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Taking My Mother to Goa

My name is Rahul aged 24 years and I live in Mumbai along with my family. There lives my mother Sushma aged about 43 years and my father Ram Lal aged about 46 years. My father is a business man and is a workaholic. He is normally in bad health and normally resort to drinking in evening due to his work fatigue. I don’t know anything about their sex life but think that it is not good as mother is not in happy mood normally and father never cares for her.

We both mother and son are not so attached to him and so we are normally close to each other. We both are like friends to each other than being mother and son. Mother also looks towards me in any need as she knows that father is never there in time of need.

My mother is working as a head mistress in a local school and she has done her B.E.D and since she gets financial benefits and also promotions for higher education, she is doing her M.E.D with a south Indian University through the post. She has finished the course and had to appear for final exam. The exam was in Goa. She has to go to Goa but as usual father was busy with his business and had no interest to visit a place like Goa even with mother. Mother could not go alone and was unhappy with father for his refusal to go, so she requested me to accompany her to Goa. I applied for three days leave as exams were for two days and one day we planned to spend as holiday.

We started by night bus and reached Goa by early morning and as I had already booked room in new woodlands hotel we checked in at 6.00. Mom was tired by the journey however she was totally in the mood for the exam, she had her bath freshened up and studied for the exam in the last minute. she went for the exam at 9 am and I spent roaming around. She came back from exam at 1.00 and was again busy with studies for next day. I didn’t disturb and come late and slept. Next day she was again busy but said that she will be finishing her exam and will be free by 1:00 am. She came back after the exam and was in a happy mood as she had performed well. I asked her, “Mom shall we go to some beach city and stay for the night and go tomorrow back as it will be very pleasant in the evening”. Mom said “OK” as she was in good mood. I checked out of the hotel immediately and booked a taxi and proceeded to a small beach side city.

There I asked the taxi driver to take to a good hotel he took us to a seaside cottages which were very independent but a bit expensive. I convinced mom and got into one cottage. By that time it was already 6:00 in the evening and sun was about to set. As we all know that the sunset is a beautiful scene on sea and also a cold breeze was flowing.

I wanted to go into the sea enjoying the waves so I changed into shorts and t shirt and carried one towel. I and my mom got out of the cottage and started walking on the beach. These was the off season days in Goa and there were very few tourists. Also our beach side city was almost empty these days. Ours was the last cottage and the beach was absolutely empty.

We started walking along the beach. We were having a casual talk and my mother was in a very happy mood. She was enjoying the sea with her son. Perhaps she had started learning to enjoy her life without father on her side. We were very close to each other and were like two friends instead of mother and son.

After some time the sun set and now it was getting dark. There was nobody on the beach except us two. The sky was cloudy and no moon was visible.

After walking for some distance I wanted to go into the sea and swim. So I removed my shorts and t-shirt. I was in the underwear only.

Mother was standing near me and watching my athletic body clad only in a small underwear. I gently asked her. “Mom I want to go into the sea and enjoy the waves why don’t you also come?”

“No I am afraid and I will get wet”

“What mom you have come all the way to a sea beach and don’t want to enjoy the sea. What is this? You are not going to get many chances like this to visit sea beaches. Mother! Nothing will happen I will hold you don’t worry and come to the sea and enjoy the life. See people from so faraway places come here and you are not coming in and want to stand outside. ”

“No please, I fear the water and also I may get wet.”

“Come on momma. Come and enjoy the life. See how romantic a place this is?”, saying this I forced mom to the sea.

She was unwilling but within her she was also interested and came. She lifted her saree and tucked it into her waist. Her legs were exposed up to knees I went into the sea. Mom was holding me by my waist with her arm around it. Unknowingly she was standing very close to me. We both were standing like two friends. I was enjoying the feelings unknowingly.

The waves were coming and touching our legs and the water was slowly touching her saree’s edge. She was also joyous of the water like a child and enjoying the feel of water on her legs. Slowly I was going step by step into the sea and as I was a good swimmer and very confident. But mother was not a swimmer and was fear to go deep in the sea.

