encounraged the men more.

Mr. Tawde pushed the center table beside and dragged Richa down to floor and made her sit on her knees facing him. He had poured some water for himself in a glass that he was sipping. He asked Richa, “Mag…jar Imran mhanala tar ratra bhar rahshil na ithe? (So, if Imran asks you to spend the night here. Would you?)”. Before Richa could react he threw the water from his glass onto her face wildly. It struck Richa hard but she managed to answer, “Nahi Sir, mushkil hai. Maine ghar pe bataya nahi hai. (No sir, it would be difficult as I have informed home that I will return by 9)”. As soon as she finished, Mr. Rathod slapped her bums from behind. “Chup saali! (Shut up you bitch!)”, he shouted in a relatively angrier tone. Richa was really getting worried at this but then she was pulled over by Mr. Patil again. He spitted on face and pulled her closer. He started smothering her face with his saliva and spoke, “Jau de salya no. aaj tumhi patkan zavun ghya ani me zodun ghetto. Mag next time Imran la sangu apan…jar aaj mazaa ali tar!(Come on you rascals. Spare her this time. But never mind… we will still cover your screwing and my spanking. We will ask Imran for longer duration next time….offcourse based on how she performs today!)”.

Richa sensed a tough few hours but was much relieved to hear Patil saab.

Richa sensed a tough few hours but was much relieved to know that she was going home. As she tried to settle in Mr. Patil’s lap, he pressed a finger over her clit and then violently pushed it inside her tunnel followed by 2 more fingers. Richa jerked in pain and tried to hold his neck for support but was quickly slapped hard on her butts by both of the other men. She fumbled and slipped from his lap to the floor. She quickly got on her knees facing Mr. Patil. This time Mr. Tawde pushed his hand between her legs from behind and searched her clit. He tried to pull her towards him by using his finger as a hook pressed into her pussy. Richa moved closer to him to avoid being pulled roughly as he continued exploring her tunnel using his thick finger. He too followed his friend and tried pushing more fingers into her while his other hand kneaded her breasts equally rough. As she struggled through his tormenting, she was quickly passed on to Rathod ji. He pulled her legs in his laps and spread them to expose her womanhood and tried to mimic his friends by playing with her clit and pussy. But then he went a bit further and asked his two friends to spread her legs really wide and started giving some strong slaps on her widely opened love triangle. Richa was almost stretched in 120 degrees with her each leg pulled by Tawde ji and Patil saab and she had to support herself by balancing on her hands while her groin was completely at Mr. Rathod’s mercy. These guys were really testing my wife. Richa shuddered and cried in pain as Rathod ji gave her some really strong slaps on her inner thighs, clit and even pussy lips. He too had his 2-3 fingers enjoying the journey of my wife’s love tunnel. After some long 5-10 minutes, they spared her for couple of minutes to allow her gather herself. Richa quickly tried to soothe herself by giving a quick massage but the pain was quite high.

Within a matter of minutes, all 3 were ready again. Patil saab asked Richa to move to bed and made her lie on her back with her legs towards the edge. He then mounted on her and adjusted himself around her chest with a wooden ruler in his hand. He also indicated his friends to her exposed tunnel. Mr. Rathod quickly moved ahead and rubbed her clit using his member. Richa realized Rathod ji was going to screw her and was eager to see his member but Patil saab blocked her view. She could see Tawde ji making a move to her face behind Patil saab’s back. He was the first to start. He pushed the thumb of his right leg into Richa’s mouth and asked her to lick. At the same time, Patil saab bent her one leg at her tummy to expose her thighs and started his ruler attack. Mr Rathod didn’t want to be left behind and started pushing her member in her too. She was once again attacked by all 3 together. Tawde ji wasn’t too rough but Richa didn’t know if he had washed his legs when she started licking on the fingers of his right leg and then moving to left. He made her lick his entire feet by pushing them deeper. Richa had few yuck moments but she did well. Mr Rathod was just doing alright for her. He had a good member, she sensed, at his age that made multiple rounds into my wife’s torn pussy. He wasn’t particularly rough except for few slaps and Richa was definitely enjoying the action. Mr. Patil was causing all the troubles for her though. He was not only brutal but very unpredictable too. He would target her thigh or bums or even lower leg to use the ruler with a varying power. It appeared as though he was definitely venting out some of his frustration while beating my wife’s legs and thighs. And he didn’t stop there. In some time, he made Richa topple on her stomach and resumed beating her shoulders, arms, back and off course the round and fleshy bums. He was so violent and rough that Rathod and Tawde ji actually stepped away from his hitting range. Richa begged all the while to stop but he paid little attention. He stopped after about 10 minutes of ruthless beating leaving Richa in tears.

