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Tony, Didi, My wife and I Part 2

While Tony had been standing there looking at us his cock had become hard once more and Pat saw this and walked over to Tony and said Lay on the floor which he did and Pat knelt over him and lowered herself down on his dick, both moaned and sucked in there breath as she did this and she was soon riding his cock sliding up and down on it harder and faster.

With Didi still sucking on my cock it was not going to be long before I shot my load so I asked Didi to stop and I lay down next to Tony and Didi climed on to me and lowered herself down on my cock and I saw tony lift his head as Didi placed her hand down between her legs and line up the head of my cock with her cunt hole and the lowered herself down full onto my dick and I heard Tony say Oh my god you can take it all and with that he lowered his head and Pat and Didi started to ride our cocks rising and falling together and they lent over to each other and kissed as there fucked us.

It was not long before I was ready to shoot my load and I was moaning Yes yes I am going to CuMmmmmmmmmm and with that my cock exploded inside Didi but she did not stop she rode me though the whole of my cumming and as she did this the feeling I was having were making me feel light headed and I had spots before my eyes and she lent forward and kissed me her tongue going inside my mouth.

I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight as we kissed and then I heard Tony moan and I looked as he lifted his back up of the floor and with a grunt he filled my wife with his cum Pat done the same to him and lent forward and kissed him once I had gone soft and it had slipped out of her dripping cunt Didi got up and so did Pat, I looked at them both and said right ladies I wont you to sit on the tables edge and I am going to lick my wife’s cunt and I am sure Tony will lick out his wife’s pussy and that is what we did side by side Tony and myself knelt between there legs and I was licking Tony’s cum from my wife’s honey pot and Tony’s was licking my from his wife’s.

Once Tony and I had cleaned up our wives cunts they licked us clean and we sat and had another drink and talked over what had just gone on and Tony was saying that he still not believe that Didi could take a cock as big as mine well I said you saw it disappear inside her I know he said but I still don’t believe it and we all laugh, Tony said he really enjoyed this foursome and he was very nervous about seeing his wife with another man but now he had it was wonderful to watch and that he had enjoyed having me watching him fucking Pat.

Well I said to Tony you are talking like it is all over for tonight I hope your not going to fuck and run I said with a smile, Tony looked at me and said what you want to carry on Yes I said if that’s ok with you, sure said Tony I just thought it was fuck and go until next time,So there will be a next time then Yea you bet as long as Didi wants to, you will not have to ask me twice she said.

While Tony and I sat naked on the sofa finishing our drinks the girls moved to the floor in front of us and both got up on there knees facing each other and then started to kiss pulling each other together and the tits squash and they stayed like this for a while , when they did part Pat took Didi and lay her down on the floor she the lent over Didi and took one of her nipples into her mouth and sucked it me and brought her hand up and cupped the other breast in her hand and squeezed it pushing the nipple up between her finger and thumb and then twisted it Didi moaned out load and she placed a hand on Pats head and ran her fingers though her hair while holding her tight as they kissed,Pat moved slowly down Didi’s body kissing every inch as she went stopping at her belly button and licking it and sucked on it.

While doing this she had lowered a hand down between Didi’s legs and was now moving her finger round and round on Didi’s clit making her arch her back as a small orgasm went though her Pat started to kiss back up her body and latched on to her nipple again and as she did this pushed two fingers into Didi pussy hole.

Didi ached her back as Pat’s two fingers entered her and it was wonderful to watch as these to beautiful women made love to each other on the rug in front of us, Pat placed a leg either side of Didi head and lowered her cunt onto Didi’s face and she was now licking out Didi’s cunt while still having two fingers inside her, by now my cock was starting to twitch and grow and so was Tony’s as we sat there watching the floor show, Didi slid a finger into Pat’s ass and that took Pat over the edge as she pushed her cunt down hard onto Didi’s face and covered it in her cum juice.