She chanted, “Enough don’t go further it is dangerous”.

“Come on mommy I am there, you just hold me tight”

“My clothes will become wet”

“So what even if a bit of your clothes get wet? Nothing will happen there is nobody”.

Saying this I took her into sea almost up to the knees.

Suddenly one big wave came and pushed us both she was out of balance and fell. As she was holding me so when she fell, I also fell along with her. She fell on me and both of us fell into the water fully and the wave receded. I was lying beneath her and her boobs were pressing on my chest. My hands circled automatically around her waist. I was enjoying the sensation of her body when she got up from me.

Mom was fully drenched top to toe and her blouse and saree was struck to her body. I could see the shape of her boobs and the bra as the blouse was of thin material and also I could see her legs as her saree and petticoat were plastered to her body.

“What have I told you not to go so far in the water? See I am totally wet now. What to do now as even our cottage is far off”.

Saying that she came out of water and lifted her saree and started squeezing it while trying to remove water but she was totally wet.

“Mom don’t worry nobody is here you can dry your clothes here without any problem”. I told her.

She misunderstood me and said,

“Ok find some big stone so that I may change behind it and help me”.

Saying that she moved behind a rock and removed her saree and squeezed it dry and asked me to hold it on other side and spread it on the beach. I was shocked as my mom was standing on the beach with only blouse and petticoat that too fully wet almost looking like a cinema heroine.

To be very frank I did not much sexual thoughts about my mom earlier, but I was terribly aroused seeing her like that even though my conscience was prohibiting me as she was my own mother.

She saw me looking her in such revealing clothes but she did not admonished me for that and also did nothing to hide her semi nudity. She just crossed her hands on her chest to cover her upper portion.

“Mom even though your saree will get dry your petticoat will be still wet why you don’t take my towel and dry petticoat also”.

Actually I was terribly afraid to say that but took a chance as by that time my mind was looking at her as a sexual object. She understood what I said and looked around and not finding anybody she took the towel from my bag and turning the other side wrapped towel and slowly pulled down her petticoat and kicked it away from her legs. In that process I saw a part of her buttocks. She turned around and squeezed the petticoat and put it down for drying.

When she bent down to spread the petticoat, I was able to have a glimpse of her upper thighs as the towel rose upwards.

I was terribly aroused seeing mom in towel from waist and blouse, I got more daring and thought whatever happens I should not lose this chance and said,

“Mom you are an asthma patient why you don’t remove your blouse also otherwise you will catch cold and it will be a great problem”.

Mother was getting irritated with all this and in a hoarse tone said,

“It is all because of you and your wrong demands. See what will happen if somebody comes here. I am dying of shame”.

Saying that she saw around and slowly removed her blouse and puts it down near the petticoat.

She had big armpits which was full of hair and her big boobs were forcibly held by her bra. My God! It was a fantastic sight. She was angry and irritated but perhaps she was also enjoying all this without her intention.

She felt tired and sat down. From my view it was simply unbearable as my own mom, sitting in a bra and towel, hardly covering her thighs and beautiful exposed midriff. My underwear was straining with the pressure of my prick standing erect. Perhaps mom was also getting aroused with all this as she was sitting seminude on a beach and her own young son was standing near her.

I suddenly got a wild idea, and since I had anyhow decided to take maximum risk.

I said, “Mom if you don’t get angry I got a one desire”

“What is it?”

“Since there is nobody around, I want to bathe in the sea without any clothes. So many foreigners come to India and take bath in the sea totally nude. I also want to feel the same sensation. Now nobody is near to see me so let me do the same and enjoy like those foreigners.”

Saying that and not waiting for her response, I put my fingers in my waistband and removed the underwear and wiggling my legs I took it off my feet, and revealing my hard and erect cock, I threw it near mother and went into the sea stark naked with a big giant erection.

“You are absolutely a shameless bugger just like your father. You are as shameless as him.”

She was laughing on this bold act instead of getting angry. Perhaps she was also enjoying all this and she shamelessly watched my hard and throbbing cock, which was dangling up and down while me going to sea.

