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Surprise in the jungle

She pulled off my pants and thong and spread my legs to look at my glistening bare pussy…
It was a warm humid afternoon on one of the many tropical islands I was visiting on my travels through Indonesia. I walked through the lush rainforest and thought of how much I missed my boyfriend who was supposed to be here with me and how he broke my heart not too long ago.

My black tank top stuck to my sweaty tanned skin and I was struggling to walk up a steep hill and tie back my long blonde hair at the same time. I reached to top of the hill and stopped to try and find the trail I was following to a waterfall I read about in my guide book. There was no trail. None at all. All I saw was thick grass and a variety of tall trees that seemed to block out the sky.

I started to turn and walk back when I heard a light girly laugh that came from deep in thick vegetation. Curious I walked back to where the trail ended and tried to peek through the grass, not seeing what I was looking for, I started to turn around again, when movement caught my eye. I saw what I thought was a naked woman running through the forest. Curiosity overcame me again and I followed her and that hypnotizing laugh further into the jungle. ***

Well, I was officially lost. I had been wandering around look for this woman when it seemed the forest closed itself around me, everything started looking the same and I wasn’t having any luck finding the trail. I climbed up onto a large rock with a someone flat surface and tried to think about how I was going to get out of this mess. Then I heard it. Her laugh coming in from the surrounding area. I looked around rapidly to try and spot the women who lulled me into the area.

She emerged from around a tree truck, one perfectly dark tanned leg at a time. Her body was one right out of a high fashion catalog except she was far more toned. Dark brunette hair fell in waves around her green eyes and lightly freckled nose. Her boobs, well damn, they were so amazing. Not too large but perfectly perky and round. Her nipples were erect and were a perfect ratio to the rest of her boobs. Damn, I wish I had great boobs. I’ve been watching you,” she purred. Most people aren’t that dedicated to finding me, but when they do, they never want to leave.” She placed a finger in her mouth, sucked on it, and then slid it down around her nipple and between her perfect hairless legs. I looked around, was this some sort of joke? Was I being pranked? Was she trying to seduce me?? I like boys, I liked cock. This woman was yes gorgeous, and yes I was lonely but I didn’t really want this. She walked closer to me, starting up the rock. My eyes fixated on her boobs.

“I know you want me,” she reached where I was now standing on the rock, eyes tracing the lines of my body. I tore my eyes away from her boobs and looked down her body, her toned stomach, her hairless pussy, and long long legs. Maybe I did want her a little bit. I backed up as far as I could on the rock, her perfect body still approaching me until she was standing directly in front of me. She was the same height as me and even more pretty up close. Damn, I knew I was in for something spectacular, yet so foreign to me.

“Just say yes baby,” she started stroking her hands playfully up and down my arms.

“Okay,” I said nervously. Yes.”

A smiled lit up her face, Fantastic.” She leaned in and kissed me lightly on the lips, pulled away, and looked at me. I looked at her and nodded. Another smile crossed her lips. From there it was a flurry of kisses, deep and lustful. Her hands explored my clothed body while I kept my hands firmly at my sides. Not satisfied with this, she pulled away and grabbed my hand, placing it fully on her boob. I felt myself tingle and start to get wet, this felt so right. I took my other hand and placed it behind her head, pulling herself to me and kissing her fully and deeply.

She started pulling at my tank top and undid the button on my shorts, I guess we were going to have sex on this rock, but I didn’t care. All I knew was that I wanted her and it had to be now. I took off my shirt and she immediately broke the kiss and took my 36C boob into her mouth. Looking up at me she playfully traced her tongue around the my nipple while her other hand massaged my other. I moaned and pulled hair out of her face. Lay down baby, your’e going to want to get comfortable,” she smiled as I lowered myself to lay down on the rock. She pulled off my pants and thong and spread my legs to look at my glistening bare pussy.

She bit her lip, Mmmmmm, I can’t wait for this.” She look like she was going to cum right there and now. She climbed on top of me and starting kissing down my body, pausing to take some long slurps of both my nipples. She continued down my stomach, over my hip bones and the stopped and stared at my quivering pussy. She looked at me and smiled such a devious smile.

“How bad do you want it baby?”

I grabbed my boobs in my hands and cried out, Please, please fuck me. I need you. Right now.”

“But I thought you like dick,” she stared meanly at me. How could she have known that?

“Please,” I said softly.

Her smiled faded and she suddenly dove down into my pussy. She stuck her tongue inside of me as far as she could and drank my juices. Her finger rubbed my clit lightly and all I could do was moan. I’d never felt such pleasure before. She took out her tongue and started to suck and nibble on my clit whilst she placed two fingers inside of me, thrusting in and out.

“Oh my god,” I moaned. Oh my goddd.”

