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Sex with Hyderabadi housewife

Hello this is Ajay here back to share my latest encounter with an ISS
reader. All the sexy ladies please reply me to for
real meet

After posting my story “Sex In Train With Telugu Married Woman” I
got too much of response from many Men to share the details of lady
but sorry bro’s it’s always not a good idea to share the details of
they trust us so we need to respect them hope you guys don’t mind.

Coming back to the story I was over whelmed with the amount of
response I got for my first story and in the same time I was eagerly
waiting for response from the lady I met in train. I knew at some
point she will contact me to my luck I got a ping me in hangout and
the first question she asked is are u the same guy who posted a story
in ISS I said yes. Then she introduced herself as Priya age around 29+
married and has 2 kids. She was asking me everything happened that
night and I explained her I was getting frustrated why she is asking
all the story again. Then I directly asked are u looking for same
thing. She said No, and she said that she is happy with her married
life and her husband his good in bed. I thought of ignoring her and I
was also not sure whether she is a lady or gents. She was continuously
pinging me asking me am I busy? I asked her what is she expecting from
me she directly asked me to remove my clothes and asked me to be nude.
She said she will make a video call around 10pm.
It was already 9.45 pm and I was not sure whether she is really
serious or just a time passer. I was busy surfing internet and
suddenly I saw video call from her in hangouts. I was only in my
shorts without any underwear. I answered the call and was waiting to
listen her voice. She was typing something then I asked her to speak
to make sure is she really a women. In a low tone she said hello I
asked u to be nude why are u still in shorts. I was shell shocked and
was running out of my mind. I asked her to open her cam she said No
for that I told her clearly it would be a cam2cam chat after answering
I was surprised to see a lady who covered her face with scarf from the
first impression, I felt she is really sexy. She told in low voice
that are in-laws are in next room, so she can’t talk she said she will
be typing and asked me to speak. I asked her what she want again she
asked me to remove my shorts and I was already excited and my tool
already got ready and was poking over shorts. I slowly removed my
shorts and she was staring my cock. I can feel the lust in her eyes.
She complimented my cock size. She asked me to masturbate in front of
her. I asked her to remove her stand and show me how she looks.
She stood and asked me to guess her body figure. I started from her
boobs which is always my first choice. Boobs size is 34+ she said yes.
Waist is around 28 she said yes, and ass is 36+ she said everything is
correct and asked me how many women did I meet as I was correct in
guessing her figure. I smiled and asked her to remove her saree pallu
she said ok, but she said she will not be total nude she will only
remove her saree. I told ok and then she slowly started removing her
saree and my tool was so hard and hot. She sat on a chair with only
langa and jacket. I can clearly see her cleavage I was getting excited
and she was asking me to talk bad and explain her how would I fuck her
if she is around me and I was talking all the naughty and bad things
and she was getting excited with my words I asked her to press her
boobs and she was pressing them so hard I was dying to see them
pressed I asked her to remove the jacket she said No I pleaded her she
said ok but only jacket and she will be in bra. I said ok as I don’t
want to force her. She told she will call back after removing but I
asked her to remove in front of me she said ok and slowly removed her
jacket she was really a pro in teasing. She was white bra and half of
her boobs was almost out and her erect nipples were coming out of bra.
She raised her langa till thigs and we continued voice sex I was too
hot and she was so excited and she was pressing her boobs and thighs
she slowly moved her hands over her pussy area and started fingering
in front of me she was not wearing anything inside and I can clearly
see her hands were filled with juices.
She moved her hand inside her bra and pressing them and with the
amount of pressure she was applying I can see to and fro movement. She
asked me to talk dirty and loud and I was going crazy with her actions
first time I saw a lady masturbating and I can clearly see the amount
of lust she was holding and after 5min she turned her mic on and said
she his Cumming and told me to finish mine too. I was already reaching
my endpoint and with her facial expressions and little moans and husky
voice I just blasted my cum all over the screen and even she stretched
her body and her became too red and she saw my cum on cock and told
she will clean herself and will call me back in 5min I too cleaned
myself and my laptop.
She said that was wonderful and asked me regarding my personal and
professional life. I asked her if we can meet directly she said No and
told time will decide. She said good night and I masturbated again
thinking of that video call.

