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Seduction of the Mother

Ekadanta was keenly aware that Rekha was in one of her moods. When she wanted to talk in the nude, sitting up in bed with her finger lazily stroking through her very wet slit, he knew he was in for a rough ride. The ride would end with a crash or the best sex ever. Either way, the ride was never boring.

She said, “I think Tathagata lusts after my body, and I would not be the least surprised if he initiated something if things get nasty when the guys come tomorrow night. He’s making rather bold overtures as it is, and I haven’t done a thing to encourage him.”

Tathagata was their oldest boy at eighteen. Ekadanta’s friends had a reputation for turning their monthly reunions into orgies. This month they were to meet at Ekadanta’s house and the kids would be home all that weekend. Ekadanta’s eyes narrowed. He said, “Just what has he done, Rekha?”

“Promise you won’t ever bring this up to him. Promise me, Ekadanta.”

“I promise. You have my word.”

“Well, he parades his erections before me. He shows off, like he’s trying to tempt me, as though the sight of his big dick would have an effect on me – his own mother.”

“Rekha, are you certain? Boys his age are always getting erections. It’s natural.”

“Naked erections, Ekadanta? Do they also arrange it so their mother catches them masturbating two or three times a day? Do they keep on pumping their fist on their erections when they know she’s looking? Do boys normally Tathagata off until they shoot their seed right in front of their own mother? Do they walk in on her when she’s bathing or getting dressed, sometimes naked with a hard on. Do young men offer to wash their mother’s back or piss while she’s in the bathtub, turned in profile – by the way – so she can watch the stream while he stands there, fondling his cock for her.”

“Our Tathagata did all that?”

“He did that and something so outrageous I’m ashamed to even tell you.”

“Tell me, Rekha. What? Whatever it is, I won’t bring it up to him.”

“Yes, but it makes me look bad as well. If I told you exactly what happened, you’d think I was the instigator, that I set it up to happen, and that I willingly went along. You’d hold it against me, I just know you would.”

Ekadanta wasn’t fooled. Rekha wanted to tell him. She even appeared aroused at the prospect and absent-mindedly stroked a lazy finger through her wet cunt lips in anticipation of telling. Ekadanta knew he was about to get a shocking story that was half confession, but mostly for the sole purpose of shocking him and arousing her. It had happened before. Months ago, after baiting him to give her total absolution before the telling, she went on to confess, in the most lurid detail, an episode wherein she seduced two men who had stopped by to clean the pool.

That experience had shaken him deeply, especially when she lapsed into masturbating while telling it. It was her only confessed act of infidelity, but he could do nothing about it after giving his word. He could not withhold his hurt and anger, however. She never tried that again. Now, it was his son.

Ekadanta wasn’t sure he could take it, but he could see she needed to unburden herself. He could also see she needed to vent more sexual steam. With slight reluctance, he said, “I won’t hold anything you tell me against you, Rekha. Go ahead. Tell me what happened.”

“No, first tell me that you forgive me in advance, and that you’ll never bring it up to me again. Also, promise me that you won’t act hurt or pissed off afterward like you did when I told you how I screwed the pool men in our marital bed all afternoon, and left the cum-stained sheets for you to find on purpose. You’re still upset with me, aren’t you?”

“Rekha, I’m still upset with you only because you refused to cancel their services. Do you think I don’t know that you’re still offering them your services, in our bed?”

“I’m sorry, Ekadanta, but I never said I’d fire them. Furthermore, you never said I couldn’t keep offering them my ass and pussy to fuck here in our bed.”

Ekadanta never intended to reopen this sordid affair, but it was apparent, she did. Her finger was already spending a great deal of time, massaging her womb. Defensively, he said, “Do I really have to tell you that you can’t do that, Rekha? That’s absurd. So, I was right, you are still doing it.”

“Yes, you’re right, but you knew all along and never brought it up. That’s the same as saying it’s all right in my book. Christ, Ekadanta, you sleep in a wet spot almost every night. Do you think I accidentally forget to change the sheets, or that I absent-mindedly lay where you sleep and let their cum run out of my body right where you’ll have to lie in it. Shit, I wipe my cunt with your pillow. You sleep breathing in the smell of my lover’s cum. I only do that to see if I still have your silent approval, and I still do, evidently. You’ve never mentioned it.”

Ekadanta could never bring himself to admit that he actually did approve, that he got off on sleeping in the men’s discharge, that it gave him a wicked thrill just knowing what she’d done. He prayed that it would never be thrown up in his face, but, like a sperm-soaked gauntlet, it was slapped in his face. Ekadanta had nothing to say. He could not admit openly what his wife already knew for a certainty. He watched Rekha’s devilishly smug grin grow, feeling dirty and emasculated.

Rekha grew bolder with his silence and said, “I just want to give you fair warning that if you pull that same shit after I tell you what happened between me and our son, I’ll make you pay. We haven’t screwed, yet, Ekadanta. I don’t think you’d like to sleep in Tathagata’s semen. Trust me, he cums by the bucket. Do you still want to hear about it?”