“Majja ali yaar! Asha sundar bai la fodun kadhayla! (“Awesome! It was wonderful to spank this beautiful lady!”), exclaimed Mr. Patil to his friends. “Zavayla pan majja ali (“Equal fun to screw her too”), Mr Rathod added as they laughed. “Aanga var wal yetil ha…navrya la disel tichya! (“be careful, she will get welts and her hubby might notice it”), Mr Tawde tried to caution his friends.

“Yevu det! Aaplyala kay karaychay? Ti ani ticha navra baghtil! Imran ne sangitalay…ktii hi fodla tari chalel….to jugaad karel kahitari! (“How does that matter to us? It’s between her and husband. Besides Imran said she can be spanked fully so I am hoping he will mange it”).

Richa couldn’t help but intervene when she heard Mr. Patil speak about Imran’s permission to spank her. “Please aur mat mariye! Scars dikhenge to problem ho jayegi”, pleaded my wife. Mr. Patil burst into laughter hearing her plea but this somehow annoyed Richa and she increased her voice. “Mein aur nahi zel sakti…. Aap ko sex karna hai to karo…nahi to muze jaane do! (“I can’t take this further. If you wish to screw me, do it, otherwise let me leave!”). Richa stammered as she completed the statement. But the damage was already done. There was a flurry of hands slapping her bums or whatever part they could find. Mr. Patil almost kicked her and turned her on the bed to slap her face. Believe me they were some very strong slaps Richa had ever taken. She didn’t react this time as they manhandled her and continued slapping further. She was again thrown around and face slapped by each of them; a lot of spitting on her face accompanied too. Seeing no further resistance, they stopped and Mr. Patil threw Richa’s cellphone from her bag to her.

“Imran la sang call karun…. Hya lokana mala fatke marayche ahet…. Pan me tayar nahiye… jar thik ahe mhanala tar amhi sodto tula….nahitar…..tuzi kahi khair nahi! (Call Imran and tell him these guys want to spank you but you’re not ready to take it. if he agrees then we will stop; otherwise you’re in for some difficult time)”, Mr. Patil instructed her. She was shocked to hear that and worried too. She was very unsure about Imran’s reaction and was scared of the consequences if he would have agreed. Seeing her hesitation Mr. Patil proceeded to call Imran but Richa stopped him. “I am ready. If possible please be sensitive not to leave scars behind”, she spoke instead. She could see the satisfaction and sense of victory in the eyes of all 3 men. She knew she was totally at their mercy but that feeling was exciting her at the same time. There was a momentary silence after which Mr. Tawde pulled her closer and started making love to her while Patil saab and Rathod relaxed beside. Richa was surprised for a moment but soon gave herself to Mr. Tawde. They kissed each other passionately and he licked her breasts and nipples and went down up to her naval. Richa closed her eyes and remained quiet as his tongue went further down and tickled her clit. She jerked at once but regained composure quickly. Tawde ji licked her down nicely and came upward again towards her chest, back, neck and underarms. Richa’s body was gyrating in excitement by then and that brought in more attention. Mr. Tawde soon prepared himself to screw my wife and Richa was willingly pulling him closer and guiding him to her tunnel. Mr. Rathod quickly seized the opportunity and went towards her mouth. He sat over her face and started rubbing his cock first. Just when Tawde ji jerked and penetrated her, Rathod ji pushed his ass down on her face and started smothering her. Richa was super excited with foreplay and then the screwing Tawde ji was putting her into. She didn’t protest Rathod ji and started licking his ass cheeks. The feeling was probably too much for Rathod ji as he regained his erection and pushed his hard cock into Richa’s mouth. That worked even better for Richa, as she started expertly sucking Rathod ji while Tawde ji was giving her some good hard strokes. In no time, Rathod ji lost his control and cummed hard into her mouth and kept pressing his cock to push the semen down her throat. Richa obliged to his demand while gyrating her pelvis to match Tawde ji’s stokes. She was pleasantly surprised with the change in mood and tried her best to please them. Mr. Tawde too was reaching his climax, he started groaning loudly and gave her some light slaps on her bums which Richa acknowledged with smile. Finally he collapsed on her and emptied loads of his juices into her vagina. Richa was flooded with semen in her mouth and pussy and was shaking in excitement. Mr. Tawde continued to lie on her for few more minutes before rushing to bathroom to clean. Mr. Rathod was relaxing on the chair and Richa noticed Mr. Patil looking at her like a hungry wolf. She decided to make her 3rd man happy too.