This gave a great encouragement to me and I felt relief that she was not angry.

I went into the sea and was enjoying each wave touching my naked body. Mom was sitting near the sea shore and could see my naked body from there. When I found that mother was also enjoying the show and seeing her like that I wanted to take a chance and I shouted,

“Mom such opportunity never comes in life why don’t you also come again, you can enjoy for some time and by that time the clothes will be dry and you can wear it. Have you never had any fantasy to bath in the sea in this type of position and atmosphere? Life is not got again and again and also this type of opportunities don’t come many times in life. So don’t hesitate and come on with me. ”

Probably by that time, mom was also slightly aroused as she was seeing me naked with the beautiful long hairy prick, dangling between my legs which by now has started getting a bit hard due to the situation that my own mother was there to see it. And my cock has started raising its head now.

I think mother also wanted to enjoy bathing in the sea and since there was nobody around and probably she thought she was safe with me. She got up and slowly walked towards me, she was wrapped in a towel and wearing only her bra and panty there. She was looking damn sexy in that outfit and her whitish skin was glowing in moonlight.

“You please hold me otherwise I am afraid of water. I don’t know swimming”.

“Mom! Don’t afraid and just hold me for a better balance. I am there with you.” Saying this I held her from her shoulders and pulled her near to me.

There I was absolutely naked and my mom close to me. She held me by my waist for balance. She was in her towel and bra only.

I was getting more daring with each minute as here I was standing stark naked and my mother was standing holding me by waist. And she was wearing only a towel on her bra and panty.

Suddenly a big wave came and both of us fell down into the water and mom’s towel came off floating away. Mother gave a muffled but I started laughing on her squeal and hugged her tightly to stop her from falling in the water.

Mother tried to resist and come out of my hug. I had encircled my arms around her and was holding her tight pressing her body with me. Mother was feeling uncomfortable as I was totally nude and my cock was fully hard and erect by now.

I stopped mom from wiggling and said,

“Mother! Please don’t wiggle. I am just holding you so that you may not fell down. Please stand still and enjoy the feel of big waves. I will not let you drown in the sea or fell down. You just enjoy the moment.”

Saying this I tightened my embrace. Mother’s boobs were about 90% naked in her small bra. Her big boobs were poking in my chest. Mother was also getting aroused with all this. She was not wiggling now and she also put her arms around my neck in the pretext of keeping balance.

Now the situation was getting more and more hot. My cock was getting hard as a steel rod now. It was poking in her waist as my mom war shorter than me in height but mom was standing as if she was oblivious to the hard cock knocking her, near her cunt. It made me bold and I thought of taking more risk and started dry fucking her on waist.

Mother was also moaning slightly. She was getting hot and her nipples were getting erect and I could feel them poking in my chest.

Emboldened by her positive response, I pulled her to me with one hand and put other hand on her bra clad boob and tried to squeeze it softly. Mother tried to resist me by pushing my hand away but I squeezed her boob and said,

“Mom! Please let me remove your bra. Mom see, here so many foreigners come and enjoy bathing in nude. No one is nearby. I am also nude. You also remove your bra and panty and enjoy bathing the same way. You may not get a chance to bath nude in sea in near future. I think you must have fantasied about bathing nude in sea, sometime in past. ”

Mother kept a bit silent and then shyly said,

“Rahul! I agree that I had some fantasies like this, but these were with your father. I never thought to be nude on a sea beach with my own son. Anyway your father never thought of my ways. This is my destiny.”

I kept silent and slowly I put my hands on her back and opened her bra clips. Mother made a meek protest but there was not much resistance in that. Perhaps she was also getting horny and also wanted to enjoy the nude bath. I removed her bra and gave it in her hand.

Her big boobs were now fully nude and she was clinging to me in shame. I put my fingers in her waistband and pulled her panty down. Mother bent down and removing her panty took it in her hand.

Now she was standing fully nude near me. Her naked body was shining in moon light. She was looking like a goddess of sex. She was though bit chubby but very sexy. She was bushy on her cunt and her big boobs were at least 38DD.

