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Virgin Dental Doctor

Hi all ladies, I am your loveru181969 writing my first story on this
site please welcome with feedback only ladies, please. I am living in
Bangalore city any ladies in Bangalore please feel free to contact me
just an email(loveu181969@gmail.Com) ladies I like any type ladies no
caste, religion does not matter much.
The real story my personal experience I am sharing with you.
I am love guru (the name changed) had an awesome relationship with a
dental doctor (the name changed). She was virgin, and I break her
virginity with care and love. I am basically a martial artist I
practice regularly hits gymnasium I am a fitness freak. Yoga and
meditation daily routine recently I started practising Reiki energy
healing very much effective in a relationship. How did I meet the
doctor? In martial art match, we get injuries to facial bones one day
my opponent got injured and a physician recommended me to take him to
the dental hospital there I met doctor very beautiful fair looking
with right muscles at right parts in her body. Often I met her
exchanged smiles her smile is just like a monsoon after rain same I
complimented her again she smiled. One fine day I broke the ice and
asked her name, etc. We spoke many things at end of the day we
exchanged our mobile numbers and started chatting this went for few

Eyes to eyes face to face contact I proposed her she got shocked and
smiled I said I am a very serious doctor ‘will you be my valentine”
she blushed and took days to accept my proposal. Finally, the doctor
accepted my proposal we roamed Cubbon Park, went to malls, movies,
dinners. The first kiss was great experience ladies. Her saliva wow so
tasty ladies. I recommend for all you people kiss more and more spend
time with kissing really it not only burns calories it enhances more
love energy. When kissing her I hold her head for the more intense
exchange of love awesome experience ladies. Kissing in the park,
malls, movies, metro station even inside metro train ladies best
kissing adventures I had with my doctor.

Kissing in the terrace of my
house in daytime ladies kissing when she is preparing food, wow ladies
dinner become so tasty delicious because of mixing love energy.
One day I was home alone I called her to my house she was so nervous I
made to her relax and gave her freshly prepared orange juice after
relaxation I made her sit on my lap and I was looking her eyes for few
minutes started kissing her gorgeous lips chewing them slowly fighting
with tongues wow awesome guys try it once you will do it again and
again. Slowly I started touching her size 34b melons great feeling
kissing went on for 45 minutes. Slowly I asked her permission to
remove her top she replied with her beautiful cute eyes I removed her
top, she was wearing a sports bra she was looking like a killer who
kills people by her beauty really ladies I got instant hard on. From
lips so I moved on to her sexy neck area still she is sitting on my
lap I started kissing her left neck area next right area she is still
looking very hot in sports bra ladies two eyes not enough seriously
slowly I kissed her cleavage area she jumped and blushed.
Next, I said in her ears I’ll remove your bra slowly removed and kept
aside ladies my eyes popped out by her beauty wow 34b melons so
gorgeous slowly pressed once she started feeling tickling and blushed
remember still she is sitting on my lap one more time I lip locked her
very intensely for few minutes. I asked her to remove my t-shirt she
removed slowly after that she hugged me very tightly awesome ladies
skin to skin touching feels really great. We stayed for few mins
slowly I was telling I love you, doctor, she replied with shy me too.
Ladies best way to romance is making a partner feel comfortable and
relaxed so I made my doctor relaxed first then comfortable with me it
works awesome to try it once, please.

Hugging and kissing went on for an hour now slowly I started kissing
her left melon slowly moving on to right melon her brown nipple
tempting me more to suck the nectar started slowly sucking left nipple
sucked for few minutes later moved on to next nipple ladies sucking
them my penis got its full size inside my pants asking me to come out
I was seeing doctor eyes more intensely doctor understood started
opening my pants zip removed my penis out and she started giving me
massage ladies holding my penis in her soft cute hands me sucking her
melons one after other wow ladies simultaneously happening sucking and
shaking I was looking at her eyes all time slowly she moaned once
after few minutes I started holding her harder doctor understood me
she continued shaking fasten your seat beats ladies lava white lava
Cumming it was very intense I moaned little louder she hands, melons
everywhere white lava juice pumped up. The doctor smiled seeing it I
slowly cleaned her hand, 34b melons and we started kissing again for
few minutes slowly I started putting her dress on first her sports bra
after putting it I kissed her melons when bra on she smiled next to
her top I helped her to put on.

Lastly ladies we kissed again and again all the above-mentioned
romance happened while I am keeping her on my lap believe me best
place for ladies is to sit on men’s lap still many more things to
share first candlelight dinner, first night, first wine therapy,
virginity celebration (anal sex, oral and deep penetrations) massage
with essential oils (I am pro.) many more experiences need to share
with you all ladies one condition based on your feedback only I will
write need episodes. Any ladies (Bangalore city only) irrespective of
anything (age, caste, etc.) want to have experience please feel
contact me to my email id loveu181969@gmail.Com identity privacy
guaranteed ladies. Thanks for reading my real story with the dental
doctor. Hold on still more intense lovemaking to come hang in there.
See you all very soon.
Love yourself,