“Aaeye Patil Saab…mein taiyyar hoon! (Please take me Sir, I am ready!)”, Richa spoke obediently to Mr. Patil as she picked the ruler lying beside and handed to him. He knew she was turned on and would not object to anything and decided to fulfil his desires. “Aaj maza mood thoda vegla ahe…..pan changla ahe ki tu kashasathi hi tayar ahes te! (Today I am for a different taste but glad that you’re ready!)”, Mr. Patil acknowledged Richa’s advances and took her to bathroom.

He was straight into action. He tied Richa’s hands above her head to a shower pipe. He brought his instruments – a shoe, ruler and a broom. Richa was little scared but remained calm and followed his instructions. He started by asking her to lift her left leg and targeted her inner thighs with the ruler. He gave her 8-10 strokes together and then waited for her reaction. Richa stumbled in pain and tried to massage her thigh with the other. But then she was asked to raise the other leg and received similar beating. He did around 3 rounds on both her legs before turning her around. It was time for her beautiful and round bums. Richa knew these would be harder and closed her eyes in anticipation. Patil saab didn’t appoint. At the very 4th or 5th stroke, Richa’s silence was broken and she cried in pain. But she did well to compose herself quickly. For next 7-8 strokes, she jerked violently each time but didn’t make noise except for slight ooh and aahs. They were joined by Tawde ji and Rathod ji by then who seem impressed with Richa’s tolerance to pain. Their remarks fueled Patil saab further and Richa’s bum continued to suffer. The next few strokes were not only hardest but also concentrated at same spots and lead to some welts on Richa’s beautiful ass. Richa was unable to tolerate the pain and turned around to rub her bums on the bathroom wall. Her tied hands were making her movements difficult and Mr. Patil quickly commanded her to display her bums. He continued with another 10-15 strokes leaving Richa in tears and her bums developing slight welts. Her hands were still tied and she had no option than to turn around and rub them on the wall. As she was doing that, Mr. Patil dropped the ruler and went for the broom.

Richa waited in agony for his next instruction while still trying to rub her bums on the wall. When she was asked to turn around again, she feared the worst of taking the broom shots on her already paining bums. But Mr. Patil picked her back and shoulders and made her dance in pain in 5-6 shots only. To allow her some time, he went down all the way to her legs and started beating her lower leg. Her thighs and bums were already covered and with those few hard shots on her lower legs, he covered her entire back side. He moved up again and ensured her back and shoulders received some raw hitting of the broom before turning her again to face him. Richa was all tears and pleading him with her eyes but he didn’t care. He went for her tummy with the broom and then picked up the shoe for the final assault –most beautiful part – her breasts. Richa needed no time to figure that out and tried to gather courage to see it through. But it was quite a pain and she couldn’t stop her tears. Mr. Patil didn’t make a fuss of it and concentrated some gentle strokes on her breasts. When he saw her a bit comfortable, he started pulling her breasts by using the nipples and hitting hard from sideways. Richa moaned in pain and that only encouraged him to pull more and hit harder. As he was beating her tits, he also smooched her in between and inserted a finger in her pussy. Richa’s body always deceive her in such situations and she was well aware of it.

