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Wife starts an affair -02

“Great, then let’s go to the second floor. I will show you your
bedroom and then you can change.” They all went to the second floor
and turned a right. Imran showed them into a large room. It had a huge
double bed in the right and had all kind of furniture in it.
“Well this is your room. I hope you both will be comfortable here. I
will be in the room adjacent to this. You see that door, if you open
it, you can come into my bedroom. Don’t need to knock, whenever you
are ready, just come in.” He winked at Priyanka.
“Imran, Thanks a lot for being such a wonderful host. We will join you
in 5 minutes for shower.” Priyanka moved forward a bit and then slowly
kissed his cheek. Imran smiled and then left the room quickly.
“So darling, do you like him? I hope you are not feeling jealous
already?” Priyanka smiled up and Aniket as she removed her top and
started to remove her jeans. But she was not really looking at her
“Well he is a nice fellow. But he is a bit too rich and too attractive
for us. Why do you think he chose you when he could have had any
woman?” Priyanka turned around to face her husband.
“Well I guess now you are surely being jealous.” She laughed and then
added again.
“He was a bit lonely and I encouraged him a bit. I guess he liked
these.” She smiled and then held her breasts in her hands. Aniket
laughed and then replied.
“Yes, I suppose any man in the world can fall for those.” Aniket also
removed his clothes quickly. Priyanka opened her bag and then pulled
out 2 towels. She kept one for herself and gave the other for her
“Come on, let’s go now.” Priyanka wrapped her towel around her body
and went towards the door and opened it. Aniket also followed her and
then they both entered Imran’s room. It was quite large and looked
empty. Then they heard the water falling towards the other end and
followed it.
The bathroom was big and it had a sliding door made of glass. So they
could see Imran’s large frame standing on the other side even though
it was close. Priyanka knocked at the door and Imran immediately slid
it aside.
“Wow, look at her. She looks so sexy with just a towel around her
body.” Imran wrapped his hand around Priyanka’s waist and pulled her
closer to him. Priyanka smiled and willingly went into his arms. She
wrapped her arms around Imran’s neck and kissed him. As they continued
to kiss, Imran slowly caressed her lovely arms. Imran slowly removed
the chop tying Priyanka’s hair and then loosened it up a bit. They
broke the kiss.
“You look very sexy with your hair open.” Priyanka ran her hand
through her hair and then placed it on one side of her shoulder.
“Thanks.” She said coyly. She smiled at him and then slowly turned
around so that she was facing he r husband now. Imran wrapped his
hands around Priyanka’s waist and rested them on her stomach. Then he
slowly caressed her arm and as he did so, kissed her neck. Priyanka
smiled and then closed her eyes.
“Oh Imran, it feels so good.” She sighed as Imran continued to shower
her neck with kisses. Imran was kissing her neck as caressed his big
“So Darling, are you happy now?” Priyanka looked at her husband and
smiled at him. Aniket was wearing just a towel around his waist and
even now his cock was making a tent in it. But the answer came from
“Of course he is happy honey. Look at his crotch.” Imran turned her
face a bit and kissed her once again full on the lips. Priyanka broke
the kiss and then once again looked at her husband’s crotch.
“Boy, I have never seen it get up so quickly before, not even when I
am naked before him.” Both Imran and Priyanka laughed at this. Aniket
also smiled weakly.
“Want to start the shower baby?” Imran asked Priyanka and she just

“Why don’t you start the shower, Aniket?” Imran pointed towards the
shower knob. Aniket turned around to see the knob and then turned it
slowly. Priyanka shivered in Imran’s arms for a moment as cold water
poured from the shower.
“Don’t worry baby, it will warm up in a minute.” Imran once again
kissed her neck. The water started to warm up immediately and Priyanka
felt comfortable. Imran removed her towel and threw it aside on a
stool outside the shower. The warm water was falling over their
bodies. Priyanka’s hair was wet now and she slowly turned around to
face Imran.
Imran slowly caressed Priyanka’s lovely full tits with both his hands
and then firmly grasped them.
“Boy Aniket, you are one lucky man. Your wife has the loveliest pair
of tits that I ever seen in my life.” Priyanka hit him playfully on
the chest.
“Hey why are you praising my tits to my husband? Praise it to me
honey.” Imran slowly raised her a bit so that her breasts were hanging
right in front of his mouth. Then he slowly took her right breast in
his mouth and sucked on it. Priyanka placed her hand behind Imran’s
neck and then slowly moaned.
“Oh Imran, now I like that method of praising very much.” She caressed
Imran’s naked back as he sucked on her tits.
