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Sex at the Freshers’ Party

Palash stared across the dining hall at the stunning hottie who was sitting at a table with her friends. She was laughing at something. He was captivated by her beauty; her big blue eyes, her slender neck, her pouting lips. He watched as she brought her fork up to her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the piece of pasta on the end and pulled the fork free. It was a simple, everyday act but Palash’s mind raced, and his groin reacted.

“Come on, dude, get a move on. Some of us actually want to get something to eat.”

Annapurna’s words shook Palash out of his trance. “Sorry.”

“No need to be sorry, Palash,” said Manjit, Palash’s other best friend. “Just choose something. It’s all shit so it doesn’t matter what.”

“Excuse me,” said the plump lady behind the counter. “If you think the food is that bad, you can always go and eat somewhere else.”

Except they couldn’t, and they all knew it. As students they were on a tight budget. The canteen that serviced the hostel where they lived offered the cheapest food around.

Palash chose from the meagre selection, paid and then found a table with three empty seats. He could still see her. She was still laughing. She looked in his direction. He didn’t know if she saw him staring, but he looked away. He didn’t even know her name. Annapurna and Manjit sat down either side of Palash.

“I don’t know why you’re so interested in her,” Manjit said. “She’s a stuck up cow.”

“How do you know? You don’t know her any better than me.”

“Exactly. We’ve been here nearly four months, and she hasn’t spoken to any of us yet. She’s got a chip on her shoulder.”

“Ignore him,” said Annapurna. “I’m sure she’d like you if she took the time to get to know you.”

“I’m going to ask her to the Freshers’ Party.”

Manjit laughed. “I can see it now. ‘Hi, you don’t know me but… ‘” He shook his head. “You’re a good guy, Palash, brilliant programmer, but sometimes you can be really thick.”


The Freshers’ Party was the university’s second most popular event, ranking behind only the Foundation Day. The staff and students took great pride in their appearance for both. The men bought the booze they could afford, and the ladies spent more time selecting their dresses than wearing them.

Palash and Manjit waited for Annapurna to make her entrance. She and the other girls on their floor had been getting ready for over two hours. The boys didn’t mind waiting; it gave them an excuse to crack open a bottle of whisky and smoke some joints. They continually slapped themselves on the back and complimented each other on their finery.

Annapurna was unquestionably attractive, although she insisted that she was at least a stone overweight. Neither Manjit nor Palash could understand why she would want to be stick thin.

“Personally, I like a bit of meat on a girl,” Manjit had said one drunken night. “It gives you something to grab hold of.”

She strode into the small kitchen that they shared, and Manjit trumpeted a mock fanfare. “Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present, all the way from Bangalore — the delicious, Miss Annapurna Prasad!”

Annapurna had hired a dark green, satin evening gown, the same colour as her shoes. It had a tight fitting bodice, which she claimed was to ‘hold in the flab’, and it hung loosely from her hips, rippling and catching the light as she walked. She had teased her dark brown hair up on the back of her head, and left loose strands curling down her back and around her face. She’d finished off the outfit with a pair of fake diamond earrings, which, although cheap, caught the light and sparkled as if they were real.

“Magnificent,” said Palash. “Whoever it is that you’ve got your eye on is a very lucky man.”

“Thank you.” Annapurna blushed. “You don’t scrub up too bad yourself.”

Palash straightened his lapels and puffed out his chest.

“You look really nice, Annapurna,” Manjit said. He kissed her cheek. “Can I get the lady a drink?”

“That would be delightful, kind sir. Do we have any white wine?”

“Unfortunately not, ma’am. We have half a bottle of red, Jack Daniels, or cheap beer.” Manjit laughed. He was finding it difficult to maintain his phoney posh accent.

Annapurna laughed too. “I guess it’ll have to be the cheap stuff then.”

It was already dark as the students made their way to the students’ union building. The venue for the Freshers’ Party was affectionately called ‘The Garage’ by the locals. A stark concrete box, devoid of any architectural merit, it was revered and reviled in equal measure.

The night was crisp and clear, although dark clouds gathered in the distance. There was a light frost and the pale moonlight gave familiar buildings an eerie quality. The grass verges were tinted white. The asphalt sparkled.

