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When a 24 year old Desi man has two aunties on either side of him

Hello Ladies and Gentleman, I am a 24 years old young. This story is
about my aunty. She is 34 years old and a have pretty body with nice big
boobs and smart round ass. I have been fanaticizing about her since I
have seen her first time on her wedding day 20 years ago. And I was
constantly finding a chance to seduce her. I always looked her strangely
with admiration in my eyes and she was also aware of that ! ( She told
me later). She lives in my neighbor and I used to go her home whenever I
find that it is odd time and she will be alone or she will be taking
bath. It happened few months ago when one evening in winters I went
their home, they were all watching TV including my uncle, kids and off
course my pretty aunty. They were lying in the blankets on carpet, and
eating peanuts. My uncle asked me to slide in the same big blanket and
so did I. She was lying half sit position her legs were straight and
just facing me. It makes me horny that I m sharing the same overlay with
my aunty. I just guess where her feet may be and slide my right foot in
that direction so that I could touch her foot, when I got sure that her
feet are not too away from my foot I slightly touch her foot with mine,
that gave me a shudder, and she looked straight into my eyes and took
her feet little inches away. I was not looking in her eyes and
frightened that she might get angry and that will be an end of all my
honor in family. But what to do? I was facing a hard on and that has
given me courage. I went further and touched again but not looking
towards her direction but staring into TV. This time she surely looked
again but I was not paying attention to her just ignoring her.

Suddenly bell door rang and my uncle went to c who is at door, and we were alone
with only my little cousin 5 years old sleeping. I looked towards her,
she was also looking towards me that makes me puzzled because now she
has touched my foot abruptly and with draw her foot, and turned her head
towards TV. My uncle came with my grandmother and my other aunty, she is
my phoopo. She is 27 married and her husband is abroad. Now everyone has
crawled into the big blanket and this gave me chance to get much closer
to my pretty aunty as I repositioned to accommodate the newcomers. Now I
was only 6 inches away from my two aunties on both sides. I had a big
erection and my 7inches long dick was throbbing in my Shalwar, suddenly
I felt that my aunty,s hand is just lying by my side and moving towards
me. But then again vanished. I now moved my hand under blanket to touch
the thighs of my aunty, and that was the decision of my life, because I
don’t know the consequences. I just softly touch her thigh that was so
soft that I have never imagined. To my surprise there was no sudden
reaction. That made me little brave and I just started moving my hand
little bit and seeing towards her straight in her eyes, she did not look
towards me. Then I pressed little more while gazing her but there was no
reaction. And there I found her hand which was lying in her lap, I
grasped her cold hand and pressed with my warm hand and still there was
no reaction. I took her hand and placed it on my hard rock like dick
which was throbbing like a hungry monster. She did not respond but did
not took her hand away instead left it lying there, Suddenly my other
aunty placed her hand over my other hand on other side. That was a shock
to me but I did not respond now situation has become worse as my one
hand was carssing the thighs of my Chachi and her hand was lying over my
cock and My phoopo who s name is Lubna is taking my hand in her hand and
pressing. What I took it as a pure affection of my phoopo towards me and
no dirty thinking about her as I never thought about her in that way. I
took her hand in my hand and pressed it and rubbed her palm with my
finger and look in her eyes to my surprise she was staring with lust in
her eyes towards me. I went further while my other hand was finding her
way in the hot lap of my chachi, and I pressed the thighs of lubna. She
responded to it by taking my hand into her hand and followed it towards
her cunt while wearing shalwar. Suddenly I felt that my chachi has
started pressing my Lun gently. And the she started stroking it with
little ups and downs. On other side Lubna aunty was taking my hand there
where I could feel the hotness of her womanhood and all this was
happening while watching TV and talking with each other except we were I
mean three of us are not talking to each other, but my two aunties were
talking to uncle and grandmother and with each other while one is
stroking my Lun and other was letting me to touch her phuddi over the
shalwar. And to my surprise Chachi left stroking and followed her hand
to underneath my shalwar but she couldn’t it was tight, she opened my
waist ribben and took bare hard Lun in her hand which was getting wet
with the pre-cums. Now I was in terrible situation if some one could
pick the blanket up he could easily find two sluts doing extraordinary
jobs to their Nephew. Suddenly I thought something and I took the hand
of Lubna and placed it near my thighs so that she could find the way to
my Lun and so is she. Lubna find my dick quickly that was already in the
hand of my chachi. What chachi thought that it is my hand which is