“Why don’t you join us and treat yourself to my other tit jaan? You
would like it, wont you?” Priyanka extended her hand outside shower
and Aniket reached for it. He slowly moved to the other side and then
planted his mouth on the second tit of his wife. Both Imran and Aniket
continued to suck on her breasts as Priyanka squirmed in delight. She
caressed Imran’s hair with her hands as she moaned with pleasure.
Warm water was falling over their bodies and they were all completely
wet now. Priyanka once again hit on Imran’s back as she squealed.
“Are you forgetting that we are here for a shower?” Imran looked up
and then smiled.
“We are having a shower baby.” He slowly put her down as Aniket also
removed his mouth from her tit. Imran slowly turned her around so that
her back was facing Aniket. He pointed to a cabinet and then spoke to
“Hey Aniket, will you open that cabinet? There is some soap in it. Can
you get 3 soaps for each of us? Then you can soap your wife’s back
while I and she can soap each other.” Aniket turned around and opened
the cabinet pointed by Imran. He opened it and then picked up and
opened 3 soap cakes. He handed one to each. Priyanka meanwhile turned
the shower tap off so that water stopped.
Priyanka took the soap from her husband and kissed him on the cheek.
“I don’t want you to soap my tits. I want Imran to soap them. I want
you to do just my back, nothing else.” She then turned around and
handed soap to Imran. Imran took the soap and then pulled Priyanka
closer towards him.
Her tits were crushed against Imran’s hairy chest. He hugged her
tightly and kissed her lips hard. Priyanka once again wrapped her
hands around Imran’s neck as she opened her mouth for her lover. Imran
placed both his hands on Priyanka’s ass cheeks and slowly stroked and
slapped them lightly as they kissed. Priyanka extender her hand and
slowly opened the shower tap so that warm water started to fall over
their bodies once again.
Priyanka slowly started to soap Imran’s back with her hands. Imran
broke the kiss and then slowly started to kiss her neck. Aniket was
looking wide eyed as his wife hugged Imran and soaped his back. Once
again the primary feeling in him was excitement rather than jealousy.
“Darling, why don’t you soap my back?” Priyanka turned for a moment to
look at her husband. Aniket slowly moved and slowly started to soap
his wife’s back. Priyanka once again started to soap Imran’s back for
a moment.
Imran slowly moved his hands to her breasts. Priyanka stiffened for a
moment before relaxing once again. She closed her eyes as she felt
Imran’s strong hands squeezing and mauling her tits.
“Oh Imran, it feels so good. I wish you would never stop doing it.”
Imran laughed and kissed her lips.
“Just wait till I have put my cock in your wet cunt. Then you will
wish that you would have it in your cunt permanently.” She laughed.
Priyanka continued to soap Imran’s hairy chest with both her hands as
Imran soaped her breasts. Aniket was slowly rubbing his wife’s back.
Priyanka continued to soap Imran’s chest as she slowly started to move
both her hands towards his stomach. She smiled at him and then slowly
continued to move her hands below his waist. Imran slowly kissed her
neck again and squeezed her tits for a moment.
“Don’t be shy darling. Go on and touch it.” Priyanka blushed for a
moment, but then slowly moved her hand towards Imran’s massive cock.
It was almost 9 inch long and thick. As Imran was Muslim, his cock had
no skin on the head and it was shaped like a mushroom. Priyanka slowly
rubbed her face against his hairy chest and murmured.
“Oh Imran, it feels so good in my hands.” She slowly caressed the
entire length of Imran’s cock with her fingers. Imran kissed her neck
as his hands slowly caressed her breasts.
“Wait till you have it in your cunt baby. Then it will feel even
better. You will be screaming for me to keep it in there.” Priyanka
just blushed, but continued to slowly caress Imran’s cock. She had
soap in her hands as she slowly soaped the cock. It had already risen
to almost 9 inches and was very stiff. He could feel the soft skin of
his cock and the veins as she moved her palm across it.
Aniket was slowly kissing and caressing his wife’s back. He was
applying soap on her back, but somehow he felt he was being left out.
Priyanka was completely engrossed in Imran. It was almost as if his
touch was not exciting for her anymore. She was showering Imran with
kisses and her hands were busy with Imran’s massive cock.
Priyanka turned for a moment to her husband.
“Honey, would you start the shower now? I guess we have enough soap
now.” She winked at him. Aniket nodded and then turned the shower on.
Once again warm water started to fall on their bodies. Both Imran and
Priyanka slowly washed off their soap, but Aniket was left to wash his
soap on his own as Priyanka’s hands were roaming all over Imran’s
Priyanka ran her hands through her wet hair as she slowly turned
around in Imran’s arms. Imran slowly moved both his hands on her ass
and started to stroke it.