Many of the students were in pairs, excitedly chatting as they walked arm in arm. Others were in small groups, still more in large groups. No one was alone. Not tonight.

Annapurna walked arm in arm with Manjit and Palash, clinging to both of them and cursing her high heels.

“Damn things. I should have worn sensible shoes.”

Manjit had offered her his long black coat as soon as they left the hall and discovered how cold it was. He draped it around her shoulders but she still shivered.

There was a queue at the union. It took them almost twenty cold minutes to be admitted. Inside, the building had been transformed into a winter wonderland. Fake icicles hung from the ceiling and staircase. The walls were decked with fake rain and the windows were frosted.

The building had two bars. One had a traditional layout, with seats arranged around tables, dim lighting and a strange smell coming from the beer stained carpet. The other was in the dance hall, occupying the length of one wall. Both bars were surrounded by a throng of people trying desperately to attract the attention of one of the bar staff. The three friends opted for the bar in the dance hall. It was more crowded, but had more staff and less smell.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome on stage, a local band that are going to be huge this year. You will love them and they are here to rock your world tonight! It’s Honey’s Sings!”

The crowd cheered as the band took to the stage, and the cheers grew louder when they launched into an hour-long set.

After they finished, the resident DJ took over while the stage was reset. Manjit, Annapurna and Palash hadn’t been able to get near the stage during the performance. Instead they had watched from the raised seating area opposite the bar.

Palash leaned on the railing that separated his area from the dance floor, watching people come and go as they refilled their glasses.

She was there. Her black hair straight and sleek. Her brown eyes sparkling. He stared at her. She looked his way and this time he was certain she caught him watching.

“Who you looking at?” Annapurna asked. She followed his gaze. “Oh. Her. How come you haven’t asked her to dance?”

“I couldn’t. Not now. I mean, I asked her to be my date, and she laughed in my face.”

“You know, Palash, if I didn’t know you and you asked me to the Party out of the blue, I think I’d turn you down too. You can’t be too careful these days.”

“She didn’t just turn me down, Annapurna. She laughed in my face. I mean, she actually laughed at me.”

“It was probably out of nervousness. Forget it, come and dance with me instead.”

“How could I refuse?”

They joined Manjit, who was already dancing. He was delighted to see them. He gave Annapurna a hug and kissed her cheek. It wasn’t long before the second band took to the stage. The Sulaimans were billed as stars because of two recent top twenty hits.

The students rocked along with The Sulaimans for a full hour and a half. It was approaching midnight when the band finally quit and the DJ took over once more. He gleefully announced that there was four hours of the party left and launched into a string of hit songs and party tracks. Palash, Manjit and Annapurna danced along with everyone else.

After half an hour of frenzied dance floor activity, Manjit wanted a drink. He had a quick word in Palash’s ear before he left.

“Your sweetheart seems to dancing with all and sundry. You’re bound to get in there tonight. Why don’t you go over and ask her. You never know, you might even get a kiss.”

Palash smiled and Manjit set off for the bar. Palash left his other friends and headed for his dream girl. She had her back to him. He tentatively tapped her shoulder. She turned around.

“Hi, Sangita.”

“Oh. It’s you.”

“Would you like to dance?”

“I’m already dancing, thank you.”

“With me, I meant.”

She laughed. “With you? Are you joking?”


“If I’d have had any intention of dancing with a nerd like you, don’t you think I’d have let you pay for my ticket when you offered?” She laughed again.

“I just thought…”

“Go back to your keyboard, you computer freak.” She turned her back on him and joined her friends in a loud, hearty laugh.

Palash trudged wearily away. He headed for the DJ’s booth, which was on a raised platform at the rear of the dance floor. He leaned on the railing that surrounded it and stared at Sangita. Manjit appeared and shoved a bottle of beer into his hand.

“Cheer up, bro. It might never happen.”

“It already has.”

“Oh. Right. Well. Never mind, eh? Bottoms up.”

Manjit took a swig from his own bottle and then bounded to the dance floor where their friends were enjoying themselves. Palash stayed put, leaning on the rail and staring out across the throng of revellers. When he came to university, he thought he’d get away from the name-calling and stereotyping.

