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The Return of Sumo Riders

It was a week after Richa’s encounter with the two guys in the Sumo car when we were traveling to Pune. Richa was not too keen to discuss the topic but when I said, “I do not think they will get in touch with us”. She insisted that they will and even predicted that it will happen on Tuesday or Thursday. Now, we were discussing it on the Saturday afternoon and I asked Richa, “Should we ask them come home if they call? And should we call both the men together or separately? How do you want it honey?” She was still little reluctant to discuss it. I could not hold on and started teasing her by rubbing my wet fingers on her face and neck. That certainly got her going but she didn’t answer my question. “I asked you something dear”, I reminded her. “Not at home, book a hotel room for 3-4 hours and let them be together if they are okay”, she responded in a haste. I instantly planted a kiss on her cheek, “That is like my slutty wife”. This time we both had a good laugh.

Everything was normal until Monday evening when around 9pm, my phone rang. I had just reached home and was removing the shoes when I answered the call.

“Hey! Is this Bharat I am talking to?”, the person asked.

“Yes, this is Bharat. Who is this?”, I responded.

“Hey Bharat, this is Yatin here. The codeword “Richa in the Sumo”. Do you remember, buddy?”

“Oh hey, yeah, I can recognize, how is it going?”

“I am good. Can you set up something this week?”, Yatin was straight to the point.

“Sure, let me talk to her and see how we can accommodate. Wait for my call. I’ll call you back!”, I responded and was about the disconnect the call and hug Richa from behind.

“Sure! Thanks mate! Just one question though – do you charge for this?”, he fumbled a bit.

“No worries, we will discuss that when I call you back. Bye for now!”, I disconnected the call and kissed Richa’s neck from behind.

“It was Yatin”, I told her softly. She almost instantly jerked her body in anticipation. But I decided to tease her a bit. I got fresh and changed into night wear but did not touch the topic although I pretended of calling a couple of hotels and inquired about a room for a whole night. I continued my hotel search online also and made it a point that Richa see me doing it. I pretended as if I was too busy in planning out this endeavor and finished the dinner also quickly. Richa kept staring at me many times to see if I would bring the discussion forward but I just avoided that and continued doing my own work. When we were in bed also, I pretended as if I am thinking about planning them out.

“Honey, you don’t even plan our travels so thoughtfully”, she finally broke her silence.

“What do you mean?”, was my quick reply.

“I mean, you are so consumed since you received his call”

“Whose call?” I cut her short.

“Y..Y….Yatin”, she hesitantly spoke and I loved it so much. It was an indication she was into it too.

“Richa – he asked me if we charge for this. That really got me thinking.”, I spoke in a serious tone.

“You bastard!”, she shouted in hysteria. “Are you pimping your wife?”

I loved her reaction and pulled her on top of me. She saw me laughing and punched me on the chest while I pinched her clit over her dress. “Kameena…haramzaada” she whispered and started kissing my chest wildly that I had to pacify her. I knew the stage was set for the action. I gave her a gently bite on her ear lobes and whispered, “I will call him tomorrow morning and confirm for the evening”. Before she could respond, I was all over her. I did not let her speak a word or moan with my kisses and banged her hard that night. It was a very good experience that night.

The next morning, I booked a room in one of the known hotels for that night and called up Yatin. Richa was still in my arms and listening to me. I asked him about meeting the same evening, he was overjoyed and confirmed immediately. I gave him the address and details about how to get there.

“And it will cost you Rs. 3500.”, I told him at the end. Richa slapped my chest across when I spoke about money but I kept her away from phone.

“Did you say 3500?” he tried to confirm.

“Yes, do you want to negotiate? You can do that with Richa”, I jokingly told him. He laughed back and confirmed.

“Darling, that is only for the hotel room charges!”, I told Richa before she could blast me.

“But what will he think about me, then?”, her quick reaction.

“Meet me at XXXX sharp at 5:30pm”, I told her and got into getting ready to leave for work.