It was not long after that Didi shot her cum into Pats mouth by now Tony and I were rock hard again and as we were sitting side by side on the sofa I took hold of Tony’s cock in my hand and started to slowly move my hand up and down his cock rubbing my thumb round and round on the top of his purple swollen cock head and he looked surprised as I did this but after a few seconds he closed his eyes and gave a soft low moan as I continued and in the end he slipped his hand into my lap and took hold of my cock and started to run his hand up and down my shaft I also closed by eyes with the pleasure I was getting from this.

Suddenly I felt my hand being taken of Tony’s cock and his of mine and when I opened my eyes Didi was kneeling between my legs and just about to take my cock into her mouth and I watched as her gorgeous full lips closed around the head of my cock and slowly started to move down until the whole 10″ had vanished into her mouth and throat and I looked over at Tony and Pat was doing the same to him, I saw my wife taking Tony’s cock into her eager mouth as she started to suck and lick his cock and both of them were moaning out in the pleasure they were getting, Didi cupped my balls into one hand and licked the tip of my cock and pushed the foreskin back over the head with her teeth and then pulled it back over as she came back up my cock with her mouth God the pleasure this was given me was out of this world.

After a while I took Didi’s head from my cock and stood up and lifted her across the the table and sat her on it and placed her bum on the edge of the table and lifted her legs up in front of me and placed them up on my shoulders and placed my cock in her slit and ran it up and down the slit of her drenched pussy and then pushed it into her fully, One hard push and my whole 10″ entered her and she screamed out OH Fucking God Yes Yes fuck me hard, so that is what I done I rammed into her as hard as I could I placed my arms around her up-right legs and fucked her hard and fast.

I could hear Pat saying Yes Yes Tony Oh Yes that’s it Oh Yes and I took a quick look over and he had pat bent over the back of the sofa and was fucking either her pussy of ass from here I could not tell which hole he was in but I knew Pat was enjoying it by the moaning and screaming she was doing, I turned back to Didi and bent her legs forward so now they were touching her tits and I was entering her to the full the whole 10″ with each inward Thrust she was saying Yes Yes More More give me more, she brought her arms up and pulled her legs back up towards her body as should get them so I could get as deep inside her as I could and I was now pounding into her and she was climaxing again and again and I was well on the way to shooting my second load of cum for this evening and I lent forward and took hold of her shoulders so she did not keep sliding up onto the table each time I rammed into her.

My cock started to swell and I gave one last push and held my self hard inside her as my cock released it’s load filling her cunt once more, I did not think my cock was going to stop spurting cum, but in the end it did and I removed my cock and stood back and watched my white cum ooze out of her and run down her across her ass hole and down onto the table, Tony said Don’t you get down from there I will be there in a minute and lick your cum filled cunt out.

So Tony was still forcing his cock into pat so a went over leaving Didi on the table and I got in front of my wife Knelt on the sofa and lifted her head and pushed my limp cum covered cock into her mouth and she started to lick it taking off my cum and Didi’s cum and Tony gave one last grunt and filled my wife with his hot cum holding onto her hips making sure he was fully in and shooting his cum into her, he then pulled out as when over to his wife who was still on the table with her legs held back onto her chest Tony dropped to his knees and buried his head into her cum filled cunt, I told my wife to stay where she was and I went round behind her and saw the cum running from her cunt so Tony had been fucking her cunt and not her ass, I dropped to my knees and followed what Tony was up to and started to lick out my wife as Tony’s cum ran out of her.

After this we said that we should rest and all had shower we ended the evening with a few drinks, Tony said that it was a wonderful evening and he never thought it would be that good and he was glad he and Didi finally decided to come round and have a foursome, Tony went on to say When he had seen the size of my cock he never thought that Didi would have taken it all in her pussy, I said she has Taken it fully in the ass to did she not tell you,she had said you fucked her ass but not that you got the full length in, Well if you come back for more which I am sure Pat & I hope you do I show you, I can not wait Tony said with a smile, Didi and I kissed and Tony Kissed Pat and said thanks Pat it’s been wonderful hope we can do it again soon, Well how about next weekend said Pat, Fine by me Tony said and that was how we left it Knowing next week would be full of fun and cum. if you like this story or any of my others on this site please let me know and would love a photo of you and what you were up to while reading it,Dirtier the better.