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Veena Aunty my real fantasy woman-1

My name is sam and this is my story, my story of how my sexual desires
have made me do things that I would have never done.

THis is about my Veena Aunt, she is the 1st real person in my life,
whom I fantasized while masturbation. So see gets a first
chance in my story of sexual desires.

Me and my cousin brother, had a little secret when we were kids, we
used to share different erotic, sex stories of different
bollywood actress with each other. In those days we dindnt really know
how to masturbate or what is masturbation. We just
enjoyed talking about different bollywood actress and how they would
look without clothes. We never got beyond that. We dindnt
knew what to do or what happens after the women is naked. So ended our
story there. We have tons of stories to tell to each other
every weekend when we meet in his home or mine, but we never go beyond
nudity, nor we masturbate. We just enjoyed the
hard on we got while listening and imagining these stories.
And other thing is we never imagined anyone else other than bollywood
actress like Aishwarya, kareena or priyanka etc. We didnt
knew another women who could be fantasised on nudity.

So these stuff kept going on and on and we enjoyed. Now on the other
end of the story, in my personal life, my ungle gets
married to a women called Veena. She was a real beauty.

Age: 24
FIGURE: 34-32-36
Face: Fair, with beautiful lips and eyebrows, a perfect yet to be milf
kind of face
Height : 5.4
Hairs: Thick Black hair, covering half her back and her boobs.

She had sexy huge round boobs and amazing tight weist, and stiff
thighs. A single touch to her assests will make your life worth

So Veena became part of our family, in which me, my uncle, veena and
my parents stayed. Soon after they marriage, my parents
flew to Australia to handle the expansion of family business. I had to
stay with uncle and veena (my aunt). I was put into
a day school so got back soon before 2 pm. My uncle had to handle the
Indian part of business so he left in the morning and
got back in the evening before 7 or sometimes 8.
My Aunt veena was a house wife, though was looking for a job, as she
gets bored alone in house.

So now lets get to the story, I never had any sexual attraction
towards my aunt, so we had a very sweet relation of
a nephew and an Aunt. Aunt was very friendly and as I was just a kid
she treated me nicely. I got back from the
school very early so we had a lot of time to spend with each other, I
also helped her in her work if she asks me to.

My uncle and Veena, both were very happy with each other, I could see
in veenas eyes when my uncle gets back to home, I surely know there
is something going on every night. But as I said before I didnt know
what was it, what happends between man and a women
after they get nacked.

Veena was a grown woman so her boobs were perfect, tender and round,
and she was really passionate about her body, so she
wants the world know about it. So she always were tight leggings,
jeans, or backless sari, or any type of clothing which
show her assets. Not to mention she was a very respectful lady of the
family, and she doesnt take any bulshit from people.

One day I did go out with her in a shopping mall, and Boy I could see
so many man starring at her boobs, and back. She had
worn a black backless sari with a sexy pitch red blouse almost like a
bra. her clevage was visible, She was wearing a high hills, so when
she walked her ass would shake nicely. She had her purse on one hand
and other was empty. Her back was covered with her hairs, which
she didnt realise till she saw a man starring at her boobs and then
her back, and I knew veena got the signal, so what she does, she lifts
her empty
right hand and takes her hairs to the extreme right side and leave it
on her right shoulder and boobs. So now her back could
be seen. Her curves were visible and lot of man enjoyed it. I
certainly saw what type of a woman veena is. I wanted
to hold her back but then realised How can I? I was sure veena thought
about me as a kid who couldnt have known what she
did back in the shopping mall. But I knew.

So that day, veena became my first real fantasy woman about whom I
could imagine and have some good time. I didnt tell about
veena or about her fantasy to my cousin, and this would be not
appropriate. She is a respectful lady of our family so, she
has to be given respect. I had a great time fantizising about her but
just couldnt pass on to my cousin.
I wonder how does she look like beneth those clothes, I had a blur
imaginationation and wanted to turn into a clear one.
As a kid I just didnt had any other way or tricks to make woman fall
for you.

So from now on, I always try to look under her bra, whenever she bends
in front of me, I am always ready to dive into
her clevege. I starred and measured Veena’s weist and ass when she
walked away from me, I almost measured all her curves
when she is in home walking or wondering around. I loved to seat next
to her when she is sleping in living room, and try
touch her thighs. The one important part of her which really aroused
me were her hairs, which were so thick and deep. And
the best thing about this asset of hers is that I could play with it
(unlike other assets). I used to hold her hairs in my hand and play
and play
day and night. Her hairs were so soft and silky, that I could burry my
face into it. As days gone by
We got close to each other, and we build up a strong bond. I now
regularly visit shopping centre with her
and enjoy her asset’s free exibition.

I now sometimes hold her waist and squize it with my tight arms, after
I came from school as a hug. She enjoyed it too,
as other people looked at us and felt more arroused to touch her
She enjoyed when others looked at her with that attitute. She was
almost always horny, I didnt knew then but I can tell
now, Veena and Uncle would be having sex every other day. Because that
was the only was Veena could be controled. She was
a pure sex goddess.

One day my uncle got on a business tour for a week, and would only get
back when there till a relatives marriage next week.
SO now it was me and her, 2 days later she called a tailor for her,
she wanted something to be made for her.
Tailor came to our house. Tailor was 35 of age and his assistant
looked like 25 or so.

Veena knew what to do. She had unhooked her top 1-2 butuns of her top,
she was wearing a thin yellow casual shirt which
was almost transparent as she was wearing a black bra inside, which
was visible from far. She had worn a jeans shorts to cover
her lower part of the body, but it barely covered her thighs. She had
her hairs open as always half were at her back
and half were laying on her tits. She walked towards tailor, and his
assistant and
She told tailor to start taking the measurements. Tailor took her
neck’s measurement and she somehow distubed his hands and
the measuring tape falls down. She bend as soon as tailor bends, she
almost kisses him and she exposes her clevage to the tailor in a very