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Years of Friendship turned to intimate relationship-1

If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it lasts
a life time and my age of friendship with her has crossed 8 years.
Despite the psychologists’ analysis and the numbers involved, I
believe our friendship is destined for an intimate relationship to
leave sweet memories for life time.
I remember the day when I was asked to interview her for a position in
our team. My approach was very generic and all I was looking in a
candidate was the readiness to learn new things and the commitment,
determination to complete the task. I was least bothered even if the
candidate has zero knowledge. She met all my requirements and besides
that she is not dumb in the subject and she sounded knowledgeable.
My team mates cursed me on my back for selecting ‘such’ a girl.
They are very jealous of girls in other team whom they term as
stunning beauties. But they know it least that the one who has joined
in the team is going to stun them with her character.

I was assigned as a leader of a module for which she is the sole
member. My job was to monitor her work and give suitable suggestions,
speed up the work and take it for an early completion. She being new
to the team has laboured very hard. It was during this time that I got
a chance to look at her very closely.
As my other team mates say, she is not a stunning beauty but she is
really beautiful. She has nature’s softness in her heart and was
very respectful towards me. She is black in colour. This is what made
my team mates to stay away from her. I am one of those few who
acknowledge that black is also equally beautiful. The first attraction
in her is definitely her face. Following her religious customs she
never put ‘Bindhi’ on her forehead. Nevertheless, smile on her
face used to spread like morning Sun rays and sometimes they used to
appear to me as full moon light. By being a male, how can I stop
exploring her other assets? She has got round big boobs, medium waist
and very good ass with a nice shape. She is not tall but at the same
time she is not too short. She is not lean but not too fat. She has
the ability to speak with her eyes. She had long tresses. She always
used to wear salwar type dresses which people normally call ‘Punjabi
dress’. I felt very happy as I finally got the company of a girl who
can satisfy my aptitude.
She used to address me very politely and respectfully as ‘Sir’
and I used to reciprocate that with the word ‘Madam’. We used to
work together. With her hard work, determination to complete the task
and due to many other attributes she silenced her critics. Mangers
started looking at her with confidence. Some thought it was my
grooming which made her like. But that was not true. I had a very
little in her excellent performance. I used to take her to canteen for
a break. I used to drop her at hostel room during late nights and we
used to work together. From my end, it was a discovery of a girl, an
opposite sex. For her, it is a surprise that she could get the
protection of a person who respects her in all ways. Later, I learnt
that at the other places where she used to work people used to have a
low attitude towards her because of her caste and associated religion
and used to make some cheap comments. My approach towards girls is
what created interest for her. Not to boast of myself, I always had a
very respectful look for woman and of course I never fall short in
admiring the real beauties of a real woman. For others we were

Days passed by, years passed by. Our cordial courtesy towards each
other turned into a close friendship where we both started sharing
very personal things with each other. When the time for marriage came,
I knew that she was a good choice for me but to not hurt my family
members I chose the one shown by my parents. When I was distributing
sweets in my team informing everyone about my marriage, she also came
to knew about that. When I offered her the sweets, her eyes conveyed
the disappointment in her and my face expressed the feeling that I
can’t do more than that.
Of course, I had nothing to feel sorry as I never did anything to make
false promises to her. She was also thankful as I always maintained a
respectful attitude towards her. She congratulated me and in the
marriage party when I introduced her to my wife, she conveyed her the
best wishes. Later she also got married. I am enjoying my married life
and she hers. She was the one who introduced a woman to me and my wife
is the one who has taken away my hesitation towards woman. I could
enquire secrets about woman from my wife. Every time, I discovered a
new secret of woman from my wife, she was my first imagination. Before
marriage, she was my imagination and inspiration for masturbation. I
told my about her and my wife was so happy that I share everything and
told me that even if I have an adventure with her, only with her, she
has no complaint. I was much delighted. I was the first to announce
the arrival of a new baby in my life. Hearing this, again her eyes
spoke – “Oh! So you do naughty things with girls. I couldn’t
Later, I moved to another team, away from the place where she works. I
came to knew about her getting conceived. I congratulated her. I
wanted to see her new beauties but couldn’t due to my work and
finally she too announced about her baby.
For some time, we didn’t exchange any words. It was like we started
hating each other. I only used to talk to her to which she used to
give very short and dry replies. This irritated me. I felt as if she
wanted to move away from me in the life. She might be thinking that I
am seeing towards her with ill attitude. I could not guess what is
going on in her mind. Why always I should speak was my question to
myself. I stopped talking or chatting with her.

One day she spoke and spoke in length and it is the same one whom I
knew for years and nothing has changed. One day, I was told that I
have to go to another country on a project assignment for a short
term. I was not agreeing to go due to the reasons of leaving my kid
and my wife alone. Suddenly, I got a call from her.
“You know, I have been asked to work on a project. Though, initially
I was not willing, after hearing that it is you who are also working
on the project, I accepted it.’’
I couldn’t believe myself and thought this could be a turning point
for converting friendship into an intimate relationship.
I landed in the other country. Occupied the apartment allotted to me.
It is a single room, equipped with kitchen and attached bathroom and
dining cum bed cum drawing room with bed resting to the wall by
pressing a switch.
To my happiness, I came to know that she was also given a similar
apartment in the same building.
We started working on the project and finished the work from our end
within 10 days. As some managerial decisions were to be made we were
asked to stay back. This could be from one week to more than one
month. My office is alright with that as customer was paying bill for
both of us.

Now, again my mind went into imaginations. But couldn’t read a
single signal from her. This caused distress and disappointment in me
and even I reduced moving close with her. Started reading books,
drawing some pictures, listening some spiritual talks. Cursed my
It was Friday night, and as I was about to go for sleep, heard
knocking on the door. I got doubtful and a bit scared. Moved towards
the door and through the door hole I could see her standing outside. I
couldn’t believe and opened the door. She was standing outside the
door to get an invitation from me.
“Come in!”
She stepped inside.
I exclaimed “You! At this time!?”She tore down my surprise with a
pleasant smile and put her palm in my palm and made an attempt to walk
inside the room. I closed the door and escorted her. She sat on the
bed. Her eyes are showering lots of love. She is still holding my palm
and it grew in firmness. I am confused a lot. Not able to understand
how to interpret the happenings.

She with a little bit of anger – “We have been friends for years.
Never had the opportunity like this, and finally when it is there,
what you are waiting for?”
I drew courage and put my other hand on her shoulder. We started
talking about our personal things. Suddenly she asked – “Will you
spend the night talking this way?”
I got confirmation and planted a kiss on her cheek.
“Now you have kids, I understand. But you need not kiss me like a
“Who told? Your cheeks are like dark apple”. Saying this, I kissed
on her cheek more strongly.