We did not speak even once during the day until we met near the hotel exactly at 5:30pm. She came wearing a business formal but was carrying a small bag containing spare dresses for both of us. She looked stunning as always and I grabbed her hand as we walked into the hotel. We had no troubles checking in and I also informed the beautiful lady at the counter that we are expecting a guest in the evening. As soon as we got into the room, I sent details to Yatin and he acknowledged almost instantly. “Richa, he sounded all fired up”, I told her to break the silence and melt down the uneasy tension building in. I also kissed her forehead and comforted her. “Assume he is our business partner, he should be leaving us happily”, I told her which brought smile on her face. We spent some time watching television when Yatin sent me a text, “We’ll reach hotel in another 15 minutes”. Richa was stunned to read “We” but I calmed her down. I asked her to quickly change into something more comfortable. She put on the lacy black bra and panty and added the nighty on it. Her silky hairs were not tied and her eyes were full of anticipation. It was all sufficient to make any man hard. I was already.

Within 10 minutes, our room phone rang. There was the receptionist at the other side.

“Sir, you had mentioned about the guest. There are two gentlemen here, Mr. Yatin and Mr. Shiva! Do you want to talk to them?”

“No, send them over. I know them personally”, I asked her quickly and disconnected.

Richa was shivering in excitement. I asked her to open the door for them while seating on the sofa. They were all smiles and checking her out since the moment they stepped in. Both were formally dressed and atleast looked gentlemen. Richa secretly glanced over and sat on the arm of the sofa beside me. We had an initial conversation and they informed us that they were employed at the same company and were good buddies over the time. Both of them were unmarried and interested in women. Shiva infact could not hold back and asked us if we are into pimp business. Richa blushed when he asked that question. He admitted it was difficult to accept that a couple was so willingly involved in this. I acknowledged and told them it was merely the thrill that gets us going. I asked them to keep the privacy and assured the same from our side. All the while in the conversation, I saw Yatin barely speaking but he absolutely never took his eyes off Richa. She was still clinging to me but then I decided to set the tone.

“Guys, it is about 6:30pm. Put Rs. 3500 on the table and have her till 10:30pm. Just let her know what and how you want it to happen. She usually does not deny anyone anything. So I am positive you will leave satisfied. Right, Richa?”

Yatin quickly put the money on the table. I picked it up and emptied the sofa for them. Yatin jumped into my place and pulled Richa in his laps. I placed a chair in front of television set giving them ample room behind me. Yatin was kissing her up and down while Shiva placed his hands on her thighs. Richa was now lying on the sofa with her mouth in Yatin’s hand while Shiva had grabbed her bottom. She wasn’t yet warmed up as she was still passive. Yatin was now kissing her open mouth and trying to suck her tongue while Shiva was tickling her feet and giving them a soft massage. He had already raised Richa’s gown well over her knees exposing her milky legs and was occasionally kissing and licking them. Yatin was passionately kissing her neck, shoulders and giving her gentle bytes on her ear lobes. He took off her ear rings and opened the upper two buttons of her nighty. He also placed his hand inside her nighty and started rubbing her breasts from over her bra while continuing to suck her lips in between. Shiva was catching up the momentum too as he moved closer to Yatin and pulled her nighty well over her waist exposing her thighs and lacy panty. He took both her legs in his possession and started kissing her inner thighs and licking them over. Just as Yatin was sucking and pulling her tongue out, Shiva raised Richa’s leg and gave her a nice little slap on her bum.

“WHACK”, the sound was really enticing. Richa suddenly broke the kiss with Yatin and moaned slightly, “Ahhaaa”

They both liked it and Yatin encouraged Shiva who then blasted a quick series of SLAPs on Richa’s butts. Yatin made sure he was not letting her moan easily as he tried to lock her lips with his. The sound of Shiva’s rough palm making contact with Richa’s round bums was indeed very exciting and added the sex quotient of the room. Richa certainly was warming up fast and sensing that Shiva pulled her somewhat violently to himself. He pulled her hairs so that her face was right in front of him and he was looking straight into her. He continued his attack and gave her few more slaps on her bums as she moaned seductively while looking at him straight. He loved the bitchiness in her eyes and slapped her harder and started calling her names. I knew this would certainly put Richa on the track and I was dead right. Richa moaned a bit higher this time encouraging him further. Shiva almost threw her on the carpet on her knees and wrapped his legs around her neck and pulled her closer. He was still making her look straight into his eyes.