He sucked on his beer and wallowed in his misery. None of the people who he watched enjoying themselves had a clue how he was feeling. None of them felt as bad as he did. Why had he been so stupid as to ask a girl like Sangita to dance?

“Palash! Palash, come and look.” Annapurna’s words shook him out of his trance as they so often did. It was as if she could sense when he was wallowing.

“Annapurna? What? Look at what?”

“Come. Look.” Annapurna tugged on Palash’s arm.

She led him to the exit. Her eyes had a misty glaze caused by too much to drink, and her voice had taken on child-like excitement.

“Where’re we going?”

“Outside, come on.”

The doorman stamped their hands with invisible ink before he let them out.

“It’s raining.” Palash was surprised. He’d never know it rain this early in winter.

“Isn’t it lovely?” Annapurna seemed even more excited now she was outside.

Palash nodded his agreement. A thin dusting of rain covered the pavement and the surrounding buildings, and large raindrops fell down from heaven. Annapurna held out her hand and got wet. She squealed. Palash thought it as if she’d never seen rain before.

Continuing her childish behaviour, Annapurna ran out into the rain and spun around, trying to catch as many of the fat flakes out of the air as she could. Palash shook his head, and wondered how many drinks she’d had to make her act this way.

“Annapurna, come on back inside. You’ll catch your death out here.”

“Oh, stop being such an old fuddy-duddy. It’s not cold, not really.”

“Annapurna, it’s raining. It has to be cold or it wouldn’t be. Now come inside.”

“Make me.” Annapurna bent down and kicked a splash of water at Palash.

The water hit him on the chest. “Why you…” He bent down and scooped up some water of his own.

But Annapurna had already run off. She skidded to a halt, giggled drunkenly and splashed some more water. She had to dodge Palash’s splashes before she could throw hers back. Again she found her mark. Palash laughed, flung another kick, and chased after her. She turned tail and fled as fast as her heels would allow.

Palash wore a pair of loafers with a smooth sole, making pursuit difficult. He slipped and slid, but he still managed to catch Annapurna as she tried to duck into the bushes at the side of the building.

“Damn stupid heels,” she said. “I knew I should have worn flats.”

They both started laughing.

“Good to see you’ve cheered up,” Annapurna said. “I hope you’ve got her out of your system now.”

“What d’you mean?”

“Well, you’ve been so focused on her, you haven’t been looking anywhere else. If you look, I’m sure you could find someone closer to home.”

“Yeah, right. Like who?”

Annapurna held her arms open, and raised her eyebrows.


Annapurna nodded. “You must have noticed that I like you, Palash. Everyone else has. Even Manjit, and I think he’s a bit sweet on me himself.”

Palash shook his head slightly. He hadn’t seen any of this.

“See what I mean, too focused in the wrong direction.”

She took a step closer to him, brought her hands up to his face and pulled him to her for a kiss. Palash was in a daze. It was all happening too fast. Annapurna tried to force her tongue into his mouth, and unthinkingly Palash let her.

She moved her hands down from his face and embraced him. Finally gathering his wits, Palash wrapped his arms around her and squeezed tightly. Annapurna moaned. Suddenly she moved her hands around and fumbled with Palash’s fly.

“Annapurna! What are you doing?”

“I want you, Palash. I’ve waited four months. I don’t want to wait any longer.”

“But here? Someone might see.”

“You’re right.” She dragged him further into the bushes. “That’s better.”

She pushed him up against the wall. It was still raining, but they were surrounded by bushes behind and above them, and only a few raindrops drifted down to them. Annapurna kissed Palash again and went straight for his trousers. She had them open in seconds and they fell to his ankles.

Her hands dived into his shorts and found his rapidly hardening cock. She pumped it gently and swelled even more. Then she fell to her knees and yanked his shorts down. Her eyes widened on sight of his dick. She examined it, moving her head to look at it from different angles.

“He must be cold,” she said as a raindrop landed on the tip. “I know what’ll warm him up.”

She opened her mouth and engulfed his cock. Palash was still too shocked by this chain of events to do anything other than lean back against the wall and enjoy it.