“I love your ass honey. It’s so big.” Priyanka blushed and then slowly
wrapped her hands around her husband’s neck.
“So darling, are you happy now? Do you want us to stop?” Or do you
want Imran and me to go further? She kissed him lightly on the cheek.
Aniket also caressed her breasts.
“Well if you want to do it, it’s up to you?” He said as he caressed
her cheeks and kissed her back.
“Well it would be kind of hard for Imran, isn’t it and also for me.”
She touched his hand and then slowly guided it to her cunt. It was
soaking wet and it wasn’t wet because of water.
“Are you jealous that all this wetness is for Imran and not for you?
It’s not your cock that I want in my cunt. Are you jealous about it?”
She caressed her husband’s chest as Imran continued to nuzzle her neck
and shower light kisses on her back.
“No honey, I am not jealous.” Aniket slowly spoke but somehow he
wasn’t sure if it was truth. She kissed him once again before she
turned to Imran.
“Imran, let’s go the bedroom now.” She kissed Imran on the lips
passionately. To her surprise, Imran picked her up in his arms.
Priyanka giggled for a moment before she also wrapped her arms around
his neck.
“Hey we are still wet. The floor can get wet.” Imran kissed her
instead of replying anything.
“Aniket, why don’t you get the towels for us?” Imran asked Aniket as
he started to walk towards the bedroom with Priyanka still kissing his
neck. Imran slowly lay Priyanka down on the bed and then he also got
on top of her.
Priyanka slowly moved a bit back so that her head was touching the
bedpost and Imran also moved with her. Aniket came in the room
carrying 3 towels. Priyanka motioned him to give one towel to her. He
handed one towel to her and Imran took another one.
Priyanka slowly patted the bed beside her as she motioned Aniket to
sit beside them. Imran slowly started to dry Priyanka’s lovely tits
with his towel while Priyanka started to dry Imran’s hair. They both
continued to dry each other for a few moments before finally throwing
their towels away on the floor.
Imran was on top of Priyanka as he slowly started to kiss her neck.
Priyanka moaned with pleasure as Imran slowly moved downwards and
buried his face in her tits. She wrapped both her hands around Imran’s
neck and caressed his hair. Imran was slowly licking all over her tits
and making them wet with his saliva. Aniket was looking wide eyed at
the erotic scene before him. His cock was hard as he watched his wife
naked and Imran all over her tits. And the fact that his wife was
enjoying it made it even more erotic for him.
Priyanka cried out for a moment and gripped Imran’s hand powerfully.
“Oh Imran, I love it when you bite my tits like that. I want to see my
tits red with your bite marks tomorrow.” Imran didn’t respond, but
Priyanka once again cried out loudly as he bit into her tits once
Priyanka was slowly caressing Imran’s back with her hands as she
looked in her husband’s eyes. She extended her hand to her husband and
touched his hand with her.
“So Darling, are you having fun playing with yourself?” She smiled as
she looked at his small but erect cock. Aniket didn’t respond but his
cock did.
“Yes, I guess so. I want you to rub some ointment on all the love
bites that Imran gives me after this.” Priyanka looked at his cock and
smiled again.
Imran slowly rose on the bed as he adjusted Priyanka on the bed and
then slowly spread her thighs apart. Imran slowly touched Priyanka’s
cunt lips with his fingers. Priyanka moaned again as Imran slowly
caressed her cunt with his hand.
“You are so wet honey.” Imran continued to caress her cunt and
Priyanka tried to stop him. But then she just touched his hand.
“Yes Imran, I am so wet for you darling.” Imran slowly started to move
downwards till he reached Priyanka’s belly and then slowly started to
kiss her belly. Priyanka moaned with pleasure as she felt Imran’s
tongue slowly circled her belly button. Imran was slowly licking all
over her belly. Priyanka’s hands moved to Imran’s neck and she slowly
started to caress his hair with her hands.
“Oh Imran, it feels so good when you do it.” She slowly moved her
hands and took his hands in them. Then she slowly moved both of his
hands upwards and placed them on her breasts.
Imran covered her tits with his large hands and then slowly started to
squeeze them harder.
“Oh Imran, please squeeze my tits harder darling. It feels so good.”
Imran continued to kiss her belly and then slowly bit her hard on the
soft flesh of her stomach. At the same time he continued to squeeze
Priyanka’s breasts.
“Oh Imran, don’t make me beg you darling, Come and take me honey. I
want to belong to you. I want to be yours. Please come and take me
Imran obliged her almost immediately as he slowly got up and then
adjusted his cock right on her cunt lips. Then he slowly started to
push his massive cock in Priyanka’s cunt.