This became regular for both of us she was asking me to send images so
that she will dress up in that way to tease and which should not be
nude. I was sending her all the 3-4 images daily and she was to pick
one and show me in that style. It was almost 20 days we have been
chatting and talking over video call then I asked her to reveal her
face if she trust me. She told not now but I forced her a bit she said
ok and for the first time I saw her she was good, and anyone want to
fuck her for sure. We chatted almost whole day we had 3-4 hrs of video
call I was complete nude. I sent her my WhatsApp number and asked her
if she his interested in real meet.
She said she can’t meet as her in-laws and husband might doubt on
her. I tried to convince her for almost 3 hrs and at the end she
accepted she will meet me after 2 days as she his going for a parent
meeting. She said that she will meet me after 11am but not in private
place. She asked me to book tickets for a movie. I searched for low
rating movie and booked corner tickets in a decent theatre. I shared
the details of ticket and location. She told me to wait in theatre and
not to talk to her outside. I agreed for her conditions.
On the movie day I was waiting outside to see her but there were only
college students and couples and they were hardly 15 members. I went
inside and was waiting for her continuously watching the door. Movie
started and I don’t have her number I pinged her on Hangouts but she
was offline. I was disappointed that she didn’t come. I was trying
to watch movie and was seeing the college couples enjoying in theatre.
After 15min of movie I saw a lady in saree coming inside, I was
praying that she must be her. She came to my row and all the row was
empty and I realised that it is her who I am speaking to in hangouts.

She sat next to me and I was little nervous she said Hi, I said hi,
she said sorry for late she was sitting in opposite bakery to make
sure everything is fine. We had a normal chat for next 10min and she
suddenly asked why u preferred this movie and this theatre. I told her
rest all theatres are mostly crowded and this is good for privacy. I
slowly placed my hand over her lap and started massaging.
I took her hand kissed on it, she looked around and smiled at me. I
pulled her closer and started kissing her on her lips. I was
passionately kissing her and was trying to pull her pallu down. I
squeezed her boobs over saree and was trying to remove saree and
jacket. She said not to remove saree if anyone suddenly comes it would
be hard to cover. She covered herself with saree and removed jacket
buttons. I started sucking them and pressing them. They were so soft
and she pulling me closer to suck them. I sucked both the boobs one
after the other and I slowly pulled her saree till thighs and pushed
my hands inside her thighs. She hold my hand and said not to do that
here as anyone might see. I didn’t listen to her and slowly started
fucking her with my finger. She was already wet and she was kissing my
lips and pressing her boobs. I took her right hand and placed it on my
cock. She hold it with good grip and started masturbating. We had this
for 15-20min and exactly 5min before interval break we adjusted our
self before lights turned on. I got her cool drink and we started
talking casual talks. I asked her what shall we do next and till what
time is she available. I asked her to come to my room so that we can
have real sex. I was expecting a No from her but to my surprise she
asked is the place secure enough. I said it is secure she said ok and
told lets go now. I was shocked and surprised I said ok and we came
out I took my bike from parking she covered her face with scarf and
was waiting for me on the main road.
I parked my bike near my room and asked her to remove scarf so that no
one doubts I was acting like she was my relation on the way to my room
with some false talks so that no one gets any doubt on us. After
reaching room I asked her to make herself comfortable. She asked me
for a towel and went for bathroom, she took a quick shower and she
came out with towel wrapped up around her body. I was excited and
wanted to pull that towel. She asked me to have a shower and come
fast. I too had a quick shower when I opened bathroom door she was
wearing a transparent night gown. It was the first time I saw someone
wearing transparent night gown. She came closer to me and hugged me I
too hugged her tight and I started kissing her.
She was in full mood and started kissing and sucking my lips. I
started pressing her boobs over the gown the feel was totally
different. I sucked the melons over gown and pulled boob out of the
gown. Now I was clearly able to see the boobs which I was watching
over camera. I sucked those hard nipples bitted them and made her
sleep on the bed and removed her gown completely. She removed all her
hair near private parts it was shining and I just went down and
started licking it. She was moaning hard, I turned on my Sound system
and increased the volume to make sure no one hears her moans. I was
licking all her juices and she removed my towel and started pumping my

I went over her and put my cock right over her lips she took my cock
and started sucking it I was enjoying her lips over my cock and was
trying to go more inside her pussy. She sucked my cock and licked my
balls one after the other. We exchanged her positions she was on top
of me and her pussy was right in front of my mouth. I started licking
and started fucking her with my tongue. She was trying all the
different grips to hold my cock in her lips. We almost sucked each
other for 20-30 min.
She said that she already cummed thrice and asked me to fuck her. I
took the condom dotted one and inserted my cock into her pussy. It was
little loose, and it went smoothly and started fucking her missionary
position for 10min. I asked her to come over me and she was on top of
me fucking hard. She already had cummed again and I said I wanted to
cum badly. I asked her to be in doggy position and fucked her in that
position for 5min and cummed inside her pussy with condom. We slept
aside and was trying to catch our breath. After 10min I went and
cleaned myself and she too cleaned and wore the same gown and sat next
to me. ( TO Be Continued )