“Saali…marto marto mhanun radte…. pan khalun tar oli ahe….! (Bitch, she keeps complaining about the spanking but enjoys it too… she is all wet!)”, Mr. Patil announced to his friends who passed few more dirty comments about her. But to her agony, it excited her further and Mr. Patil sensed it correctly. He increased his pace and power and used the shoe quite effectively on both her breasts while continuing to kiss and finger her alternatively. Richa’s pain was soon turning into excitement and they witnessed it through her moans that were depicting her pleasure.

Finally Mr. Patil was convinced that he had beaten her head to toe. He untied her and bent her at waist to enter. Richa was leaking already and he had no troubles getting in. Richa held on to the pipe and guided his member inside her. She was quite vocal and encouraging him to go harder and Mr. Patil acknowledged. He started pumping her like a piston and also picked up hand slapping her bums. Both Mr. Tawde and Mr. Rathod were awestruck with the way their friend was tormenting this beautiful married lady and how she was responding to it like a perfect bitch. Mr. Patil continued pumping her hard. At one point, Richa couldn’t stand properly and went down on her knees slowly. Mr. Patil followed her and pushed himself on her. Richa adjusted herself by holding on to the toilet seat and Mr. Patil tuned his position from behind. He was definitely having a good time ravaging her in that angle and slapping her butts in rhythm. He was also kneading her breasts and twisting her nipples in between. Richa was tiring but she, as always, did well to match his strokes and ensured no resistance from her part. She would even extend her hand behind and try to pull Mr. Patil closer to herself to encourage him for harder strokes. It went on for over 7-8 minutes; Mr. Patil was driving her crazy with his rhythmic strokes and inconsistent spanking. Richa was leaking juices but he pushed for well over 10 minutes before he started growling. Rathod ji and Tawde saab were still around and were definitely awestruck with what was unfolding. They witnessed his friend emptying his juices very soon into my wife’s tunnel. It was her 3rd in some hours but they were already thinking about one more each.

When Mr. Patil emptied his juices inside Richa, he literally collapsed on her pushing her to the floor. Richa took support of the toilet seat but was still being crushed under him. But he soon adjusted and relaxed on the toilet seat. When Richa tried to get up, he pushed her down and slapped her. She didn’t mind it and stayed in the position he wanted. He pulled her face closer and spitted a big globe of saliva on her forehead. She didn’t react and allowed his saliva to flow down her eyes and face cheeks towards her lips. He repeated by opening her mouth and spitting directly inside which Richa gulped down too. “Tumhala thunkaychay ka hichya var?(Do you guys wish to spit on her?)”, he asked his friends but they both denied.

“Ghabaru naka… tila kahi problem nahi… infact avadata tila…. Imran cha ti gham chat te… tyacha mut pan pyayliye tee! (Come on, she is used to this….rather she enjoys….she has licked Imran off his sweat…n even drank his pee)”, Mr. Patil broadcasted Richa’s adventures to his friends. “Karte ki nahi? (Don’t you?)”, he asked her as he pushed his fingers to twist her clit. Richa jerked as he did that and nodded in affirmation. She saw both Rathod and Patil saab laughing as well. “Goo pan khalla ahes na? “You have tried his shits too?)”, Patil saab questioned her and this time she declined instantly. As they all made fun of her, Patil saab lifted her by pulling her hairs and threw her face into the toilet and flushed. Richa wasn’t offended a lot but he did that so quickly that it startled her. And he didn’t stop there but pulled her again violently and spitted on her face before flushing her mouth again in the toilet. This continued for a couple of minutes when his cell phone rang.