“Maza aa raha hai na…haramzaadi? Saali….acche ghar ki bigadi kamini….Raaaand saaali”, oh god, he was just adding up to the excitement. He even face slapped her couple of times, pinched her face in aggression and pushed his feast in her mouth to establish his supremacy. And I think Richa behaved exactly the way he would have wanted. She choked herself onto his feast, took the face slapping and pinching sportingly but never looked away from him. She kept the bitch in her eyes awoke all the time and that excited him even further. In a flash of second, he removed her nighty and continued his hair pulling. He was making her lick his fingers and massaging her face with them, thereby spreading her own saliva on her face. Yatin, at the same time, went behind and grabbed her back. He gave her few more hard slaps on her bums. Just as it was turning into a spanking session, Yatin tore off her bra and threw it away. He circled her breasts from behind and started kneading them while Shiva was having her face. He got busy kissing her face while Yatin was enjoying her back. At one point, they were only inches apart licking her body with the same passion. Richa was already in the rhythm, she had loved the spanking she received and was beginning to enjoy the love making.

They were into serious lovemaking now. Yatin was kissing and licking every centimeter of her back while Shiva was busy smooching her and sucking her tongue. Richa was still not completely naked, her panty was not yet removed but the hands were already reaching down. Shiva was massaging her naval and pushing his hands down inside her panty and trying to locate her love triangle. Yatin on the other hand was licking her arms and back and at the same time squeezing her breasts real hard and pinching her nipples too. Richa too was quite busy sucking Shiva’s tongue and was jerking her body to match their advances. They were forming a nice rhythm. Shiva would kiss her lips and suddenly go down towards her breasts and suck her nipples. At the same time, Yatin would come up and turned her head around to kiss her lips. She tasted by both of them alternatively and she was all excited. Shiva added another dimension to it when he actually went ahead to lick her armpit. Mind you, it tickles Richa a lot. She shuddered when he attempted and broke away the kiss to stop him. But Yatin quickly engaged her into smooching him and Shiva put his tongue on her armpit and started licking it. Richa isn’t hairy at all and it is fun to taste her there but that simply tends to press the button. Richa moaned loud enough to show of the additional excitement she was subjected to. She almost bit Yatin when Shiva licked her armpits; he sensed it and went for her breasts again. But Shiva was not ready to give up. He pushed his fingers in her mouth and raised her other arm to kiss the armpits. Richa could not hold and almost bit him on his fingers which he actually liked. But he suddenly pulled out and slapped her face while licking her armpits.

“Ohhhhhhhh…..oooooooo….Gosh”, Richa almost growled over his stuffed fingers as she was licked under her arms.

Now it seemed to be Yatin’s term. Just as Shiva loosened his grip, Yatin pulled her over and threw her on the center table. He pulled her panties off to make her completely naked. He placed his one hand around her neck and the other between her legs to pull her up. His fingers probably stuck into Richa’s cunt as she moaned loudly when he pulled her up violently. She was now thrown on the bed and Yatin jumped on her. He gave her few more slaps on her bums before turning his finger up her clit. Richa was now clearly warmed up and ready for every action. She was moaning continually. Yatin kissed her head to toe one more time and I think was ready for the hardcore action. Shiva seemed relaxed and waited on the sofa. Yatin pulled Richa closer to the edge of the bed and dropped his trouser. His member was sufficiently good and was rock hard. He started rubbing it on her naked thighs.

“Is she comfortable with oral sex, Bharat?”, he suddenly asked me. I was sitting there with my hand inside the pant. “Absolutely”, was the only thing I could exclaim. “Anything Yatin! he has already mentioned!”, Shiva reminded him and we all laughed. That tend to have ignited Yatin further.

