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Sex with my Leelechi

My name is shankar and I am 21 years old. I’d been having this intense feeling towards my servant leela. . . Or as i’d lke to call. . . Leelechi,for the past one year.

About her,she’s aged around 45, her big stomach,her tight ass and her humongous boobs are the most striking parts of her body. . . And for a whole year I managed to control myself. This is how I finally got my feelings out to her. . . As usual leelechi came to our house to do her work. . . . When I noticed her she seemed strikingly more beautiful than usual. . . In her dark pink saree and black blouse. I was supposed to pay her the salary that day.

Both my parents go to work and my brother to college so the house was empty except for me and her. I couldn’t handle my feelings anymore so I devised a plan to make love to her. She was in the kitchen cleaning the dishes. I went upto her and asked her,”leelechi,who all are there in your house??”. She replied,”right now only my daughter and me. “i asked,”what about your husband?” she told me that her husband had left her since a long time. I realised my work would be much easier because I knew at that time that she hadn’t had any sexual encounter for a long time and so would be desperate to make one.

I told her,”so you might be feeling very lonely without anyone na?”she said yes!!I told her that I had loved her and her body and that I could help her get out her feelings. Saying this I slowly approached her and touched her backside. She turned around in a very sexy way and asked me,”what about your parents?what if they come to know”. I told her not to worry and asked her to relax and that this was going to be the best time of her life. With that I kissed her on her lips,and she reacted by kissing me back. Then I guided her to my bedroom while she followed me willingly. I kissed her again. I hugged her and felt her boobs press hard to my chest. The feeling was heavenly. . . . I removed the palloo of her saree and started to squeeze her boobs. But her blouse was still on. She asked me to remove it. I laid her down on the bed and removed her blouse. I lost all control when I saw those boobs and I started to squeeze them hard. She kept on moaning”aah!aaaah!oooooooh!aaaaah!”i started to kiss her lips and slowly moved down to her neck. Her movements clearly proved her maturity. . They were so natural!!

I kissed her boobs and played with them for a while. Then I started to remove her paavaada. She helped me with it and soon all she had on was her panties. I kissed her legs and moved up to her panties. I slid them off her legs and kissed her wet pussy. She moaned on. . . Her sound so wild and captivating. . “aaah aaah shankuuuuuuuuuuuuu!melley melley cheyyooo. . “in reply I told her,”leelechiiiiiii. . . Chechi enthoru sundariyaanenno. . . “after that I dug my fingers deep into her cunt and began moving it to and fro. . . . I continued the process till she cummed all over the bed. . . I licked her pussy while pressing her ass and caressing it. Then I repeated the whole process again and again. I started sucking her ripe boobs. . . And enjoying every bit of her feminity. I unlocked her hair and then asked her to move into the bathroom. . . We then turned the shower on!i stuck her to the wall,reached for her rosy pussy and dug my thing deep into the pit. . . Leelechi moaned and groaned. . . . Then we started off the intercourse. Leelechi was at ease with her feelings and mine. . . And soon we both cummed. . . Then leelechi moved to my dick and started caressing it. . . . It aroused me again. . . She put it into her mouth and did an awesome blowjob. . It was my turn to moan. . . I said,”leelechiiii. . . . Ennikku nalla sugam thonnunnuuuuuuuuuu. . . Aah aah aah aah. . . . “then I cummed again. . . We took bath together and got out. After one more repetition of the boob pressing and even more cumming,we broke it off for the day! More to “cum” very soon. . . .