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Years of Friendship turned to intimate relationship-2

She started noticing a change in me and grew in shy. I got more
freedom. I hugged her very firmly. This time I kissed on her lips very
gently. It is her turn to not believe my actions. Least bothered I
was, for that. This time my lips smooched hers.
She is seeing a new man in me with admiration. Again I tried to catch
her lips with mine. Teasingly, she moved her face and bent backwards.
This expanded her neck. I placed my lips on her neck and started
exploring her neck. She started making very low sounds and suddenly at
a place on her neck I bite very smoothly. She pushed me away. I looked
at her very pleasantly.
We hugged each other. Kissed very passionately. She is in pink nighty.
She helped me in removing the nighty. Without any help and with single
hand, I removed her bra. Her eyes praised me. I stared at her boobs.
They grew in size. They are black, very attractive. I was gazing her
entire body. She is naked in front of me except for the panty.
“Avanthi you are very beautiful!” She felt very shy.
Slowly my hands started playing with the boobs. Very gently squeezed
the boobs. All the tricks, I learnt by exploring my wife, I was
displaying there. For some time, I took the entire breast into my
mouth. The other time, my fingers were making circles on the areola.
Another time, my fingers were pinching the nipples. I rotated my
attention from breasts to lips, face, and neck and again to breasts.
Another time, I brought the breasts together and rubbed the nipples
with each other. After that, joining both the nipples, I took them in
my mouth. Though, she grew in joy, she made controlled sounds when I
bite her nipples with my teeth. After sometime, I slowly guided my
hands below breast and was focussing on her waistline. I noticed that
she responded sensually whenever I used lips. Only using lips, I
caressed her navel, waist curves and other parts.