He pulled her out of bed and threw on the small chair beside sofa and sat on her face with his member at a close distance from her mouth. And when Richa moved in front to take him in, Shiva laughed loudly. “See, she is a true raandi”, he commented. Yatin just pushed in with all his might and Richa focused on the job at hands. She is good with her mouth and hand and can melt even the bigger of the biggest. Yatin was no exception as Richa started licking him and playing with his balls giving him the most amazing groin massage he ever had. He was already rock hard. He pulled out almost instantly. He slapped her face and threw her on the bed again. This time, he spread her legs wide and started thrusting in. He bent to kiss her and suck her nipples as Richa guided his member inside her love tunnel. There was enough moisture and he had no troubles getting in. He started with slow strokes radiating the pain out of the deliberate friction. Richa certainly liked it as she was moving her hips in rhythm to match his strokes. Yatin soon upped his gear and was now giving her hard strokes. He was also biting on her nipples and kissing her lips. Richa was moving her body just as perfectly to give him the pleasure he wanted. Shiva noticed that they were in a perfect pace and moved steadily towards the bed. He sat beside Richa’s face first. Both Yatin and Richa knew he was up for something and were keeping an eye on him deep in between their lovemaking. Shiva gently pulled Richa’s arms over her head and started licking her fingers. Yatin winked at him as he started coming down again towards her underarms. “No…no…nooo..”, Richa tried to stop him but he kissed her lips to fade her protest. Poor Richa, she was totally under their control. Shiva continued kissing her lips and rubbing his nose over her. Yatin was still going strong and pulling Richa closer to him at every stroke. They seemed to have formed another rhythm when suddenly Yatin started grunting and shivering. After over 15 minutes of stroking, he was ready to shoot his cum. He wanted Richa to give him head but she was already taken over by Shiva. He thankfully pulled out and walked to the bathroom. We all heard him moaning quite loudly there as he shot the jets of his jism all over.

By the time he came out of the bathroom, Shiva had Richa in his arms and they were kissing and making love like vintage lovers. No one could have believed they hardly knew each other. Richa was all laughs and giggles reciprocating his kisses and pinches and rubbing he was giving her. He had opened his shirt and was having Richa relaxed on her hairy chest and massaging her back continually. At time he was poking his finger in her bum cheeks and then suddenly putting it inside her underarms, Richa would giggle loud and try to stop him, but only helping him do more. They were clearly liking each other’s saliva and sucking a lot of each other’s tongue while smooching. He had aroused her so much that she was also kissing his face, his neck and rubbing his hairy chest. They were reaching the new heights of ecstasy all the time. He would suddenly put his finger between her legs and she would locked them so quickly to let it be inside forever and then he would pushed another finger in her mouth and stretch it open. Sometimes he would press so hard that she would cry in pain but it was instantly replaced by something even more erotic. Yatin was trying to relax on the sofa but could not help regain erection. However, he didn’t join them instead remain seated.

Shiva then pulled Richa over her and adjusted her bums over his face. It seemed he was going to eat her but he did not. He was simply rubbing his nose and using his fingers smartly. Richa was facing away from him and was absolutely jumping in pleasure as he would pluck his finger out and insert another into her holes. He was trying just so many things that Richa was simply engrossed. He would slap her bum, then poke his finger inside or pinch her clit, then suddenly pull her over and byte her ears or kiss her lips, kneading her breasts or pinching the nipples, there were just too many things he kept trying on her. My dear wife, she was literally jumping out of excitement. It was not long before Richa started rolling his pants down and took his member out. Yatin winked at Shiva when she did so. Without anything being said, my obedient wife was ready to give a blowjob to the second stranger in the hotel room. I had already cummed in my pants.

Shiva was holding her hairs to control her movements like a horse rider. He would pull them and then release again and he had held her hands behind her, making her struggle for grip on his cock. He was indeed making her work hard. She would shout when he would pull her hairs but bend equally earnestly to put her mouth over his shaft. After making her struggle for quite some time, he finally showed some sympathy to her. He made her turn around and pushed her head in his groin. But this time also, he did not let her grasp his member instead pushed her mouth in his hairy groin and rubbed his member over her face instead of letting her suck it. It seemed to be his way to make her struggle than give it easily. But Richa was coping so very well that no intervention was required. When he thought he had enough moisture on his shaft, he put her on the bed. Richa would look at him and blush away as he prepared to mount her. She probably had sensed that she was too slutty to his advances and it was difficult for her to accept it so readily. And rascal Shiva, he picked it up quickly. He would purposely look into her eyes and then thrust his member in. He would pull out all the way before pushing again. Richa would look at him once, then looked away but willingly grind her pelvis on his crotch. It would excite him even more and he would thrust her harder and she would moan even harder. It was all too much to control for Yatin. He quickly moved towards the bed and was standing beside them.