“Hey Imran! We are having a good time. Does she really need to leave?”, asked Mr. Patil as he answered Imran’s call. They spoke for a minute or so when Mr. Patil informed him about her endeavors and then told him that they would let her be ready by the time he shows up to pick her. Richa was somewhat relieved to hear that and looked up to see if Patil saab was going to stop and allow her to clean and be ready. He instead pulled her closer and hugged her tightly while caressing her butts from behind and also slapping them. “Jaychya adhi chocolate khanar na? (Won’t you eat chocolate before you leave?)”, he winked and asked Richa. She knew it would be something twisted and that her answering the question didn’t really matter. She just kept quiet as Mr. Patil quickly picked the bottle of chocolate cream from his room and started putting it on his body. He pinched some on his chest and signaled Richa. She jumped onto him and started licking his chest, following by his shoulders and then his thighs. He made her give another choco blow job before going for the real stuff. He sat on the toilet and raised his legs to put some cream on his ass cheeks and hole. Richa just followed the cream on his body and continued to lick. She had already tasted his ass hole last time and it wasn’t much difficult for her this time. She ensured sucking the whole cream as well as pushing her tongue inside his hole to collect the traces. He tried standing and pushing her deeper and smothered her face completely and Richa reciprocated nicely which pleased him a lot.

The live action probably fueled a spark in Tawde ji and Rathod ji. “Me ajun ekda thokto hila! (I am going to screw her one more time!)”, announced Mr. Rathod while Tawde ji went near her and started slapping her face. Richa was tired by then but Tawde saab’s aggression stunned her. He was hitting her really hard and her cheeks were turning reddish. Listening to his friend, Mr. Patil freed up Richa and made space for him to ride her. “Baher gheun ye tila! (Bring her outside!)”, Mr. Rathod asked his friend. Mr. Tawde was first to react and he pulled her really violently. He made a knot around her neck from behind and started slapping her bums like hell. He was really harsh and Richa was jumping up and down in pain. She begged him to stop as it could leave marks on her body but instead he slapped right across her face. “Haraamkhor….. ithe zavtaana kahi vatat nahi….ani marks yetil mhanun ghabarte……kalu tuzya navryala….kasli randiii ahes tu te! (Bitch….you enjoy screwing around here and then worry about the marks…. That’s not fair….let your hubby know about your true colors… he should know what a true slut you’re!)”, Tawde ji spoke as he pulled her with her breasts. Richa struggled and tried to stand herself but he looked set to torment her. Tawde ji kicked her on her butts and then threw her to floor. Richa lost her balance and fell down. He quickly grabbed her one leg and started dragging her out really rough. He kicked her couple of more times as she was dragged outside. When they were outside, he picked her up and threw her on the bed where Rathod ji wanted. Richa didn’t try protesting and took everything in Great Spirit with a small smile on her face.

Everyone was turned on with the run of events and Richa’s submissiveness. Yes, she barely resisted anything in spite of being beaten really hard. Rathod ji quickly pulled her to the edge of bed and thrusted his member inside. Richa was wet all the while, her juices, other juices and what not. He had no trouble this time too as he started ramming her hole. He too was more aggressive this time around and started pumping her real hard. Richa tried to match his aggression but was struggling to cope up with him and Tawde ji tormenting her together. Tawde saab was not left behind either. He seemed to have other ideas to exploit her. he started by pushing his fingers in her mouth and gradually the whole fist. He was stretching her mouth wide while Rathod ji continued banging her hard. Tawde ji would also subject her to some hard pinches and breast slapping while Rathod too was spanking her thighs and butts in between, Richa was in real pain and becoming a mess and wanted a break desperately. Fortunately for her, the doorbell rang soon. “Tumhi chalu theva….Imran ala asel….me sangto tyala (You guys continue…this must be Imran….i will let him know)”, Patil saab comforted his friends. Rathod ji suddenly increased his speed as he realized they needed to stop. Mr. Tawde also became more demanding and started pulling her breasts and twisting nipples as if there was no tomorrow. Richa kept her composure assuming that since Imran was there; she would be leaving soon.

She heard the door opening and voices of Patil saab and Imran chatting and then he walking over. She was quite anxious to see imran’s reaction to her situation. She was beaten up head to toe and sandwiched between two stranger men but she still wondered if Imran would be happy or not. “Oh wow!”, was the cold reaction from Imran when he entered the room. Coincidentally, Rathod saab reached his climax and cummed heavily inside her. Tawde saab was probably not finished but seeing his friend concluding and with Imran around, he too tried to wrap by kissing her hard and sucking her nipples and biting them. Richa got up at once and walked towards where Imran was sitting and waited for his instruction. “Mein kapde pahan loo?(Should I put on clothes?)”, she asked him obediently and proceeded to the bathroom for cleaning herself. But the moment she turned around, she got slapped by Patil saab. It was such a hard slap on her bum that it instantly brought her down on her knees in front of Patil saab. With one hand massaging her troubled butt, she looked up to Patil saab for his demand.