Meekly, Ekadanta said, “Yes.”

“Do I have absolution, absolute absolution, regardless of what my role was?”

“Yes. You have it.”

Rekha smiled, and then settled into an even more provocative pose. She sat against the headboard with her feet drawn up and knees laid out, offering her husband a most provocative view of her pussy with the fingers of both hands busy. She began, “This happened yesterday. I’ll admit, I was feeling horny. All this talk about the party and what might happen, stirred up feelings that I couldn’t control. I think any normal woman faced with the prospect of having to screw half a dozen horny men in front of her family would be turned on. I will freely admit that the idea, anyway, turned me on. I have a hot and horny cunt, Ekadanta. I love getting fucked. You, of all people, should know that.

Three nights ago you slept in a big wet spot. That was John Stalling’s cum you slept in. I fucked him, and Tathagata caught us fucking. Tathagata stood and watched almost from the beginning. We set it up so he would catch us. John wanted him to catch us. I wanted him to catch us. I knew he would be getting home early. We left the bedroom door ajar. When he walked into the house, he heard me crying out, ‘Fuck me, John. Fuck me hard!'”

“Rekha, how could you?”

“Not yet Ekadanta. It gets better, or worse, depending on whose point of view. Tathagata, as expected, peeked in the door. I was kneeling astride John’s cock, stuffing it up my hole when I caught sight of him. Do you know what I did next? You’ll be shocked, Ekadanta. I leaned way back on my stiff arms, widened my knees, and raised my cunt up and down on John’s big dick, just so Tathagata would see his dick going in and out of my cunt. I also wanted Tathagata to get a real good look at my cunt. Before that, he’d only seen it from the front. The best part, as you well know, is down between my legs, mostly hidden.

“Well it wasn’t hidden for him then. He saw it all, and saw his mom’s hot pussy in action. I was nasty, Ekadanta. I was so turned on, putting on a fuck show for my horny son – a private fuck show. It was obscene; I’ll admit that. Picture this, Ekadanta. John is holding his cock upright for me so I can lift clear of it to show my cunt without his cock blocking the view. Then, I feel for the head with my cunt, maneuver until I get it lodged between my lips, then slide all the way down till I’m sitting on his balls. I ride up and down for a few strokes, then do it again and again. That’s what Tathagata witnessed.”

“Rekha, I can’t believe you’re telling me this.”

“I haven’t gotten to the scene between me and Tathagata, yet. This is just what led up to it, what inspired Tathagata to do what he did. Of course, he was on hand for the cum shot. I did it like they do in the fuck flicks. I pulled his cock out and Tathagataed him off. Sperm covered my hand, and I wiped my hand on the sheets. That was just one load you slept in that night, Ekadanta, but you got every drop of it. I even had John wipe his dick on your pillow. Tathagata watched that as well.”

Despite the shocking revelation, Ekadanta’s dick grew harder with each word. Rekha noticed and smiled. She added, “After John left, I walked out, naked, and met Tathagata in the living room. He grabbed me by the cunt and said, ‘When I get back, I’m going to fuck your brains out, Mom.’

“I’m convinced that if Tathagata hadn’t been in a rush, we would have fucked right there in the living room. If we had, Danny [their fourteen-year-old] would have walked in and caught the act. As it was, he was shocked enough just seeing me talking to Tathagata in my birthday suit. Ever since then, he’s been eyeing me the same way Tathagata has – like he can’t wait for his turn. Who knows, he may get one tomorrow night. I feel like offering him some right now. He might beat Tathagata to the punch if Tathagata doesn’t get back from the finals real soon. I’m so fucking horny, Ekadanta.

“I’m giving you advance warning. I’m going to fuck Tathagata as soon as he walks through the door. I plan to take him by the hand and lead him into this bedroom. We’ll strip down and screw our heads off with the door wide open. You can watch or shut the door, but I’m going to fuck Tathagata in this bed in less than two hours. Ohhh! Ahhh! Oh, YESSSSS! I’m cumming!”

Ekadanta had his cock out and beat off to the last of her bizarre story. When his wife exploded in her climax, Ekadanta’s discharge quickly followed. In the aftermath of their mutual release, both looked drained and shaken. Rekha was the first to speak. She sat up and let her legs slide out straight. She said, “Boy, that was a good one. I’m ready for the party.”

Ekadanta stood and smiled, saying, “Rekha, you’re ready for the funny farm. I’m going to get you a neon sign to hang over the headboard that switches between ‘Reality’ and ‘Fantasy’. That way you can just flip a switch and I’ll be all set.”

“That’s no fun. How long did it take you this time?”

“Okay, you had me right up to the last part, but it’s not fair mixing reality and fantasy. That throws me.”

“You slipped on a wet spot, didn’t you?”

“Reminding me is a mistake, Rekha. One day, there might be a wet spot on your side.”

“Yeah, right, if I put it there by mistake. If that happens, you’ll find me sleeping on your side.”

“We’ll see, Rekha. We’ll see.”