Richa and Shiva were engrossed in love making but he saw Yatin standing beside them. It seemed there were very close friends. Despite the fact that Shiva was having hell of a fun with Richa and she was nicely reciprocating, he asked Yatin to go behind her. Yatin quickly lifted her and went behind her back. Shiva was still thrusting her when Yatin started licking Richa one more time. It seemed as though Yatin was feeling little jealous the way Richa was responding to Shiva’s lovemaking. He was aggressively kissing her face and biting her lips that Richa moaned in pain a little. She didn’t resist a lot and remain focused on Shiva while Yatin continued to be growing in aggression. At one point, he was turning Richa’s neck to face him while strangulating her by pressing her throat and pushing 3-4 fingers in her mouth. Shiva seemed to complement him when he slapped her bums at the same instance. Poor lady, she coughed on his palm stuffing her mouth and tried to get rid of his strong grip on her throat. Although it was rough, Richa remained quiet and continued cooperation. Yatin realized his mistake and continued normal kissing and licking along with occasional kneading and pinches on her breasts.

But Shiva seemed to be grunting this time around. He had been steadily riding her for well over 10-15 minutes and I thought he was now losing it out. Richa had reached her climax too it seemed. Considering Shiva’s action so far, it seemed he would do something different. And he lived to the expectation. As it seemed he was close, he pulled Richa towards him and took her in his arms and carried to the bathroom. He kissed Richa full mouth and then put her in the bath tub. He rubbed his cock on her face again and suddenly flashed his semen out all over the tub. Once he was done, he put his cock in front of Richa’s face for the ultimate kiss which she gave him without much resistance. He collapsed and sat beside her in the bathtub as Yatin was seen standing beside throbbing his cock.

“Do you need break honey?”, I asked my beautiful wife. It had been about 2 hours she was working hard to please the two men and it seemed they were eager for another round as they had more than couple of hours on their hand. Richa looked at Shiva who was regrouping in the tub but Yatin seemed to be raring to go again. His face was clearly indicating that he wanted some more action. Richa sensed it and told me, “Don’t worry honey, I am just fine. Go out and relax”

“Can we take her out? Maybe for a casual dinner and some walk afterwards?”, Yatin asked me when I was about to go back to television. I and Richa had not really thought about it so it came really as a surprise. Richa looked at me puzzled. I knew she would not mind a normal dinner.

“Come on man! It should be fun. We’ll take her out as our girl and just experience the thrill”, Shiva quickly added.

Richa smiled when Shiva spoke. I sensed it as to what they were getting to. But I could not have let them take Richa alone. “Yes, you can treat her as your girl. But I will be around.”, I questioned.

“No problems! I want her to wear something really revealing and take her to a good hotel for dinner followed by a roadside walk hand in hand”, Yatin explained his plan.

“And I would want to have a quiet romance with her in a taxi while driving along the road”, Shiva added.

Wow, that sounded like an enticing offer. I knew Richa would not mind that much and agreed at once. “Fine but we’ll need to get going quickly. It can’t be all night”, I warned them.

“Shiva – get off the tub. I will take a nice warm bath with her before we go out”, Yatin declared.

Shiva winked at him and got up to move out. He kissed Richa open mouthed before handing the control to Yatin. Yatin sat in the tub all naked this time and took Richa on his laps. He started the warm tap water to fill up the tub and resumed kissing Richa. My dear wife, she pushed herself in his arms now and reciprocated his kissing. I was thrilled at the way they were treating Richa. A few nasty thoughts sparked in my mind, I could suddenly imagine Shiva coming to our house and fucking the brains out of Richa or Yatin taking her out to company outings and enjoying her in front of everyone. But I engaged myself into a conversation with Shiva. He proposed that we would take a taxi and goto a mall where Yatin wanted to buy something revealing for Richa that she could wear for dinner. We were then going to go to a hotel and post dinner Yatin would take a walk with her along the road. It was only after that my wife was going to be handed back to me. Wow!