She started thrusting harder and faster in and out of my pussy, listening to my screams. Right before I was about have one of the most powerful orgasms of my life, she stopped and pulled away from me. I lifted my head and looked at her, her smile was mischievous again. As if in slow motion, she crept back down to my pussy that was overflowing juices in a small river onto the rock. She licked the slowly up and down, up and down while staring at me. She started with one finger, thrusting slowly until she built up enough speed. Then she would insert another finger and start the process all over again. I orgasmed when she reached the top speed with three fingers in my vagina, her mouth roughly licking my clit. I screamed and felt my body shake, waves of pleasure erupted through my body. But she kept going, she placed a fourth finger in my pussy and started slowly thrusting in and out. Once all my cum started flowing out of my pussy she removed her fingers, gave them a good licking and sucked the rest of the cum out of my tired pussy.

“How did you like that baby?,” she purred at my while climbing back up my body to lay on top of me.

“Holy shit. I’ve never felt anything like that before.” I ran a hand through my hair, still breathing hard.

“Do you want more?” she asked playfully while kissing my neck.

“Can’t say I don’t,” I laughed and she suddenly looked at me.

“Come with me.” She pulled me up by my hand and started walking down the rock. Leave your clothes, you won’t need them where we are going,” she tossed her hair over her shoulder and kept walking. I followed quickly like a lost dog. She led us through thick jungle, naked. Somehow she knew where we were though I sure as hell didn’t. After what seemed like ages we arrived upon a village with small huts and men and women walking around everywhere. I couldn’t help staring, each individual was so attractive, and they didn’t mind staring right back.

“You’ve brought us another one,” laughed a beautifully sculpted man.

“Sure did,” the woman said. But she’s mine tonight, I want to love her all I can before the rest of you taint her.” Laughter emerged from the group. The women led us to a large hut made of bamboo, a blanket covered the door. All that was inside was a large king sized bed with white sheets and plenty of pillows. I looked at her curiously.

“Sit baby, let us begin again.”

I sat on the bed and she came over and straddled me, rubbing her breasts and wet pussy against my body while nibbling my ear. I lay back and spread my legs, ready for her to eat me out again. She instead drug her wet pussy up my body, around my boobs, making sure my nipple went inside her, and up to my face.

“Open wide,” she giggled. It’s my turn.”

She lowered her pussy down onto my awaiting mouth. She tasted like honey and I quickly started lapping up her juices and getting all of her that I could into my mouth. I heard her light moans periodically. She lifted herself up from me at one point, turned around and then sat back on me, grinding her hips into my face. I happily sucked her gorgeous pussy. Right when I was getting the hang of things I felt her start to touch my pussy. She lightly traced her finger around my clit and down the outside of my lips. I groaned, while she continued grinding her hips into my face. She shifted her weight and sprawled herself onto of me so she could reach my throbbing pussy. I continued licking her while she started to finger and lick my clit as well. I started going faster and she thrusted her hips down on harder as I lifted mine so she could eat me better. We both started grinding our pussies into each other’s mouths.

I heard her mumble, Baby cum with me. Oooh baby make me cum hard.” That sent me over the edge. The walls of my pussy tightened and I screamed in pleasure just when she did, but that didn’t stop us, we just thrust into each other harder and harder until we collapsed from exhaustion. She rolled off of me and came up to kiss me, tasting her juices whilst I tasted mine.

She sighed happily and whispered, We have so much more to do tonight.” With that she quickly reached down, grabbed my hips and brought my pussy right in front of hers. I felt my stomach churn excitedly. She rolled her pussy onto mine, we both shivered. We looked at each other and smiled, and full throttled into each other. Our juices squished together as she thrust against my pussy. Her clit rubbed against mine making me moan in pleasure. She abruptly stopped and got up, crossing the room quickly. She yelled something outside and then came back with a huge red double headed dick. It must have been 24 inches long and 3 wide. I gasped in excitement.

“Come here,” she demanded.

I scooted over to her and we sat on the bed facing each other again. She grabbed one side and I the other while I slowly inserted the dick inside of me. Once inside we began to move together. Faster and faster we thrusted the dick in and out of us. She reached out and played with my clit, causing me to thrust harder and harder. I looked over at the door and out the windows the people of the village stared inside watching us fuck each other. They then started coming in. People were kissing my neck, playing with my boobs, kissing them licking them. I looked down and people were kissing my thighs, one women bent down and started licking my clit, getting into the rhythm we were in. I closed my eyes and felt it all, the people playing with me, the woman licking my clit and the big fat dildo being thrusted in and out of me. I screamed as loud as I could, my body shook wildly as the cock held me in place. My vagina violently spasming around it. I saw the woman sharing the dick with me having a similar reaction, making my reaction more and more powerful.

Once I’d calmed down and the cock taken out of me, people surrounded me, kissing me licking me, sticking their fingers in me. They kept repeating, Welcome home.” I could only smile.