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two desis discussing their cheating sessions after lunch online

the sultan:hi there
the sultan:had ur lunch
Sachita35:Yeah just back and logged in
Sachita35:how bout u
the sultan:yeah done
Sachita35:So could u see my pics in leisure ?
the sultan:i will take it to home in my pen drive
the sultan:here every now n then ppl are walking in back side
Sachita35:and the do the pen eh!
the sultan:so dont know, how would they react if they catch me watching these
the sultan:hahahhahahahha
the sultan:yeah
the sultan:in piece
the sultan:looking at u while holding my dick ‘
the sultan:hahhahahah
the sultan:so what r u wearing today
Sachita35:I am in Jeans
the sultan:hmmm
Sachita35:and then a yellow shirt

Sachita35:or maybe dark cream
the sultan:wow
the sultan:n insiders
the sultan:???
Sachita35:slip inside the shirt which obviously is white and then a white bra
Sachita35:and blue panty! )
the sultan:hmmm
the sultan:all colorfull
the sultan:whats slip ??
Sachita35:A slip is a very thin cloth worn inside the shirt basically to hide the bra being seen!
Sachita35:it is designed like ur sleaveless vest
Sachita35:But it covers the shoulder not thin at the shoulder
the sultan:okay
the sultan:got it
the sultan:something like thin short sleevless top
Sachita35:Next time u see a women wearing tops see the behind and u could make out the slip inside if she is wearing it
Sachita35:esp if it is a lil transparent top
the sultan:hmmm
the sultan:but delhi girls are daring
the sultan:they put shirt just after bra
the sultan:but got ur slip
Sachita35:Nope some wear a slip
Sachita35:Like i said it is too thin to be observed
Sachita35:observe darling observe carefully )
the sultan:okay
the sultan:i will try to figure it out
Sachita35:guess u r observing the butt )
the sultan:hahahhahah
the sultan:yeah yesterday ilooked one lady in my company
the sultan:she was wearing jeans n her butt was prominent
the sultan:i couldnt resisist
the sultan:hahhahahaha
Sachita35:umm so ur eyes stayed on her butt
the sultan:yeahhhhh
the sultan:but, we were in canteen n i didnt want to sound awkward looking at her butt
the sultan:so controlled my emotions
Sachita35:yeah I can understand
the sultan:hmmm
the sultan:so long time u didnt masturbated in ur cabin
the sultan:or toilet
the sultan::P
Sachita35:actually yes I did
Sachita35:talking to a guy on chat
Sachita35:and today I am not feeling anything usual(unusual for u) ! )
the sultan:hmmm okay
the sultan:but u masturbated even though u r fucking mark very well
the sultan::O
Sachita35:That was tuesday or was it wednesday! )
Sachita35:But this was yesterday
the sultan:hmmmmmmmm
the sultan:so u dont leave ur pussy dry even for a day
the sultan:u give her her daily dose
Sachita35:Hey y don’t u post something sexy in reply to my posts on exbii?
the sultan:ok ok
the sultan:i will baby
Sachita35:It was dry for so long and then came the excitement and my pussy was swept away )
the sultan:today evening
the sultan:hahhahahha
the sultan:good
the sultan:will rest in peice for some day
the sultan:n how about hubby
the sultan:he is still not interested in fucking u
Sachita35:He is fine as usual
Sachita35:immersed in work
the sultan:shit
the sultan:hey do u have any kid
the sultan:??
Sachita35:i told u a 9 year old
the sultan:just a single
Sachita35:yeah 1 is enuf
the sultan:hmm
Sachita35:If hubby wants a second then all these extra caricular activities come to an end )
the sultan:why
the sultan:is it so
Sachita35:Hey! If we are trying for a child I want his period
the sultan:hmmm
the sultan:but it wont take many fuck session
the sultan:if done on right time one fuck is enough
Sachita35:It might now since we are older
the sultan:hmmm
Sachita35:probability goes up taht is all
Sachita35:In the early 20s probability are higher and as we age it goes down
Sachita35:And then there may be problems like fibroids
Sachita35:or any other
Sachita35:So better get married soon
Sachita35:How old r u
the sultan:i m 26
Sachita35:Then start looking for marriage seriously
the sultan:but i dont want to get married
the sultan:thats the thing
the sultan:coz i dont think one women can hold me ever
Sachita35:am i not looking around? u can too
Sachita35:Only mine is sam and mark and vishal and blah blah blah
Sachita35:while urs will be hema leela rekha deepika blah blah blah
the sultan:hahahhahaha
the sultan:then why to marry
the sultan:all these i can do even withought getting married
Sachita35:Hmm u r talking like a sex mainac
the sultan:u may say
the sultan:so many other girl says me, u r sex maniac
Sachita35:How many have u had ?