While we were chalking our plan, Richa was busy kissing Yatin. She was in his laps and holding to the wall above his head giving him complete access to her bosom. Yatin was massaging her between her legs and at the same time sucking and kissing her breasts and nipples. Shiva quickly updated him about the plan while he continued enjoying Richa’s wet body. Richa was startled when she heard the plan; but she did not protest either. Since there wasn’t much time, Yatin quickly turned into screwing her for the last time in the day. He kept seating straight and asked Richa to fuck this cock this time. Now that was going to be interesting. Richa adjusted her height in the bath and squatted on his cock. She guided it slowly inside her tunnel which was pretty warm and moist already. She put her hands on his shoulders for support and started jumping slowly. Their faces were so close to each other to avoid kissing. Yatin soon was sucking her tongue while she was gently jumping on his cock letting it slide in and out of her love tunnel. Yatin would kiss her or pinch her nipples or give her a few tight slaps on her bums while Richa continued jumping on him. It was the peak of excitement for Richa as she was heard moaning quite loudly. And her moaning compounded by Yatin’s grunts and the rhythmic spanking on Richa’s butts, it was just too much for anyone to stay calm. In less than 10 minutes, this time Yatin was moaning in climax. It didn’t matter this time as he reached the peak and did not bother to pull out, shooting it all inside Richa. She had reached her own climax and came crashing down on him as they both were wet with each other’s juices. We had to give them at least 15 more minutes to grasp their breath and actually clean themselves. I saw Richa was trying to avoid facing me when we were ready to checkout from the room. As a precaution, Yatin and Shiva left early and we joined them in a few minutes after completing checkout formalities from the hotel.

They had already hired two taxis and we pushed ourselves into them. I sat with Yatin in one while Shiva got into another with Richa for their lovemaking session. It wasn’t a too long drive as it was going to take us not more than 15 minutes to reach the mall where Yatin would buy her a dress. I was wondering if Richa would still be equally excited to enjoy with Shiva after reaching a worthy climax moments ago. The Mumbai traffic ensured that Shiva got about half an hour in the taxi with Richa. As soon as they got in, he pulled her close to her. The Mumbai taxi men are usually used to such scenes and the driver didn’t pay too much of attention. However, that being a standard taxi had the glasses rolled down and outsiders were able to catch the duo in action. Shiva was thrilled at it as he started kissing Richa on her cheeks. She had an eye on the driver or the vehicles around while she coped up with his aggression. Shiva continued kissing her face and her neck and gave her some amazing tickling which Richa was finding hard to bear. He had her hand around his neck while his own hand was inside her shirt and pressing the melons. With the slow moving traffic, people from adjacent vehicles were definitely able to see them kissing, some of them would even turn back again and again. Luckily, neither the vehicle nor the roads were brightly lit so it was difficult to figure out exactly who it was. But Richa was really nervous with so many onlookers passing their slow moving taxi while Shiva was thrilled about exactly the same. He lived out his fantasy with Richa but fortunately did not go overboard with it. When we got down at the mall, Richa was not looking uncomfortable.

Yatin quickly took the control this time as Shiva winked at me in satisfaction. Yatin was holding Richa around her waist and walking confidently. Richa did not oppose it either as they entered a fancy women clothes Shoppe. I and Shiva were hanging outside as it would have looked inappropriate for us to follow them inside. I was trying to keep a watch on them from outside and could see Yatin talking something to the helper as Richa punched him gently in the arm with a naughty smile. He would then pull her close and kissed her on the cheeks. They were acting like a perfectly horny couple. He chose a very nice dark blue dress for her. It was a sleeveless one with a deep cut on either side exposing a lot of flesh and was long only upto her thighs, infact well above her knees. It looked beautiful on Richa’s body; everyone in the shop seemed to confirm that with their stares. But Yatin was not yet convinced. He asked Richa to try a push up bra so that her breasts were nicely pulled up above the dress and giving an eye candy for everyone. My dear wife, she was in no mood to disappoint anyone that day. When they walked out, Richa looked stunning in that short dress compounded by the pushed up breasts. Her cleavage was no nicely coming out and so were her thighs looking marvelous. The flashing lights in the mall were simply adding it up, it seemed as though everyone had their eyes fixed on her. She definitely was enjoying all the attention when she saw men literally bumping into each other while walking as their eyes were fixed only on her. I was amazed at how she could still maintain that innocent look.