“Tyacha lund saaf kon karnaar? (Who is going to clean him?)”, spoke Patil saab while indicating Rathod’s member that was still wet with juices. Richa looked at Imran’s ash face and proceeded on her knees to where Rathod was relaxing. He was sitting cross legs to avoid being seen with wet dick but Richa carefully opened his legs and started licking his member from the tip. She massaged a bit of his shaft and the groin and went deeper licking his balls and inner thighs before finally coming back to the member. She slowly licked it with the tip of her tongue and her hands gradually adjusted his foreskin. Rathod ji was in heavens and Richa helped him jerk the last few drops of cum from his cock directly into her mouth. “That’s like the good bitch”, Patil saab exclaimed as he patted her bums while she provided her service to his friend. Richa confirmed Rathod saab was satisfied and then turned to Patil saab this time. She looked up to check with him if there was anything else. He loved the respect she offered and her submission to him and gladly asked her to proceed to get cleaned. Richa got up and rushed to the bathroom to clean herself leaving the men outside. She hurried herself under the shower and then dried her body quickly. The men stayed outside against her expecting to show up as she was taking bath. But then she realized that her clothes were lying outside. Not that she was ashamed of going naked outside (after all they had seen her all the while), she didn’t want to excite anyone further and wanted to leave for her house. She wrapped the towel as best to cover her body and went outside to grab her clothes.

“mera dress?(My clothes?)”

Richa asked in a meek voice as she saw the men sitting by sofa and chair having some snack and chit chatting. They burst into laughter when they heard her. It was quite embarrassing for her but she tried to put a smile on her face. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy with Mr. Patil being around. “Kashala…ja ashi ch! (Why do you need them? Go back naked!), Mr. Patil remarked quickly. Richa tried to prolong her smile as others also laughed. Mr. Tawde, who was closest to where she was standing, extended his hand and touched her thighs exposed through towel. He seemingly was excited to see her in that position but didn’t dare to speak up. He simply continued moving his fingers on her thighs and bums (over towel) as he adjusted himself cross legged to hide his erection. Mr. Patil instantly noticed it. “Ha bagh…parat garaam zalay! (See…he is hard again!)”, he exclaimed pointing to the hardness that Tawde ji was trying to hide. Richa was slightly irritated at not getting her clothes especially after doing all the hard work and ensuring everyone was satisfied. But she tried to keep her face straight and with the smile spoke, “Aagli baar zarooor Sir! (I will definitely help you next time Sir!)”. Mr. Tawde also smiled and acknowledged her remarks. Rathod ji threw her clothes to her and Richa rushed inside again to wear those. She was out within minutes and was ready to leave. She stood beside Imran and responded to some of the text messages (including mine) on her phone as Imran was getting up.

Everyone thanked Imran when he and Richa were stepping out. The men were definitely pleased with the treatment they’d received. Patil saab grabbed her one last time and planted a kiss on her lips just as the door opened. Richa blushed but luckily there wasn’t anyone around and grabbing the opportunity both his friends copied him. Mr. Rathod even pressed her tits one last time before Richa distanced herself and walked down the stairs.

“Bahot khush kiya hai lagta hai! (You seem to have pleased them a lot!)”, spoke Imran as they climbed down the apartment. Richa looked at him with great satisfaction on her face, as if it was really required for Imran. He didn’t speak anything else, neither did he held her closer. Richa was slightly annoyed when he didn’t appreciate her hard work (??). She walked past the society campus hoping to pop into Imran’s car as it was quite late in the evening. “Auto se ghar jayegi kya? (Would you go home in auto?)”, he asked very rudely. “You would be going in same direction, right?”, Richa responded quickly indicating she wanted to go with him. He got into an auto and pulled her inside too.

