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soma – invited her roomie in conference for cyber sex

soma singh: hi
soma singh: h ru
soma singh: how ur day
colorderainbow: hi soma
colorderainbow: i m okay

colorderainbow: but had a realy bad day
colorderainbow: so much to work
colorderainbow: how about u
soma singh: so so
soma singh: iam free today so
colorderainbow: so
soma singh: have u check my mail
colorderainbow: do u wanna cyber sex
colorderainbow: one u sent yesterday
colorderainbow: did u send anymore mail
soma singh: today
colorderainbow: okay lemme check
colorderainbow: internet wasn working in office today
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: sexy yaaar
colorderainbow: u r making me hot
soma singh: someone with me wanna cyber with u
colorderainbow: who is she
soma singh: neelu my room mate
colorderainbow: okay
soma singh: frm 1st day she watching our chat
colorderainbow: ohh realy
colorderainbow: my pleasure
colorderainbow: hope u wont mind her enjoying with me
soma singh: k
colorderainbow: hey this one is urs or neelu
soma singh: she want me u into her with u
soma singh: me
colorderainbow: u meant conference
soma singh: yes
colorderainbow: okay ask her
colorderainbow: to join us
colorderainbow: she is with her own lappy
soma singh: tonight she in her home town
colorderainbow: okay
colorderainbow: n whats that
colorderainbow: her home town i meant
soma singh: jaipur
colorderainbow: okay
soma singh: wo aaj hi gayi hi kal tak to yahi thi mere pass
colorderainbow: acha acha
soma singh: here with me
colorderainbow: okay got it
colorderainbow: when did u take this one dear
colorderainbow: ur panty pic
soma singh: week back
colorderainbow: o ooo
colorderainbow: n who clicked it
colorderainbow: ??
soma singh: neelu
soma singh: iwho else
colorderainbow: hmmm
colorderainbow: so both of u r quite open
colorderainbow: with each other
colorderainbow: when will she come online
colorderainbow: ???
colorderainbow: she left soma
soma singh: she in home now
colorderainbow: hmmmm
soma singh: hi
colorderainbow: so
colorderainbow: how is period buddy
soma singh: clear now
soma singh: yes
soma singh: going for diner
colorderainbow: okay
soma singh:
soma singh:
soma singh:
soma singh:
colorderainbow: yeah baby
colorderainbow: ding dong
soma singh: hi kaha the
colorderainbow: hey i got busy with friends after dinner
colorderainbow: r u done with dinner
soma singh: yes maggi
colorderainbow: o oo
colorderainbow: i hate maggie
colorderainbow: wait a min
colorderainbow: hey soma share here
colorderainbow: sonal face pic
soma singh: ok wait karti hu
colorderainbow: hmmmmm
colorderainbow: saaali pakk rand hay
soma singh: kyo kaise laga
soma singh: aisa kyo kaha
colorderainbow: ghar pe bhi choot me khujali machi hay
colorderainbow: uski
soma singh: yaha mai khujla deti hu
soma singh: aab kya bolte ho
colorderainbow: wakai
colorderainbow: lesbo ho kia tum sab
soma singh: tum sab
colorderainbow: tum dono i meanst yaar
soma singh: u can say like this
colorderainbow: hmmmmm
soma singh: karlo aaj isse bat chujali mido iski
soma singh: mai sone ja rahi hu kal office jana hi
colorderainbow: hahhahaha
colorderainbow: okay soma
colorderainbow: sweety
colorderainbow: muaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh
soma singh: okie bye