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Trapped by Sister-in-law (By SK)

Hi friends am SK, I have been reading the Indian stories for quite some time and I am great fan of it. Today am going to tell you a real story. Well am working at Ahmedabad in Gujarat, am married for last 15 years and enjoying my married life. I am 6 feet tall and athletic built; my wife is also very good looking and fit. In fact I was so happy with my wife that thought of another woman never came to my mind, till this happened. My younger brother who is a businessman got married one year back, his wife name is Suman.

As I am in service I always have lots of free time even in the evenings and also on weekends but my brother being in pharmacy business has to open his shop even on Sundays and public holidays. Suman started this comparison that even after 15 years of marriage, am spending more time with my wife and she is not getting time and attention from her husband even though they are young and newly married. Secondly my younger brother is shorter than me 5’7” and very fat. This comparison by her slowly got converted into attraction towards me. In fact being my younger
brother’s wife I never gave a serious look to her.

One day my wife went to kitty party and I was at home bcoz I had come from tour only that morning. In the afternoon when I came to dinning hall to have my lunch after taking some rest, Suman came to serve me that day I saw her for the first time…she was wearing a sari but she had left her pallu totally loose there by exposing her huge boobs, and she was walking swinging her huge and firm bums. She is only 23 years, 5’2” 36D-28-38 size not very fair but having a very sexy and mischievous smile. Every time she served she would bend and give me a full view of her deep valley. As ours is a two bedroom flat with a small dinning and living hall. She with the pretext of taking some item from the shelf behind my chair came very close and deliberately fell on me at this time I accidentally touched her boobs and waist. She gave me a smile and went away.

As my wife was not to going to come till evening I again went to my room to take some rest. At home normally am in a lungi and t shirt only. The events in the dinning hall had disturbed me and I was horny, my cock was half erect. When I was just thinking about what all happened during lunch even without knocking the door uman entered my room in a transparent nightie and asked whether I wanted anything. I was shocked hesitantly I said no…She looked at the half tent in my lungi gave a smile and said Pl call me if you want anything and she left.

Here onwards she was trying to show me her assets whenever there was a chance, she would also not miss any opportunity to touch me anywhere. Initially, I was not interested in her but slowly I was falling in the trap. Finally she succeeded…

It was summer vacation my wife with our son had gone to her mothers place – Delhi, three of us were staying at home, it Saturday holiday for me after the daily routine and after the maid servant has left Suman came to my room and told me that can she also take rest in my room as it will save electricity of running two air conditioners in two rooms. Even though I said no she said why you are so formal with me, then she went to her room changed to nightie and came back. She was wearing her sexy transparent nightie without Bra. She pleaded that anyway her husband doesn’t have time for her now that am free today with my wife also not there I can give her some pleasant moments. Saying this she came close stood in front of me seeing her body in that transparent nightie I couldn’t control myself and took her in my arms and squeezed her. My god she was really sex goddess. As she was very young compared to my wife I enjoyed her touch and slowly started kissing her opened her hairs and laid her on the bed.

She was waiting for this moment for long time she simply closed her eyes and surrendered totally to me. Then I increased the intensity of kissing she also started participating in the kissing, this went on for sometime, then I slowly unbuttoned her nightie and started slowly caressing her big boobs they were really very soft but firm, then I started kissing her left boob slowly while gently massaging her right boob. This made me horny and my penis was now erect, I untied my lungi and took her left hand and gave my blown penis in her hand, she gently rubbed my penis which made it more hard before holding it …the moment she held my penis she whispered in my ears that my penis was larger and thicker than her husband. We kept on kissing rubbing for some time.

Then I totally removed her nightie and panty, she had shaved her pussy which was pink and already wet, I started rubbing her pussy externally then rubbed her clitoris and slowly inserted one finger into her love hole. It was very tight, she was right her husband was not fucking her. Then I asked her whether she has kissed penis, she said no … then I asked her to take my penis in her mouth she refused but when I insisted and told that it will be very good she agreed, originally she was doing only to satisfy me then slowly she started to enjoy and started sucking like a lollipop, she kept on complaining that it is not coming in her mouth… then I told her that I would like to kiss and lick her pussy, she got offensive and said no its dirty you should not lick it I said don’t worry it will be good and you will enjoy…with great persuasion she agreed I made come in 69 position I came on her giving my penis in her mouth and I started licking her pussy…boy I will tell you! she has got the sweetest pussy I have licking my wife pussy for so many years but hers was really very sweet… I opened her vaginal lips with my two fingers and inserted my tongue to lick her G spot, she went crazy and started making noises and said she cant hold anymore and wanted me to enter her… after some more licking I came on her spread her legs to give me full view and position to insert my penis into her.

First I slowly started rubbing my penis on the external lips, then inserted only the tip and rubbed then slowly inserted into her love hole, it was very tight so I slowly 2 applied pressure and made my way she was shouting yours is too big its paining but once I got it totally inside I started moving it to – fro after sometime she also started enjoying and started giving company by her pelvic movements… the room was full of noises aah ooh and the sound to two bodies touching each other … we kept on for some time before we both cummed. After the sex we both laid naked for some time in each others arms… this was the beginning. Her hole was so tight that I felt pain in my penis after sex. It was really great fucking experience.

Then after some time I again started kissing her big boobs and rubbing her pussy… she also started kissing my penis and made it hard we had another round of sex this time in doggy style and finished by having her on the table. She gave me good Non veg food in lunch, she said you are having this treat bcoz you have given me best fuck of my life. After we finished our lunch we continued our session till evening and had sex six times.

We had regular sex daily till my wife returned from her mother’s place. Now days we have sex whenever we get chance.