She worked his cock in and out of her mouth with such skill that Palash assumed she had done this before. She swirled her tongue around the bulbous head before taking his cock into her mouth until it pushed against her throat, making her gag.

Palash wasn’t used to blow jobs. He’d only ever experienced one before—from a girl at school who had drunk almost an entire bottle of vodka at a friend’s party. But she hadn’t given him the sensations that Annapurna was now creating in his loins. He held her head and rocked his hips slowly in time with her motion.

He was going to come soon. He knew it. “Ah, god. Oh, Annapurna. I’m going to…”

“Come on then. Come for me, Palash. Come for me.”

She pumped his cock while sucking on the end like a lollipop. That was enough. Palash could stand no more and he thrust his hips forward, pushing his cock past her ruby red lips, and groaned as he exploded into her mouth. He thought he would never stop coming, but Annapurna swallowed and kept swallowing, until she had devoured every last drop of semen.

“Oh, wow. Annapurna, I’d never have guessed.”

Annapurna huffed. “I hope you’re not too worn out.”


“It’s my turn now, stupid.”

She shifted to the side and lifted up her dress. She pulled it up over her hips, revealing the black lace-top stockings and lacy knickers beneath. Her unexpectedly slutty behaviour kept Palash hard.

“Well? Come on then.” She put her hands against the wall and thrust out her bottom.

Palash may not have been worldly wise, but he got the message. He came up behind her and grabbed her hips.

“What you planning to do, Palash? Fuck me right through my knickers?”

Palash shrugged. He pulled her knickers down to her knees, then grabbed his cock and aimed it at her exposed pussy. Raindrops still fell through the gaps in the trees overhead, landing on Annapurna’s bare bum.

Palash slipped his dick into his friend. She gasped as he penetrated her, and again when he pulled out and thrust back in.

It was raw, it was passionate. They didn’t make love, they didn’t have sex. They fucked. They fucked like animals in heat. He thrust into her with tremendous force, and she pushed back against him, trying to get more and more of him inside her, urging him to reach deep inside and touch places that had never been touched before. Annapurna’s dress fell down, covering them. Palash pushed it back up out of the way. He enjoyed watching his cock repeatedly disappear inside her.

So ferocious was their fucking that Palash banged against a bush behind him, causing the rain that had settled on the trees overhead to fall onto them. But they didn’t care. They kept on fucking.

Annapurna came first. The cold rain on her ass, Palash’s relentless thrusts, and the prospect that they might still be caught, launched her into an orgasm of such intensity that it left her floundering at the edge of reason and consciousness.

Her legs gave way and Palash had to hold her up. It was as if he was fucking a rag doll, loose and limp. He thrust harder and faster, harder and faster and roared when he came for the second time, flooding her pussy instead of her mouth.

He pulled out of her, and collapsed on the rain-covered earth. Annapurna recovered herself, pulled up her kickers and adjusted her dress.

“Oh, my.” Her face was flushed, her makeup smudged, her hair a mess.

“You look like you’ve just been fucked seven ways from Saturday,” Palash said.

“I have.” She laughed. “Do I really look that bad?”

“You look amazing. Just, freshly fucked, that’s all. And your hair is all wet.”

She giggled. “Well, I can’t very well go back in with wet clothes.”

“I’ll walk you home.”

“You’ll do a damn sight more than that I hope. We’ve still got three hours before the others get back.”

Palash stood up and dressed himself. He and Annapurna then fought their way out of the bushes and trudged arm-in-arm through the deep puddles now covering the square in front of the campus.

As they walked Palash turned to look at the wet building. It wasn’t quite the Ice Palace on the outside that it was on the inside. He looked up to the Christmas tree someone had placed on the roof. The coloured fairy lights that adorned it were shining from under the rain, making it look magical.

His eyes cast downwards again and noticed a figure standing in the large window above the entrance. It was too dark to be sure, but Palash thought it was Manjit.

The figure raised a hand and wiped something from his eye. Then he turned and went back to the party.

“What you looking at?” Annapurna asked.

“Nothing.” He kissed her. “It’s nothing.” He hugged her to him and they continued the trek home.