sharing her hand and what lubna thought that it was mine hand already
busy masturbating. And both aunties keep on fucking me with their hands,
and I slowly took both of my hands out of blanket, both were so busy
that they could not understand the situation for more than 3 minutes and
I was smiling and feeling an urge to come. When I came and sprayed my
load on their hands I suddenly clapped so as pretending to kill a
mosquito both of them look towards me and then towards each other and
withdraw their hands quickly, and both were red with shame and disgust
and cleaning their hand underneath. I tied my shalwar up and stood up
and said goodbye and came home and left them in the state of shock. Few
days after that I went their home again at an odd time when my chachi
was alone and her son was playing on the roof. Chachi nay meri tarf
dekha aur chup ho gaein, I thought that she is in shame. What I said to
her that I will not let anyone know about this. And suddenly took her
hand and pulled her towards me and took her into my arms she resisted
and said that she can not go further. I told her that how much I love
her and liked her since she was virgin on her wedding day. I pressed my
hard dick against her and started rubbing her back as she was trying to
get rid of me. Then she said in harsh tone Stop this ! otherwise I ll
cry . I left her and stood aside as she started sobbing. She said Bilal
I know that u always have an appreciation for me in ur eyes but I can
not do all this caz it is a sin and what happened that night made me
fall into the hole of shame in front of my nand and please I can not go
further please don’t touch me. I thought for a moment and then get
closer to her and said I ll not do any thing which will cause u panic
and I kissed on her cheek and left as I was heading towards exit she
called me ?Bilal Meri baat sunoo, I turned around she came near me and
gave me Kiss on my lips Meray hoont us kay hoontoonh say chipk gay aur
mein nay us ki bund per haath rukha aur dabnay laga , mera lund phir say
tyar ho gia aur us ki rannaon say lagnay laga. Us kay mummay meray
seenay per chub rehay thay, achank us nay mughay choor dia aur pechay
hut gai. Mein nay kaha Aunty mein aap ko shenaz keh sakta hoon?, us nay
sar hila dia aur kaha laikan aiklay mein. Mein kaha Shehnaz mein tum say
pyar karma chahta hoon. Woo chup rahi mein nay us ka haath pakra aur
kaha kay tum mughay dunai mein sub say achi lagti hoo mein tumharay
saath pyar karma chahta hoon agar tum meri aunti hoo tu us mein dil ka
kia gunah aur us ko gulay liga lia. Now this time she was not resisting,
and I started pressing her boobs, and lead her to her bed room where I
took off her qameez and started squeezing her big boobs and started
licking her nipple. And then after some time I took her shalwar off and
she was fully naked. I took off my trouser and my lun was throbbing in
air and was hungry to get into her phudddi. She was lying in front of me
as I made her comfortable by pushing my finger in her pussy she was in
ecstasy but was not uttering any word that made me uncomfortable as I
read in the stories that girls started moaning, but meri chachitu chup
chaap lati rahi. Then I ask shenaz mein apna lund tumahri phuddi mein
daal doon she just Nod in answer and then I raised her legs and this
position took her phuddi in just front of my hard lund . I placed the
head of my lund on her clean shaved phuddi and pressed a little that
made her moved little upward. I just stayed there and did not go further
she pushed against me so as to take more of lund in her phuddi but I was
planning something I stayed their controlling my self and then I
withdraw my lund but she quickly grabed my lund and inserted it in her
wet hot phuddi and placed her hand on my ass and pulled me towards her I
then suddenly pushed my lund littler more but not more than 2 inch this
made her crazy she then said Bilal Jaldi karo koi aa jay gaa . Mein nay
bhi kuch aur soocha huwa tha. Mein nay thora thora under baher karma
shur kia laikan pora under nahin dala. Aus nay opper hona shur kia ta
kay mera lund aur zaida under chala jaiay.then she said Bilal Aur under
karo naa, Mein nay kaha kay aik shirt per Shehnaz, Augar tum hamisha
meri baat mano gi tu. Aur us nay kaha Bilal mein bhi tumnein pyar karti
hoon aur tumhari baat manoon gi . Mein nay aik zor dar kasa mara aur
mera lund ooddi phuddi day wich saray da sara ikoo wari chala gai unay
aik halki gaiy cheeikh mari and I started fucking her as hard as I could
I still visualizing her boobs that were flying like balls and my balls
were striking her bund and different voices were in the room. AAAHHHH,
OOOO OOOOH AAAAAHHHHHHHHH, OOOOOOH Bilal zor say aur zor say hay tum
phelay kahan thay. Mein chootnay he wala tha kay baher bell ho gai. I
with draw my lund and quickly put on my pant she asked me to find who is
at the door and went into the washroom. I want to door and find that my
brother was on the door looking for me for some certain reason. I came
home unfinished and find that my phoopo Lubna was in my home and was
siting along with my Mom and as she saw me I clearly felt that she got
happy and asked me Bilal kay bachay kahan thay tum mein katni dair say
tumhara intzaar kar rahi thi mein nay suhaily ki shaddi per jana tha aur
tum meray sath jaoo gay. Mein tumahri ummi say baat kar li hay. I said
that I was in uncle ,s home helping chachi. She smiled at me and said I
also need ur help