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Virgin Bhabhie from Dhaka

Hi, I am presenting a real story about a virgin girl. My name is Bony, about 35 years of age. I am married and stay in Dhaka. I have a sister in law name Sinu about 21 years of age. She is beautiful and very cute. She has small breast, tight hip and straight body. Some time I tease her and say to her to prepare her body for her future husband. She enjoys my tease but do not remark at all.

One rainy day, she comes to my home. Her sister (my wife) was not present and only I am in home. It was a morning time, I was off my duty and my wife has gone to her friend home and likes to back evening. Sinu & me talk together and pass some time with tidbits. After that I try to work with computer and Sinu try to watching TV. One time, the sky become dark and heavy rain started. I see Sinu is watching the rain through window. I also interested to see the rain. I accompany her.

Sinu say, Dhulabhai (Brother in law) will we go to the rain? I want to bath in the rain.

I accept her idea and offer her just go to the garden and try to play with the rain. Our garden was very beautiful and there were some bushes and small trees. We go to the garden and enjoy the rain. She was wearing a synthetic white shirt and poplin pant. The rain was heavy and there were some wind with the rain. I am wearing a tea shirt and shorts.

We take the taste of rain and enjoy it in open air. Quickly we wet ourselves by rain water. I saw sinu’s shirt is become transparent. I saw her body. Her very small breast is now very clear under her wet shirt. I also see her white legs and outline her secret area under her dress. I become excited. But it was no problem for her. She actually an innocent girl and is enjoying rain very much.

After some time she lay down in the ground. I saw the rain drop on her body. She was just flat on the ground. I go to very close to her. I see her very beautiful nipples whose are trying be out.

I sat down beside her and put my hand on her head. She says, Dhulabhai, Dekko Ki sundar! (What a beautiful time). After this she shifts her body. I see her backside now. Her backside is very attractive. Small flat Ass is now very clear to me. I placed my hand to her back and give small pressure. She did not say anything. I saw her eyes are close and enjoying my touch to her body. Slowly I move my hand to her ass. Give little pressure. Still her eye is closed. After this I become more excited. I put my finger on her lips. Touch her chicks. I see she is going to be excited also. She looks at me and says what does u want? I say all the things. She smiles lightly. After Sometime we return to our room. She Want to change her dress. I say I know everything about your body and why you want cover it? She says you know everything?

Of course, I know everything. I say.

I caught her hand and bring her very close to me. I put my lip to her lips. She jerked as electric shock and tries to release her from my arm. Again I kiss her very passionately. I see her body is still jerking.

Dear, no fear, I will give you some good lesson for your life. I told her. She is still trying to release her from me.

We sat on sofa and open her shirt slowly. I touch her nipple and breast. I put my lip on her nipple and suck it slowly. Oh my god she is fainting at all.

I put my hand on her pussy over her pant. She is still very excited. I fully undressed her. She is still trying to remove her from my arm, but not strongly. I kiss her navel and put my finger on her vagina. I slowly touch her vagina door. There was silky pubic hair and total area was very smooth. I kiss her vagina and bite her vagina by my lip. She start moaning `ommm ammm ommm, Dulabhai ki korcho (What are u doing)?

I put my finger on her pussy. I rubbed her outside of pussy with two fingers. She still is moaning. After some time her pussy become wet. I see her very thirsty eye and she says Plz, fuck me hard, Chudo amake chudo. Ami more jabo, Amake chudo,

I say No darling, it is not safe for u. I can not fuck U. But she was desperate. She start kisses my lips, and try to undress me. She opens my shirt and pant. I did not resist her. After open my pant she was stunned to see my penis. It is 8 inches long and very hard & healthy. After a moment she touches my dick with very curiously.
She touches it strongly and kisses my dick. After some time I fell the she is sucking my dick just like Ice cream. I become more excited. Pull out my dick from her mouth and take in the bed. Just for protection I use condom and put my dick on her pussy. With a small jerk I want to enter in her pussy. Oh my god, she cries out. I start insert my dick to her pussy. She starts moaning. I know she is a virgin girl, so I push my dick slowly. I see she is expressing pain in her face. I say to her, are u feeling pain?

She says, yes but do not stop it plz.

I understand she is enjoying. Then I push her more strongly. My 1/4th dick is now her sweet hole. She moaning `oh I will die, Plz. do it strongly.’

I give more pressure. My ½ dick is in her now. She says, Aro Aro Jore (More, More).

I put my lip on her lips and start fucking with my full strength.

After 5 minutes of full fucking her pussy release water. I also release cum.

After that day I regular fucked her. Some time she brings her friends to my home and fucked them all. I fucked lot of virgin girls with her. I made some video also. That is another story.