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The Given Word – a Love Story

“Sorry Miss. Renu, I’m late”

“It’s Ok, Ramu…I Just came here”

“So…shall we…?”

“Of course…. did you brought the earthworms?”

“Yes…Yes…I got some earthworms”

While she was pointing towards my Bamboo stick…she said…

“So…here is our fishing rod huh? Just a dried bamboo stick?” she laugh loud at me….

“It’s Ok…Miss. Renu, we are not professionals, …. are we? Let’s go for fishing with this one”.

“Ok..Ok…my little fishermen…let’s go for it”

We moved to the little boat which was near by the bank of the lake, and got in to it. So, I got the oar and rowed to middle of the river. While I was rowing, she put her hands in to the water, and smiled at me. I just looked in to her blue eyes and just got lost. Her sweet face was worth for watching for a whole day. Her face always caught my eyes. And her long neck, and the long black hairs…it’s always struggling with the breeze and hides the cute face I was looking at. I smiled back.

“Why?” she asked

“Why?” I asked too

“Why are you looking at me Ramu?”

Suddenly I came to the real world, due to taxi’s honking.

“Where are we now son…?”

“Sir…. we just reached “Begumpet”, where do you want go… Sir?”

“Mmmmm…here is the address…my son…Road No-12, Banjara hills, Hyderabad, See”

After 20 minutes of drive, he stopped the car nearby large building. I couldn’t wait till I get down from the Taxi. So…The young taxi driver came and opened the taxi door for me. Then I got down and reached to the main entrance.

“Sir…you want me to wait here for you sir?” So the young driver yelled at me.

“Yes…my son…but it will take few hours…may be more…but I will pay you son. Just wait here only”

“As you wish Sir…Good day Sir”, again he yelled.

I went to the office premises in this nursing home. While I was going, I looked around; I could see lots of elder people were going here and there, on corridors. Some are in wheel chairs; some are sitting on benches and just looking around. Some are laughing, while some are crying. Some of them were really gave full of attention for me. I guess it’s because, since I’m also in their age, they may be thinking, I’m a new comer.

“Good Morning…Sir” A Young lady greeted me.

“OH…very Good morning…my child”

“How can I help you Sir? You are here to mm…m…Admit…or…?”

“Oh no no…I’m here for a visit…. Actually to see a friend”

“OK…Well…let me help you Sir…what is his name?

“Oh..yes…actually “her”…. name is…Uh…Mrs. Renu Maitra, around 66 years old ”

“Oh you really mean…Miss. Renu Maitra? …When did you visit her for last time Sir?”

“No…No my sweet child…. this is the very first time I came to visit her”

“Sir…Please be seated here…. Sir…I send a nurse to Miss. Renu’s room and check. Then…I’ll arrange a escort to her….”

“Of course My Dear child, I’ll surely wait here”.

I just sat, and the nurse came back, in seconds.

“Sir…I’m Sorry…She is sleeping for now, and it will take around an hour or two to wake…are you going to stay here until she wakes Or..What Sir?

“Darling…I came all this way from “Himachal Pradesh”, only to see her, after 34 years, there is no reason to go back without seeing her, I would like to remain and wait here for my entire life to see her again, if wants”.

“Sir…I’m sorry Sir…yes…yes…Please be seated here…. Sir…If you want anything just let me know Sir…and..Uh….Nurse….please ask URMI, to arrange a drink for this Gentleman.”

“Well…thank you…I’ll go around and wait outside; I need some air too.”

I came out side and sat on the bench under a tree. It was really a nice day and again I lost in my past…

“Ramu, you are coming to school tomorrow? And don’t forget the home works, OK?

“Yes Miss Renu, right after I reach home I’ll do it for sure, and yes tomorrow, I will be at school”

At first, Miss Renu was a nice teacher to me; she was very kind to me. There used to be a big smile on her face all the time. I loved to go to school just because to learn from her. Some attraction was there in those deep blue eyes which forces to forget everything and see the love birds are circling all around me. Without even knowing the true meaning of love I just get attracted to the magnet named Miss. Renu. If she couldn’t come to school for a day, It was very hard for me to spend that day, without her kindness, and appearance. Those days used to be like a cursed days for me.