Shiva proposed that we take another taxi and go to a different hotel so he would get another chance. We laughed but decided against as it was getting late. He too did not press for it, he was anyways going to get a good view of her body over the dinner table. Yatin walked with her with his hand firmly on her waist and sometime rubbing up and down. We got into a subtle restaurant and placed ourselves around a table for four. Yatin obviously had Richa by his side while Shiva sat facing her. Richa was still trying to avoid facing me. The hotel wasn’t as crowded as it was a weekday. We had all the waiters around us to serve the beautiful Mistress. Yatin realized the attention Richa was getting and placed his hand around her and pulled her close. He did not bother to remove his hand on her while we were looking at the menu card and the waiters & helpers were having Richa with their eyes. It was just too much a thing to digest for me, I could hardly focus on anything. I decided to avoid the drink and we ordered some soups to start with. Richa looked little nervous when Yatin openly put his hand between her legs, primarily because all the waiters were able to see it. He pulled her a bit closer and inside the table and tried to cover his act, but everyone knew by then what was happening.

Shiva observed that Yatin would frequently push his hand inside Richa’s dress and she would suddenly go quiet or close her eyes in between sipping the soup. “Is she naked inside?”, Shiva asked Yatin in a soft voice. Richa could not help but look nervous when Yatin replied positive. I was rock hard just hearing that. “She had a push up bra but no panty. I wanted it that way” he said “And she was absolutely comfortable”, he further added. At once, I and Richa looked at each other. “Oh god, she is such a slut”, Shiva commented and we all burst into mild laughter. While Yatin continued fingering Richa and kissing her in between, Shiva proposed something even better. “Guys, imagine we are again seating in the Sumo like position. Let me end it with my leg rubbing against her just the way she started it all”. Wow, so he wanted to finger Richa with his legs under the dinner table, just the way she started seducing them in the Sumo using her legs. “Absolutely, that would be perfect ending”, Yatin confirmed his idea. Yatin stretched Richa’s legs apart and guided Shiva’s leg to rub her clit across the table. Richa shuddered when they did this first time but resumed her composure quickly. She put a towel on her laps to avoid being seen by the waiter who was standing above her shoulder and looking straight down her cleavage. To make things even more difficult for her, Yatin tried feeding her soup from his plate and purposely dropped it on her cleavage. He at once bent to wipe it using his fingers. Gosh, that got almost everyone excited again but Richa quickly reacted and stopped him to wipe it using a tissue herself. He laughed and kissed her on the cheeks to which she could do nothing than giving a smile back. None of us could eat a lot merely due to excitement, much to the disappointment of the staff. But Richa was continually being touched while we finished eating.

Finally, it was all coming to the end. For the final part, Yatin chose a brightly lit road to walk hand in hand with Richa. She was looking a bit exhausted but continued running with the flow. “We will come back in about 15 minutes”, he promised me and disappeared in the crowd along with Richa. She was definitely the center of attraction of the crowd and men were absolutely stopping to take a look at her. Yatin was probably enjoying it as he would frequently pull her closer to her and was walking with his hand around her waist all the time. He even had Richa put her hand around him as they walked. I and Shiva waited for them to return and those were really long 15 minutes. Finally, we saw them returning. Yatin was probably making up the last few minutes as we saw him now kissing her in open. Everyone was looking stunned and Richa was uncomfortable too. But finally it was all over.

They were rather disappointed to bid adieu but we had to return home. “Thanks Bharat, it was an amazing experience!”, they both admitted and thanked Richa also. When we got into the taxi ourselves, it was really tensed. Richa sipped a few drops of water and remain seated close to me. I kept looking outside, there were so many things running through either of our minds. We didn’t utter a single word the whole time. The slightly cold breeze of night was making Richa feel sleepy after the hardworking evening she had. She grabbed my hand firmly and went to sleep. “I am sorry darling”, she tried to speak as we got down of the vehicle and were walking back to the apartment. “Shhhshhhh!”, I stopped her. “I love you more than ever!”, I told her kissed her forehead. That was good enough to bring the cute smile back on her face. Not to mention, we had a great night to conclude.