I took her in my tight embrace and started fondling her boobs. She was protesting lightly and said,

“Rahul! You are my son. Please don’t do it. It is wrong to do this all. Somebody may come and it may become a scandal.”

I kept my hand on her boobs and fondling and caressing them said in a lovely tone,

“Mom! Don’t be so conservative. See how beautiful the scene is? I am sure that you have never enjoyed this with father and also not going to get a chance with him in future. Forget that I am your son and enjoy the moment. Take me as a young man and not as your son. We both have always been friendly with each other. Take me as your boyfriend. Enjoy the moment. I know that you also enjoy the feel of my naked body touching your own body. See I am also getting hot with your body though you are my own mother.”

Saying this I took her hand and put it on my erect cock. As soon as her hand touched my hard cock, she tried to pull it back but I was already ready and putting my own hand on her hand, wrapped her fingers around my steel hard cock.

Mother gave some sounds of protest but there was not much resistance in that. I kept fondling her big boobs and lovingly said,

“Mother! Have you ever fantasized about standing naked in sea and holding a hot and erect cock in your hand? If you are living your fantasy and enjoying the feel of my cock in your hand, please don’t remove your hand. Otherwise I will not pressurize you.”

Mother kept silent and didn’t protest much and kept her fingers on my cock. She was standing hugging me. Fondling her boob, I put my second hand on her cunt and squeezed it in my fist. As it did it, she gave a squeal and pushed her cunt in my hand to give me better access to cup her cunt.

I took her swollen cunt in my palm and squeezed it in my fist. She was getting hot and was pushing her pelvic in my hand so that I may have better access to her cunt.

I got courage from her cooperation and put my mouth on her lips and taking her lips in my mouth I started kissing her.

As I started kissing her, she tried to speak something. As she opened her mouth, I pushed my tongue in her and started a passionate French kiss.

Within one minute her protest evaporated and she started sucking my tongue in her mouth.

I thought to go further and inserted one finger in her cunt. She was so wet there. My finger went straight inside till end and I started finger fucking her. Now with one hand I was finger fucking her and with other hand I was fondling her boobs. Also I was kissing her on lips.

As I started finger fucking her, her fist tightened around my cock and she started moving her hand on the length on my cock.

We both were standing naked in knee high water and doing all these sex acts. We both were panting heavily and getting horny. We were not like mother and son, but as dog and a bitch in heat.

I inserted another finger in her cunt and was moving it in and out with great speed. Mother was moaning loudly and moving her hand fast as if giving me a hand job.

I put my mouth near to her ear and said,

“Mom! Please part your legs apart. I want to fuck you. Let me put my cock in you and enjoy the fucking in sea. Please guide my cock to your cunt.”

Mother stopped moving her hand and said,

“Oh Rahul! I am sorry. We are mother and son. We can’t do it. Don’t ask me such demands. You can’t fuck your own mother. Somebody may come here. Just imagine what will happen then.”

I again took her hand and put on my cock. She again started moving her hand on it.

Then inserting again my fingers in her cunt I said.

“Mother! Please don’t say like this. My cock is so hard for you. It is aching with hardness and needs a release. Please let me discharge myself in the sea. This is my fantasy to enjoy sex in open. Please don’t let this chance go.”

Mother didn’t stopped me from finger fucking or fondling boobs and caressing my cock said,

“Rahul! I can understand your position. You are young and need a release. Let me masturbate you and get you a release.”

Saying this she started masturbating me fast and I also started finger fucking her in the same speed. Mother was cooperating properly now and was moaning loudly. Her cunt was running like a water pipe and she was oozing so much cunt juices that she wet my hand completely.

After about one minute. I thought of another try on my mother and said,

“Mom! See this is not working. My cock is getting painfully hard. Please let me fuck you.”

Mother said, “Rahul! If masturbation is not working then I may suck you for a release.” I was stunned with this unexpected offer from her. How could I refuse such a generous offer to suck my cock from my own mother? So I opened my mouth to hurriedly accept her offer.