Further, my hand moved down and removed the panty with her help. She
has got good pubic hair. If I call her two buttocks as big mountains
then this vagina is like a hillock. It is very dark black and very
beautiful. She was guessing that my hand would go towards Vagina. But
I gently pressed the portion between lower belly and Vagina and
released it. She expressed a feeling of relaxation and arousal. I
didn’t give her a chance to predict my next move. From below her
legs, my hands firmly squeezed her buttocks. This gave her a lot of
relaxation. Whenever she felt that my hands would go towards Vagina, I
changed the move and sucked breasts. I kept on teasing her for some
time. She could not tolerate. She pulled my palm and placed it on her
Vagina. With a smile, I very gently squeezed the Vagina. Her face, her
entire body responded in joy. One thing with her is, she never makes
high sounds however joyful she was. Even if it was uncontrollable, she
makes very low sounds. I waited for few seconds and again gently
squeezed the vagina. She enjoyed it. Slowly my hand went downwards and
rubbed on the portion between vagina and her anus. She enjoyed it.
After that, again I sucked her boobs and my lips explored her body
from breasts till lower belly. To make her feel more comfort, I placed
a pillow under her back. Stopping the teasing, I placed my forefinger
on her outer vagina lips and slowly started making lines. She reacted
very joyfully. As she continued to grow in joy, I noticed droplets of
fluid sliding from her Vulva. It was a good sign. My fingers further
explored the part. She was enjoying like in cloud 9. I slowly inserted
my middle finger inside. She enjoyed it very much but stopped to make
the sound outside. She controlled it. There after I inserted my ring
finger also. While the middle finger is deep inside, I folded the ring
finger to take care of G-Spot. I noticed that she is reaching climax.
Without wasting a second, I bent my head, and picked the clitoris with
my lips and started tickling with tongue. The other hand is taking
care of breasts. Her body started vibrating and shivering. All of a
sudden, she lifted her body from chest till knees. This resembled a
hypotenuse of right triangle. I supported her by placing my hand below
her waist. I could guess what had happened. Slowly the vibration and
shivering receded. I could see that she needs water. I got her a glass
of water and some dates. She drank the water and ate the dates. I
allowed her to relax. Asked her if she is ready to take me in. She
wanted some rest. I agreed. While she was relaxing, I massaged her
body. After few minutes she became normal and was in a position to
take me in. I pulled down my 3/4th. Now, I am completely nude in front
of her. My cock got a good erection and as her lower part is elevated
due to pillow, it was easy for me to place my object at the entrance
for which gates were already opened. I asked her if it is alright to
ejaculate inside and she told me that she is in her safe period and
not to worry. This gave me more comfort and without any difficulty, I
entered her. Slowly started the ride. After a few minutes she pleaded
to finish it off early. I bent my body, took my face near hers and
told her that it is possible to finish early, only if I go rough. She
agreed. This gave a good opportunity to show her my might. Covering
her lips with mine, placing my hands on breast, putting my knees on
the cot for support, I banged her very roughly. My hands pinched her
nipples, bite her lips with my lips, got caught of tongue and started
sucking it. Downside, with the help my hips my cock is giving a heavy
thrust on her genitals. I wanted that way. She is going mad. Every
time, she wanted to shout, she controlled. But I clearly felt her
digging my back with her sharp nails. I am also enjoying her move and
finally offloaded my hot sperm into her body. Fell on her and took a
breast inside my mouth. There was a pin drop silence. We both went
into sleep unknowingly. After sometime, I got up, dressed properly and
slept beside her naked body and I pulled rugs over both of us. Under
rugs, my hand was placed on her left breast and slowly went into deep
The next morning, I got up and saw her properly dressed. Thought, she
might have woken up in the night and dressed herself. We finished our
morning duties. I prepared coffee for both us. As we were having
coffee, I asked about her experience. She smiled happily and told she
enjoyed. Finishing the coffee, we started discussing our life
experiences. I told mine. How I normally enjoy with my wife. She got
surprised and told that she never thought I would do such things with
any woman. I replied saying even I am a man. She felt shy before me. I
thought it to be a good time for another session and undressed her
with all the activities. As she asked me to get in, I told her that
this time she should be on my top. She with a surprise look asked if
it is really possible. I avoided asking the question if her husband
doesn’t allow her for that. I guided her how to ride on me. Within
few moves, she completely took the control over and guiding my object
deep inside. Every time, her ass cheeks touch my scrotum, I gave a
thrust which she enjoyed and after few moves her expression in the
face got changed. She gave a very tired and painful look as if she is
losing something. I could realise what would have happened. After that
she fell on me and started kissing on my neck and the entire face.
These kisses were not sensual but an expression of gratitude, love and

She is lying heavily on me and I was unable to bear the weight. I
closed my eyes and my object is still inside hers. I pulled rugs and
it covered both of us. I slipped into sleep while she already went
into sleep. After sometime, I woke up and she is still in sleep and
noticed saliva flowing from her mouth. I pulled my object. She is
snoring and having a deep sleep. I woke her up and she slept by
myside. After sometime, she woke up and I reminded her that I need to
finish mine. She smiled and laid on the bed saying to finish it early.
I told her that this time it would be in doggy style. She initially
thought it to be anal but I convinced her saying that it is possible
to go inside vagina from back also. She grew in excitement. Again I
avoided asking her questions. Before entering from back, I performed
ass eating. This was the time, she shouted outside joyfully and
didn’t try to control the emotions. To my biting of the peak of her
ass cheeks, licking the valley between the cheeks and tickling of the
asshole, her body made curvy moves almost like a snake. After entering
into her from back, I made moves. Sometimes, I moved her back catching
hold of her ass cheeks and finally finished by making rapid moves.
She rested on her bed with pillow placed below waist so as not to make
the sperm come out. After some time, we both got and dressed up.
Sitting by myside, she said “Your wife is very lucky to have a love
maker like you.”

“Why Raj is not a good lover?”
“He is! But a bit religious and always wants to raid on me. Never
ever tries with other positions.
Looking into her eyes, I told “We both are also very lucky”
We laughed at each other and hugged tightly.
There after our friendship has been growing in strength and we have
been continuing to enjoy each other whenever an opportunity came.