I used to look at her waist length black hairs when she writes on the blackboard. The most beautiful part used to be when she turns around and flicks those hairs towards her shoulder. Those white chalk marks on her cheek always looks likes a beauty spot to me. When she places her hand on her waist and looks around to find my staring eyes. Those beautiful touches on my shoulder which melts me like a candle.

One day, when I came to school, early in the morning, I saw Miss. Renu was sobbing at her desk. I surprised and I got so upset. My heart stopped beating, I felt like someone stabbed by heart. I reached to her slowly and kneeled down in front of her then…Asked,

“Miss. Renu, Don’t you feel well?”

But she didn’t raise her head, and continuing the sobbing. I feel so helpless. Then again I asked…

“Miss… if you don’t feel well, please go home and sleep, then it will be Ok”

But she did say nothing. I couldn’t understand anything, Bur the tears continues to flow. My eyes become wet and my throat got choked. I am not in a state to say anything more than that. I feel I must go out. I just got outside the school and cried up to my heat content. So in that day, her mood was not good. She didn’t talk with me or other teachers as usual. And I noticed all the other teachers looked at her with mercy. When she moved nearby them, they mumbled to each other’s ears and breathe heavily. I couldn’t understand anything, but I want to know what is happening around her.

Then the School bell rang for the day end. I got my School bag and was coming out, suddenly someone hold me by my shoulder. I turned around to found miss. Renu and she asked me:

Ramu…what are you doing this evening?” (I can hear the pain in her voice)

I was delighted listening to her voice “Miss I am going for fishing by boat, in the lake near the forest”

“May I join with you for today?” she asked from me sadly.

“Yes Mem, I will love it if you join me”

This is the first time when she asked to accompany me in fishing. I was in heaven as I will get some time with her alone in a peaceful place. That evening she came to fishing with me. So we sat down the River bank. Then I asked about the morning. She told me everything.

She belongs to Bangladesh’s Bengoli Family. Some power hunger politician created violence atmosphere for them as well as others at her home town. Her parents sent her to a relative’s house at West-Bengal 2 years back. Her parents along with her younger brother been shot by the militia on this ongoing Civil War. She lost her Lover Priyanshu year back in a shootout. She was the only master degree holder in her village and always wanted to be a School Teacher. Her wish fulfilled when she arrived Himachal from West-Bengal when her aunt gesticulated her to get-out of the house. She was quite happy here but the death of her all family members broke her down. She never got a chance to attain the last rites nor got the chance to see their faces for the last time. She got the news only after 10 days of their demises. She lost all her loved ones one by one and there is nobody left to condolence her.

I see drop of tears on her eyes. I feel so pity about her. When she finished her story, I hold her hand tiredly, without even known to myself. She didn’t refuse it either. For a moment I forgot she is my teacher any more, instead, I feel her as a little girl who needs my kindness and attention. Even I really liked her, I know she is my teacher. But I got strange feeling about her. I can’t explain it, I didn’t understand it why or what. Even you can’t understand my feelings. I just wanted to see her happy always. I never understood why my heart never listened to me whenever she was close to me. I always felt that this heart is a legacy of her which I am keeping safely in my body.

Finally we stood up, and we came back. The following day was a holiday. So I couldn’t wait to see her in next school day. When I went to school day after holiday, it feels so nervous to me. I couldn’t stop watching at her all the time. I couldn’t do any more school works there. The end of the school for that day…she came to me…

“Ramu…you go to fishing today also?”

“Yes Miss. …as usual…I go almost every day”

“But… I guess you never catch a fish, aren’t you?” she asked me while smiling at me

“Mmmm…yes most of the days …No”

“OK…then I’ll meet you there”