But perhaps mother was more eager to suck my cock than me to let her do it, so even before my answer, mother sat near my legs and holding my erect cock in her hand, gulped it fully and started sucking it like a professional cock sucker.

I was in cloud nine. Now my hands were free as she was sitting near my legs so I could neither fondle her breasts nor I could finger her cunt. So I kept my hands on her back of her head and pushing her head tried to push the maximum of my cock in her mouth.

Mother opened her mouth wide to accommodate my pulsating hard and big cock and she was sucking my by taking the maximum of my cock in her mouth.

I was enjoying it like anything. But this was my first time with mother and I wanted to fuck her rather than letting her suck me off. As I was not sure if she will ever allow me to fuck her in future. So I wanted to fuck her today to get the maximum out of the chance I was getting today.

So I thought that it was today or never. Also I was nearing my orgasm so I decided to take another try and pulled my cock out of her mouth and putting my hands on her shoulders, make her stand up. And said,

“Mother! This is not enjoyable. You are sitting in water and if a big wave comes, you may feel down. It is better that you stand up and we do something.”

Perhaps mother was also not enjoying sucking my cock as earlier when she was standing near me, I was fondling her boobs and finger fucking her cunt. Also I was hugging her so she was getting the feeling of skin to skin touch. But now she was sitting near my feet and sucking my cock, so I could not do anything. Her cunt and boobs were unattended now.

So mother also willingly got up and looking towards me as if pleading me to again take het cunt in my palm and fondle her boobs.

But as she was a lady and also my mother so she could not directly ask me to cup her cunt or to finger fuck her.

So this time without asking her for permission. I hugged her tightly and putting my hands below her buttocks, I lifted her up in my lap. Mother also put her arms around my neck and hanging on it, she also circled her legs around my waist to make a balance of herself. (This was an indication that now her inhibitions were gone and she was ready to be fucked by her son.)

Now as she circled her legs, her cunt automatically widened open and as she was resting her buttocks on my hands and hanging from my neck in my lap, my erect and hard cock started touching her cunt.

Her cunt was open wide and my cock started rubbing inside the slit of her cunt. Her cunt was so wet and my tight cock was opening her, already eager to open, cunt lips and was rubbing inside the pink flesh of her cunt.

My prick was touching her cunt and I just could not be stopped than by any force on the earth. I held her face and kissed her strongly. I was in no position to stop.

“What are you doing? Please don’t do it. Somebody may come. This is so wrong Rahul!”

But her protest seemed weak.

“Mom! Stop me only if you don’t want to enjoy the moment. If you have your fantasies like this. Please let me do it. I have been having a fantasy to fuck you since so many years. Now this is the chance, when we can do it and nobody will ever come to know. But you are my mother and I am not going to do anything without your permission. If you don’t want me to push myself in, please tell me and I will stop. ”

And saying that I lifted her on both hands and kept my cock rubbing on her cunt. Mother kept silent but was trying to push her cunt on my cock to let it move in. I got the message that she was ready. I knew she was my mother and being an Indian lady could never ask her son to fuck her.

Mother was looking in my eyes with a pleading look. Her whole body was begging me to ram my cock in her cunt and fuck her mercilessly.

I pulled her buttocks to my side and pushed my cock on her hole. Her cunt lips willingly opened wide and my cockhead easily moved in her tight cunt.

Mother gave a delightful squeal and with a whimper pushed her body on my cock. I also gave a big jerk and my hot and tight cock went all the way in her cunt till my balls were tightly fixed to her cunt as if 2 guards were standing outside a gate to guard it.

Her cunt was so hot inside. It seemed that my cock was in a hot furnace and burning. Mother was moaning so loudly and rubbing her pelvic on my cock,

I pulled my cock back and jabbed it in again with a great force.

Mother was also moving her cunt on my cock. She was hanging from my neck and I was keeping her weight on my hands by putting them under her buttocks and giving big jerks.

I was fucking my mother with all my might. Perhaps this was my greatest fantasy to fuck her so I was so hot and happy. Same way mother was also living her own fantasy. Also perhaps she was no being fucked properly by father so she was enjoying a fuck after a long break.