As the auto started moving, Richa continued looking into her phone for text messages and calls and tried to respond to some of them. She wondered why Imran was so passive and whether he was jealous about her entertaining the three men. But then he only instructed her to do that and she was not going to deny him if he demanded anything even in the auto. As she kept thinking, she answered my call. She tried to keep it quite short by quickly telling me, “Darling, I was with THE friend and now returning home”. “Is your hubby home?”, asked Imran as soon as she disconnected my call. “I so want to bitchfuck your mouth and slap your tits”, Imran exclaimed before she could answer. Richa was nervous for a moment wondering if the driver of auto understood anything but she was brought to senses with a tight pinch from Imran. The Imran magic had not yet subsided on her and her body reacted positively to his demand. She knew I was going to be home around similar time as her but she didn’t want to deny Imran of the thing he wanted to do to her. In fact she wanted to desperately prove her submission to Imran ahead of anything else and make him happy assuming he was disturbed with her services to the three men.

“He would be at least an hour”, my obedient wife declared to Imran and at the same time sending me a text to show up little late with food.

Imran pulled her closer and twisted her nipples over the dress and kissed her hard around her neck. He gave her some strong slaps on her breasts and challenged her to lick his saliva from his fist. Richa was overwhelmed to see Imran back in mood and didn’t care about anything to lick his saliva. She offered herself and took his face slaps with a broad slutty smile on her face. The driver sensed the action and slowed down a bit. But it was not daylight and a moving traffic meant it was not a huge problem. Richa received multiple slaps on her breasts, face and some huge globes of saliva down her cheeks but it didn’t bring out any resistance. For the remaining distance, he mostly played with her breasts and twisted her nipples. Richa asked the auto to be stopped little away from our complex and decided to walk to avoid suspicions. As she paid the auto fare to the driver, he had a very good look at her and then Imran who even winked at the driver. The driver smiled back and left the place. “Please keep some distance haan!”, my wife requested her Master. He didn’t react as they moved towards the complex.

As they reached the main gate, Mr. Nagarkar(the same old man from orgy) interrupted Richa. She wasn’t expecting him at that timing but he almost stood in her way. “Late today?”, he asked with the excitement on his face. As soon as she stopped, Imran almost bumped into her. He stood very close to her which Mr. Nagarkar noticed but didn’t react. “Yeah! Lot of work in office so got late! See you around!”, my wife responded to Mr. Nagarkar and tried making her way to our building. Imran quickly followed her as she walked past Mr. Nagarkar, both men shared a stare at each other suspecting about each other probably. Mr. Nagarkar even tried to follow them but had to give up as he approached his wing. Imran resumed giving her light slaps on her bums as soon as they entered the lobby and walked towards elevators. The intensity increased as they stepped inside the elevator to reach our house. Richa wasn’t as nervous anymore to bring Imran to home. She searched through her purse for the house keys and quickly opened the door to let Imran move in.

Imran pulled her closer as soon as they were inside and literally tore her kurta. Richa somehow managed to remove it over her head and dropped her salwar also in hurry. Imran got hold of her breasts and dragged her to sofa and started sucking on them. He was devilishly rough and almost biting pieces of her soft flesh. Richa moaned and cried in pain but didn’t try pushing him away. Imran moved towards her face and kissed her lips hard too and planted his teeth all over her shoulders and back before moving down to her soft tummy. He pinched it as hard as he could and marked the love bites there too. He was so wild and aggressive that Richa could do nothing to stop him from biting all over. In a matter of 3-4 minutes, he ravaged her body with his biting and pinching. He then threw her on sofa and went to the kitchen to drink some water. Richa tried her best to massage and soothe her body in between that time. But he was back within a minute. Richa really wanted a break in between but she was denied. Imran pulled her off the sofa and dragged into bathroom. He has always been demanding and used to enjoy subjecting Richa one ordeal after other. She used to find it difficult to cope at times but that feeling of helplessness was too much of a thrill for her to avoid. She would try hard to push her level of submission up and Imran would keep increasing her bar too. He would literally keep her on edge all the time.