Priyanka held Imran’s arm tightly as she slowly felt Imran’s big cock
stretching her cunt lips. As Imran pushed his cock deep in her cunt
Priyanka felt as if her cunt was on fire. It was soaking wet, but
still as Imran pushed his thick cock in her cunt, she felt intense
friction and pleasure between her legs.

“Oh God Imran, it feels so good. Your cock stretches my cunt like my
husband’s small cock can never do. Oh, please do it slowly darling. My
cunt is not stretched at all because of Aniket’s small cock.”
Imran looked at Aniket and laughed for a moment.
“It looks like your wife was not very satisfied with you Aniket.”
Aniket didn’t know what to say. He could see that Imran’s cock was not
fully erect yet, but still it was almost double his size even when his
was completely erect.
Imran slowly buried his cock deep in his wife’s cunt and even then he
could see half of his cock outside her cunt. Priyanka’s eyes were
closed completely and now she was breathing heavily. She raised her
legs high in the air and then slowly locked them against Imran’s
Imran buried his face in Priyanka’s full tits as he slowly started to
fuck her with slow rhythmic strokes.
Priyanka was twisting and turning with pleasure on bed as she started
to move her hips to match Imran’s thrusts. Priyanka was moaning with
pleasure as Imran pounded her pussy with his cock.
“Oh God Imran, your skinless head feels so good in my cunt. Your
mushroom head is driving me crazy darling.” Priyanka held Imran firmly
with her hands as Imran fucked her deep.
“After some time, if we continued to fuck like this, your cunt will be
so stretched that the only man who will be able to satisfy you will be
me.” Priyanka laughed and then looked at her husband sitting beside
them. He was stroking his small cock wildly now.
“Well, that’s what he wanted, isn’t it?” Priyanka bit her lips hard as
she suppressed a cry as Imran thrust his cock deep in her cunt again.
Imran increased the speed of his thrusts as he fucked her furiously.
Priyanka twisted and turned on the bed as Imran pushed his cock deep
inside her cunt.
Aniket looked on as Imran fucked his wife hard and deep and she seemed
to be enjoying it much more. Her eyes were closed and she was
murmuring sweet nothings in Imran’s ears. Her hands were wrapped
around Imran’s back and her legs were locked around his waist. Her
hands had gripped Imran’s back tightly and her fingernails were dug in
Imran’s flesh. But Imran kept pounding her pussy furiously. Priyanka’s
cunt was stretched wide open and she was crying out loud with every
stroke. She was writhing with pleasure under Imran.
“Oh Imran, it feels so good. Please fuck me harder.” Beads of
perspiration were slowly accumulating on Imran’s back. Priyanka was
moaning with pleasure. Suddenly Imran stiffened and immediately he
cried out loudly.
“Priyanka darling, I am coming inside you baby. I am going to flood
your cunt with me semen.” Priyanka also hugged him tightly as Imran
held her together as their bodies shook in spasms. They both came
together as Imran buried his face in Priyanka’s lovely tits.
Imran fell over on top of Priyanka as she slowly unlocked her legs and
stretched them. She caught her breath as Imran and she kissed
Priyanka looked at her husband sitting beside them and he was also
stroking his cock furiously as Aniket also came. She laughed and
pointed Imran to it.
“Hey, it looks like my husband had a great time seeing us fucking like
rabbits.” Imran rolled over and smiled at Aniket.
“Oh I am sure he did. And he is going to see a lot more us together.”
Priyanka smiled and then once again kissed Imran.
Priyanka got up from the bed and then opened her suitcase and pulled
out a satin nighty from it and then wore it.
“Oh God, I am so tired. My legs are aching so much from this entire
hard fuck you gave me Imran. I am going to sleep.” Imran also got up
and opened a cupboard and pulled out shorts and wore it.
“Why don’t you sleep with me honey?” Imran wrapped his arms around her
waist and pulled her closer. Priyanka stroked his chest with her hands
and then kissed him.
“No Thanks darling, I prefer to sleep with my husband. Besides, my
cunt is so sore that I need someone to softly please it. Come on
darling, let’s go to our bedroom.” Priyanka got out of Imran’s arms
and then reached out for her husband. Aniket got up from the bed and
then walked out of the room with his wife. He could smell her cunt
filled up with Imran’s semen and images of him burying his face in her
cunt and licking her cunt filled his mind. They both said good bye to
Imran and went out.
He dragged the suitcase behind him as they both came into the bedroom
just beside Imran’s and got in. Priyanka closed the door behind them.
Next day, when she woke up, it was already 10 AM. She couldn’t see
Aniket anywhere. She got up and went in the bathroom and brushed. Then
she went to see if Imran was still in his room.