I kept fucking her and she kept hanging on my neck. But as she was heavy and also the position was such that it was not possible to fuck her fast. Also my hands were tired holding her big weight on them so I asked her,

“Mother! My hands are tired with weight and also the movement can’t be fast in this way. Let me take you to sea beach and I will fuck you properly there.”

Mother was also willing but she was not willing to let me take my cock out, so she replied,

“Rahul! You are right. I cannot hang like this long. But please don’t take your cock out of me. Can you carry me in this very pose to sand?” I was a young man, so I kept my hard cock jabbed in her cunt and walked toward the sand. My hard cock was moving in and out of my mother’s cunt with the momentum of my walking movement. As I was walking with automatic fucking motion, mother was moaning loudly and lovingly clinged to my neck. On reaching the sand, I lovingly lowered myself while keeping my cock in her cunt and made my mother lye on the sand beach.

Mother widened her legs apart and folded them towards her shoulders. This gave me more space to fuck her deeply and I put her feet on each of my shoulders and started fucking her with the full length of my cock.

We both were enjoying the moment and mother was looking in my eyes. I also looked in her face and keeping my eyes met with her, I kept fucking her. Slowly my movements gathered speed and now my cock was fucking her with high speed.

Now my cock was moving in and out of her cunt like a railway piston. Mother was moaning loudly and encouraging me to fuck her harder. Her cunt had clutched my cock like a vice and her cunt was hot inside like a furnace. When I was withdrawing my cock out, her cunt muscles used to tighten around my cock as if they didn’t want to let my cock move out. And when I was pushing my cock in again, then her cunt was easily letting my cock go in till hilt.

We both were panting and mother was cooperating heartily to fuck her. She was thumping her buttocks up and trying to fuck my cock. Each of my inward thrust was met with more harder upward thrust of my mother letting my cock go fully inside her cunt.

We both were fucking as if two WWF wrestlers were wresting on the sand beach.

Now we both were wet with sweat. Our bodies were glistening in the moonlight.

My orgasm was approaching fast. It seemed that I will not be able to withstand the fuck much longer. So I hugged my mother in tight embrace and whispered,

“Mom! I am nearing up. May I shoot in your cunt or you are unprotected?”

Mother replied,

“Rahul! When you were born, my tubes had to be tied due to some medical problems and now I can’t become pregnant again. There is no risk, you just keep going with the full speed and hard strokes. You may shoot in me. There is no risk involved. Rather I will love you to cum in me. Please don’t talk and concentrate on your strokes.”

I was happy as it would have been the most difficult task to withdraw my cock out at the time of cumming.

After 10-12 more strokes I felt as if some volcano is going to erupt inside me. My breathing was getting more fast. Mother also sensed the coming event. Her own orgasm was about to blast. My buttocks automatically clenched and my cock tightened itself. It started pulsating and throbbing in her cunt. Mother new that it is time.

With a big moan, I jabbed my throbbing cock till its hilt in her cunt and first glob of my thick semen shoot like a piston from my cock and hit her womb. As soon as mother felt my semen hitting her womb, she also gave a shriek and she raised her buttock up in the air to let my cock go till its balls inside her cunt.

My first shoot was met with another and then another shoot of cum. After 2-3 shots I lost my breath and fell on mothers naked breasts like a dead dog and my cock kept twitching and shooting in her cunt. I lost the counts but these must be about 15-20 shots till the cock totally drained up.

Mother also hit her biggest orgasm and her cunt muscles also kept pulsating and clinging to my shooting cock. Her cunt was flooding her own cum and her cunt muscles kept milking my cock as if a cow is milked till even the last drop of cum was milked by her cunt.

After the storm of our mutual orgasm subsided, we both kept lying on the beach in each other’s arms.

After some time, I raised my head from her boobs and lovingly looked in her eyes. Surprisingly neither of us was feeling any shame for the biggest crime of Indian society to fuck own mother / son and rather we were feeling blessed to be lovers than being mother son.