He dragged Richa to the bathroom and pushed her on the toilet seat with her mouth at his groin height. He lowered his pants and rammed his member into her mouth. Richa wasn’t going to refuse this and quickly adjusted her height to make him comfortable and took his cock in. He got hold of her hairs and pushed her against the flush tank and started ramming her mouth hard. Richa gagged and coughed hard on his erect shaft, she was literally getting choked with his deep strokes but he least cared about it. She had to struggle hard to avoid biting his shaft and at the same time breathe and not faint while sucking him. He would slap her face or breasts for those moments when she would pull his member out. Richa looked a mess within a couple of minutes with the sweating and hard pumping she was receiving and he added to her woes by starting to splash water and spitting saliva on her face. As he continues pumping her mouth, he also started rubbing his cock on her naked breasts and around her face. Richa didn’t mind that, neither his spitting. It seems she had adjusted to the smell and taste of his saliva so much that she would readily open her mouth and allow him spit directly inside. As he continued tormenting my wife inside our own flat, they somehow heard her cell phone ringing. I was calling to enquire if I should show up. She answered her cell phone on loudspeaker as Imran always asks her to do and I was aware of it already.

“Darling, I have reached XXX!”, I informed her indicating that I would be home in another 15 to 20 minutes.

“Yes baby! Come fast. I am very hungry!”, spoke my wife and disconnected the call. She looked up to Imran to check if he was satisfied.

“I am not leaving until next 10 minutes!”, Imran announced. “Use the remaining to clean up, okay?”, he continued with a wry smile.

Before Richa could answer, she was stuffed with his shaft. He went even deeper this time with a huge jerk. Richa fumbled with his force but managed to hold onto the toilet seat and adjusted her mouth to allow his enlarged girth. It seems the limited time fueled him further. “Don’t move your hands!”, roared Imran as he placed her hands above her head and pumped her deeper. He was super excited and tormenting her like a piston pumping air into a machine. He slapped her in between, pulled and pinched her nipples extremely hard. Richa tried her best to stay focused but he was determined to stretch her limits. He would slow down for a minute and engage in some really nasty things. At one point, he picked the Harpik bottle from the window and sprayed the liquid all over her face, hairs and body. He tried the jet spree between her legs, sprayed the detergent on her body, poured shampoo. And this was all alongside his continued spitting and slapping her face and breasts. Richa was moaning like a maniac and it was echoing all over the bathroom. Finally, it seemed he was reaching the climax. He increased his speed to highest and pulled her closer by pinching her nipples. Richa had no power left to oppose or cooperate. She stayed there open mouth as he pulled his member out and sprayed his juices all over her face and body. She definitely ended up drinking a large part of it and even licked him clean when he was done. Finally he pulled her down and threw her on the floor as he cleaned himself really quick. Richa didn’t try to even get up until he poured a whole bucket of cold water on her body. She shivered with the sudden flow of water. “May I clean now”, asked my wife as her tormentor stepped out of our bathroom.

“Yes! it was good”, Imran complemented on her performance. Richa felt like she achieved some great accolades. A smile automatically appeared on her face as she turned to clean up the mess. “Close the door!”, Imran told her as he left the house leaving the door stark open. It embarrassed and scared Richa like anything. She was completely naked and she had to pass around the door to close it. She could have been exposed to anyone in the lobby. Fortunately, it didn’t happen as she rushed and closed the door with a bang and returned to clean up. She arranged everything in the bathroom first and then took a quick shower and gargled with mouthwash. The doorbell rang as she was putting on something after drying herself. She opened the door after 3-4 rings.

“Was he in the blue denim and white tee shirt?”, I asked my wife as soon as she opened the door. She didn’t answer but simply hugged me tight. I was too hard by then having seen the tormentor of my wife face to face. But looking at her tired face, I refrained. Instead I went for a quick wash and Richa arranged food by then. We finished a quick meal and were cozying in the living room. “Yes”, she answered after a long time while looking into my eyes while her eyes were somewhat filled with guilt and excitement. “You’re a fu*k away from sleep”, I declared. With a cute smile on her face, she jumped onto me and started kissing. We slept only after another hour of love making where she was treated as a princess. She liked it, so did I.