Sachita35:Oh! None right
Sachita35:just oral with 4
the sultan:i had sex with lady making it clear with girl or lady that its only physical dont expect anything else
Sachita35:what about the 4?
Sachita35:or was it somebody else
Sachita35:Hmmm. Maybe somebody else )
Sachita35:So how old was this lady?
the sultan:one was 23
the sultan:mba girl and two aunties
the sultan:i had told u
Sachita35:yeah u have so have many so i cant connect one to another lol
Sachita35:so the girl was 23 and what about the aunties
the sultan:they were 30 and 35
the sultan:like urs
Sachita35:so which was the best sex ?
Sachita35:23, 30 or 35?
the sultan:i guess it was 30
the sultan:mba girl was in experianced
Sachita35:Ah! balanced in experience and age!
the sultan:though she tried her xxx training
the sultan:yeahhhhhhhh
Sachita35:So how did it go with the 35 year old
the sultan:she was fine
the sultan:we enjoyed
the sultan:a lil plumby
the sultan:with age
Sachita35:Ah! plumpy
the sultan:but still in shape
Sachita35:Try a slim35 year old )
the sultan:like u
the sultan:????
the sultan:hahhahahaha
Sachita35:How many times did u do with each of these
the sultan:4 times with 23
the sultan:n 2 2 with aunties
the sultan:23 was more demanding
Sachita35:why on twice with the best ?
the sultan:she was satisfied with that
Sachita35:only twice?
Sachita35:Oh! So she kicked u out! LOL
the sultan:in a night i m telling the max
the sultan:otherwise i dont know
Sachita35:Hmm. The 23 year old probably wants more from what I can see
the sultan:yeahhhhh
the sultan:she played xxx on her lappy n did the same pose
the sultan:more inovative
the sultan:hahahhaha
Sachita35:Hmm. She sucked ur dick then as in xxx ?
the sultan:yeahhhhhh
the sultan:she was making all those sounds
the sultan:of pop
the sultan:pop
the sultan:hahahhahahah
Sachita35:and did u lick her pussy?
the sultan:yeahhhhh
Sachita35:or eat
the sultan:indeed ilicked first then she sucked
Sachita35:So how long did it last before u had sex
Sachita35:all sucking licking kissing and eating?
the sultan:20 25 mins
Sachita35:It needs to be more
Sachita35:u need to relax hugging and kissing each other and then slowly remove clothes as games continue then kiss and then lick and the suck and then eat
Sachita35:About an hour’s foreplay is nice before u begin to pump
the sultan:but she was dripping wet in 20 25 mins n was begging for fuck
the sultan:moving her butt in air
the sultan:up n down
Sachita35:yeah she will
the sultan:so i moved on to fuck her
Sachita35:but need to keep teasing her more
the sultan:how long do u foreplay
Sachita35:So whenu do plan to fuck her next ?
the sultan:she is gone
the sultan:at present no pussy at my hand
the sultan:(
the sultan:may be i will get through net any
Sachita35:Mine depends for example the massage and sex with Vishal was 2 hours!
Sachita35:And with mark in the room was about 15 minutes
Sachita35:In goa it was more relaxed at about and hour and a half
Sachita35:and in the hotel about 45 min
Sachita35:So it aill depends ontime we have on hand
Sachita35:With hubby it is aboyt 5 min of foreplay )
the sultan:why
the sultan:hubby dont like foreplay
the sultan:ok
Sachita35:When u have sex too long it is like that
the sultan:back to work darling
Sachita35:ok bye then
the sultan:babbayee
the sultan:c ya
the sultan:on monday
the sultan:umamah
Sachita35:YEah maybe monday will be last