I kissed my mother lovingly and said,

“Mom! Thank you so much to let me love you in this way. Perhaps this was my hidden fantasy to make love to you in this way. This was pure heaven on earth. I had never even thought that sex can be so enjoyable. I had fucked many girls but you are really the best. None of my girlfriends could give me so much pleasure. Now I love you more than anytime in past. Now I love you as a son and also as a “Man”. I hope this fucking session was enjoyable to you also.”

Saying this I hugged my mother and my hand started caressing her back.

Mother also hugged me lovingly and said,

“Rahul! Thank you so much to make me so happy today. I have never been so happy in my life with your father. As your father has no time for me, so perhaps there was a hidden fantasy in me to make physical love to my own son. You have fucked me so vigorously that I had not enjoyed sex so much in life. Many a times I had thought of coming to sea beach with your father but today you filled my desires.”

Saying this she hugged me tight. Now my hand was moving on her buttocks and suddenly my fingers came in contact with her anal opening. I slowly pushed my finger inside and my index finger went in my mother’s ass hole till its first chuckle.

Mother moaned loudly but did nothing to dislodge my finger from her ass. Perhaps she also liked it. She took my limp cock in her hand and started caressing it with love. I inserted my finger fully in her ass and now I was fucking her ass hole with it.

Again my cock started getting hard and in added another finger to her ass. Mother kept moaning and kept moving her hand on my cock as if giving me a hand job.

Now I wanted to fuck her in ass. I lovingly asked her,

“Mom! How many times father has fucked you in ass. Do you have some fantasy to be fucked in ass on a sea beach?”

Mother smiled lovingly and tightening her fist on my cock said,

“Rahul! What fantasy? I am totally virgin in my ass. Your father have never fucked me behind there. Now he is never hard enough even to push it in my ass.”

I pushed both my fingers in her ass and asked,

“Mom! Do you want me to fuck you in ass? Mother let me fuck you with my throbbing cock in ass and take your anal virginity. Once father had fucked you and taken your cunt cherry and today your son will take your ass cherry on the lonely sea beach. It is going to be another first in our relation.”

Mother wanted to do it but was fearing as it was to be her first time in anal sex. So she fearfully said,

“Rahul! You are right but you are so big and so thick in girth there. If you fuck me in ass, you are going to tear my ass apart. Also here we don’t have any lubrication, so I fear that it is going to be painful if you fuck me in ass.”

I assuring replied,

“Mother! Don’t fear. I will be gentle with you. You are my own loving mother so how can I even think of giving you pain? I will stop if you feel pain or don’t want me to fuck you with full length of my cock. For lubrication I will use my saliva.”

Saying this I pushed her and made her stand in doggy style. Perhaps mother was eager to be fucked in her ass for the first time as she cooperated me and now standing as a bitch with legs apart.

Now my cock was steel hard as I was going to take my mother’s anal virginity. I took my pulsating and throbbing cock in hand and rubbed in in cunt slit. Her cunt was so wet and oozing her cunt juices. My cock was drenched in her cunt juices. I took some saliva from my mouth and gently rubbed on her ass hole. Then I inserted 2 fingers in her ass and lubricated it thoroughly.

I asked mother to part her ass cheeks and she eagerly did it. Now she was holding her ass cheeks apart, and her anal hole was gently opening and closing with the anticipation of an invading cock.

I put the hot mushroom head of cock on her anal opening and gave a gentle push.

Her ass hole was tight and her muscles clenched and didn’t allow my cock to move in. I took my one hand down on her cunt and pushing a finger in her cunt and fucking her with it said,

“Mother! Keep calm. Let the anal muscle relax and let the cock go in. I am your own son and you should have faith in me. I will be so gentle and will not let you have pain.”

Mother was also moaning now and enjoying the moving finger in her cunt. She relaxed a bit. As soon as I found her relaxing, I gave a powerful jerk and parting her ass hole, my cock went almost half the way in her ass.

Mother gave a big shriek and tried to move forward due to pain. Her beautiful eyes welled with tears and she cried in pain. I put my hand on her mouth and said,

“Mother! I am sorry. But now my cock in her your ass. Just relax. It is over. I am going to move it further in without your permission. Please don’t cry or shriek as somebody may hear and come here to inquire.”

Mother immediately went silent and kept standing as before. But she signaled me to stop my inward thrusts. I nodded and kept still.

Her ass hole was so tight that my cock was feeling like tightened in a vice. It seemed that her ass muscles have clenched my cock in a tight fist. Her ass was so hot inside that it felt like a furnace. My cock was throbbing inside.

Mother could feel the throbbing of cock in her ass. But as this was her first time so she was not used to be fucked in ass and she was feeling pain.

As mother found that I was not going to move further in without her permission and also I am not going to fuck her in ass against her wish, she relaxed and her ass muscles also relaxed.

I kept finger fucking her in cunt and with another hand I started fondling her big boobs, which were handing like melons as she was standing in doggy pose.

After some time her pain finished and now she was also moaning. She nodded her head and signaled me to move ahead.

I lovingly kissed her on shoulder and gave a gentle thrust. Now it was not so uneasy for her. Within 2-3 more heavy thrusts, my cock was fully in her ass now.

My public bone touched her big buttocks and my balls were tightly fit on her cunt now.

When I found mother to be easy and enjoying, I withdrew my cock and pushed it again. Within 4-5 such gentle thrusts, my mother was moaning loudly. Here she was standing like a bitch with legs wide apart and my 2 fingers were moving in her cunt with great speed and with other hand I was fondling her hanging boobs.

My cock was moving with great speed now. I used to withdraw it till only the cock head was in and then with a great push I was sending it in fully.

Mother was whimpering and enjoying the double fuck in cunt and ass. This ass fuck went on for 10 minutes.

Now I was nearing my first orgasm in my mother’s ass. I told her about it and she asked me to cum in her ass, as there was no risk of pregnancy in ass.

As I felt my cock swelling with cum, I gave a loud moan and pushed another finger in her cunt, widening it with now 3 fingers and my cock started spewing its honey in my loving mother’s ass.

As mother felt my cock releasing its honey in her ass hole, she also felt her big orgasm and her ass muscles twitched and she came with a big moan. Her cunt started flooding her cum. It drenched my hand and passing it her cunt juices started falling on her thighs.

I kept releasing my cock juices in her ass and it filled it up. As my cock was fit in her ass hole like a cork fit in a bottle, so my semen could not come out from her ass hole and kept in ass.

I was fully drained out and lied on her back.

Mother was also drained out and also as this was her first time in anal fuck, so she was also feeling pain in her ass. So she kept standing in doggy pose and I kept lying as a dead dog on her back.

After some time, my cock went soft and it came out of her ass with a plop sound. As my cock came out, all the stocked up semen also started draining out from her ass and passing through her cunt slit, it kept dripping down on the sand.

Mother also got back her composure and I rolled over from her back and we both were lying face to face on sand.

Mother was looking in my eyes and her face was full of love for me. She kissed me on my lips and said in a loving voice,

“Rahul! My son! This was perhaps the best evening of my life. Certainly I had many fantasies in my mind and also I was looking forward to some physical enjoyment in my life, as your father is a workaholic and he is not interested in anything but money. So he is not sexually active with me. I am not so old yet and was yearning for a hard fuck. Today you have not only fucked me hardest in my life but also taken my anal virginity. You are my son and also like my second husband in ass. I hope I will not have to crave for a fuck in my coming life.”

I also lovingly hugged her and said,

“Mother! Don’t be apprehensive. Now onward you won’t have to wait for a fuck. I will keep fucking you daily. Father is normally out and we both can enjoy our life. You just tell me, whenever you feel like being fucked and I will always be there to fuck you in cunt and ass both.”

Mother took my soft cock in her hand and caressing it lovingly said,

“Thank you so much son. I appreciate your concern and love for your mother. Ab hotel ke kamre mein chalein? Abhi theek se nahin hua hai. (May be move to our hotel room now? We had not done it properly yet.).”

I smiling nodded my head and knew that now onward there are only roses and roses in our life.